Lynne’s Trip to Paris. Part I


On Thursday morning Lynne and I woke up extremely early and caught the train out of Philipsheim at 05:03am.  This began our four hours of train travel to Paris!

Yep that’s right I’ve been to Paris… AGAIN!

We arrived at about 10am and walked to our hotel… the La Vielle France. 


We arrived and checked into our room.  It was small but clean and comfortable.  However you have to see this bathroom!  Never in my life!

To give you a bit of perspective that shower floor?  It was about the size of a large kitchen sink!  Everything is this bathroom was so small and so close together! 


One of the best things about this hotel has to be the elevator.  Yep, that’s the whole thing!  Still not getting just how small that is?  Well do you see that suitcase in the foreground?  That’s my carry on bag… it’s smaller than the carry on size for the airlines…  The elevator is SMALL!


 Still not convinced?  Well here is a close up of that sign on the back wall.


After poking around our unremarkable and small room we unpacked and then poked our head out onto the balcony!  What a surprise we had!  Look at this view!


 No not my huge head!  This!!!  Can you say wow?


 After we got all settled in we left the hotel and caught the metro up to the Boulevard De Rochechouart.  There we did a little shopping and then set out to climb the Butte Montmartre and to see the Basilique du Sacre Coure.

 Here is where we received a huge shock!  I have told you that Lynne is a photographer?  Well, she had two cameras with her, one small point and shoot and one large expensive camera.  We stopped at the bottom of the hill to take a few pictures and when she opened her bag it was to find that someone had stolen the small point and shoot camera!  Her bag was closed on both sides and in front with clips and was the kind you wear across your body and that rests on the front of your hip.  She never opened it and had a hand over the bag the whole time!  I guess the beware of pickpocket signs all over Paris are no joke!  Thank goodness they didn’t get the big camera.

We retraced our steps and even went back to the hotel in the vain hope that we might have left it there… but no luck.  So with heavy hearts and much more suspicious minds we resumed our tourist activities.

We finally stood on the peak of the Butte Montmartre to drink in the view of Paris… 


And, as always, the Basilique itself was stunning…


 We walked around the top of the Butte and explored.  At last we stood at the top of the famous stairs, ready to head down back into the streets of Paris.

See that camera bag?  How does someone get into that when she carried it that way the whole time!?


After exploring this part of the city we headed back to our hotel, got some dinner, picked up some of Lynne’s equipment and set back out for the Tour Eiffel!

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, that first look still takes my breath away!


I think the photographer in Lynne was thrilled!


We posed in front of the tower and played with our cameras for a while to pass the time…


We wanted to wait until dark to mount the tower!


I finally got Lynne to pose!



Finally we got in line for the climb to the top…


And waited for an hour and a half!!! 

While we waited we saw a few interesting things… This is about 40 Gendarmes who pulled up beside the tower, got into a formation, and then took off!


A few moments later this horse drawn carriage pulled up to offer tours of the Eiffel park.


 To think that this tower was only built as a temporary thing for the International Exhibition of Paris. 



 The whole of the Tour Eiffel is patrolled by armed military members…


 At last it began to get dark and the tower lights came on!  Do you know that it has over 2.5 million rivets in it and over 15,000 OTHER iron pieces?


 As we reached the top of the steps and got ready to purchase our tickets we looked back over the sea of people waiting to climb the tower!  We were so glad that we got in line when we did!


 As we waited in line in a huge crowd of people, everyone was looking up at the tower bright against the darkening sky… and the strobe lights came on for the first time.  The whole crowd ooed and ahhhed…

There is something compelling about being part of a crowd… like seeing a good movie for the first time in a theater… sometimes the strangers that are sharing the moment with you make the experience!  This was one of those moments!


 The tower is so tall and boasts of 1652 steps to the top.  Thank goodness for that elevator!


When we finally reached the top and walked out onto the observation deck it became clear that we had picked the perfect night to see Paris in the dark!

And the pictures that resulted of our visit made it clear that hauling Lynne’s equipment up to the top of the Eiffel Tower was worth it!


 The Arc de Triomphe!  I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!


 The streets of Paris and the Hotel des Invalides.


Did you know that the dome was redecorated in 1989 with 26.5 pounds of gold?


Notre Dame, which is a good distance away from the Tour Eiffel on the Ile de la citi.



 Lynne and I wanted a good picture of us at the top of the tower and so we traded favors with an Australian couple!  We got a picture of them and then they took one of us.  While Lynne was setting up he posed to make sure we had the right lighting!  It’s fun to meet people from all over the world!


 And of course the resulting picture!


The Seine river and the bridges of Paris.


 After freezing at the top of the tower we went back down and decided to cross the River Seine and get a few good pictures from the far bank.


How fun is this?


The beautiful Eiffel Tower.


We finally got back to our hotel at about 10pm exhausted and ready for sleep!  But not before we went back out onto the balcony to see our view at night!

Just look at the tower all lit up!


 It really was an awesome view…


 And with a little patience the perfect shot was born!  Somehow the small bathroom just didn’t matter anymore…


 After a long day of walking we slept soundly… not even feeling the hard little beds! 

Au Revoir for today!




14 thoughts on “Lynne’s Trip to Paris. Part I

  1. What great photos!  Lucky duck… Paris twice! 
    You have to watch out for pickpockets!  I guess if you’re going to make a living at that… you have to be good.  It happens when you’re in a crowd of people … or passing a large crowd… it happens before you even know it happend.  Obviously.  So glad it wasn’t her big camera.  THat would have been awful!
    Ahh…. Paris…. someday.

  2. Oh Courtney how amazingly exciting! My heart was racing just looking at all the pictures. How absolutely breathtaking everything in Paris is. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. I just love the one of you and Lynne with the tower in the bg. Gorgeous!
    I’m so sorry about her camera, but you’re right..good thing it wasn’t the big one! I can’t wait for more stories of your visit together!
    Love to you!

  3. That’s horrible your friends camera got stolen!
    Those pictures made me want to go to Paris that much more. My aunt is living in Amsterdam and goes quite a bit. Your pictures were amazing. 🙂

  4. Wowww.. I hope to travel someday!!! I mean, outside of the U.S.
    I am so bummed for Lynne about her camera.. I hope she didn’t lose too many photos.. I have had TWO SD cards stolen at work.. It is awful.. Thankfully my photos were backed up. I really hope most of Lynne’s were too!!
    I can’t wait for more stories.

  5. I’m so sorry she lost her point and shoot. I’m glad they did not get the good camera!!!
    It looks like you had lots of fun together, I wonder does one ever really get tired of Paris? I think it would take me awhile!
    I love seeing these pictures, I’m so glad you have had such good company come to visit. I know you are counting the days till your hubby returns!!!

  6. I laughed so hard when you mentioned the “tiny” elevator. When I was “engaged” to my hubby we went on vacation with his familia. Me & his sister had a room and him and his brother…and so on. It was an OLD hotel in virginia that had a two person maximum limit and creaked and swayed as it would move up and down. Each time I entered the elevator I’d have to close my eyes and pray we’d survive the trip! lol! Never did adjust to”tiny elevators”. lol! *hugs*

  7. BEAUTIFUL photos!  They are breath-taking as always.  I’m so glad you got to go back and go with your friend.  Sorry her camera was stolen.
    As far as the small bathroom goes…our bathrooms on the cruise we went on were bigger than that!  But your bathroom was even bigger than the one in our old trailer!  That bathroom was just a shower and toilet.  The side walls were right up against the toilet and when you were sitting there, your feet were in the shower and knees basically touched the other wall.  It was TINY! 

  8. Just stopping by… I really loved this entry.  It reminded me of my time in Paris, and how beautiful everything there truly is!

  9. You are so lucky to get to go Paris and all these cool places over and over.  Pray for me that I get hired on here at the airline.  I can go to Europe for at little at $200 or under. As always enjoyed your lovely pictures and colorful stories.  A Bientot!

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