Lynne’s Trip to Trier.

Guten Morgan!

I have today the first batch of pictures from my friend, Lynne’s, trip here to Germany.  There are probably as many pictures from her six days here as there were for my parents’ three weeks!!!  Ah well that’s what you get when you add a professional photographer and an amateur enthusiast together and set them down in such a beautiful place… and let them play off each other! 


On the day Lynne arrived I awoke at a eyelid sagging 4:30am… (She was to arrive at 8:20am and the airport is over 2 and 1/2 hours away!  I only take about 40 minutes to get ready but then I have to walk the dogs, load the car, check the tires, ect. ect. ect.  so I wanted to have a little extra time… and boy was it needed!) I went into the bathroom to shower and get ready and by the time I came out the snow was  flying.  I was a little worried about road conditions but due to how tired I was, I was not nearly worried enough!  You see, the airport is at a much higher elevation than where I live and about 40 minutes from home I drove smack dab into the middle of a veritable blizzard!  It was insane… my car was sliding all over the road, along with everyone else! 

By the by did you know that the Scion xB has a traction loss alert?  Yellow lights start strobing from the dash and the whole car starts beeping like mad!  Very cool little toy but honestly it was horribly scary that first time… and let’s face it, it’s not like I didn’t already know that I had lost traction right?  I was screaming bloody murder and praying for angels as my poor little car went sliding sideways into a semi!

I feel that I must remind those of you laughing up your sleeve at me right now that I’M FROM PHOENIX AZ!  The last time it snowed I was 11!!!! 

I made the 2 1/2 hour trip in just under four hours only to find that her plane had landed half an hour early!  After a few frantic phone calls and a lot of ‘ships passing in the night’ we finally found each other, loaded up her bags, and started the long trek home.  The trip home only took about three hours.  It was still snowing but the autobahn had been heavily salted between the time I had come in and the trip home. 

We got home much later than had been originally planned and so Lynne unpacked, took a shower, and we went out to get some lunch.  Afterwards we decided to just spend the evening in watching a movie and catching up, and of course, I cooked dinner.


The next day dawned a bit less foreboding and so she and I set off for Philipsheim and the Haupbahnhoff!  (The train station)

We hopped the 10:05 to Trier and set off to enjoy a day of exploring the roman ruins.

Our first stop was the Porta Nigra.

We climbed the long staircase…


…and explored the corridors.


The carvings and reliefs were beautiful.


The view of Trier was stunning from the upper floors. 


Lynne was fascinated with the architecture…


And the sheer age that shows in every line of this place…


It is quite a sight…


No matter how many times I’ve been here, I am always moved at the thought that I’m standing in a building who’s hallways were once patrolled by the feet of Roman centurions.


This is a replica of the foot of Constantine.  The great head, arms and legs were carved from marble, while the rest of the body consisted of a brick core and wooden framework, possibly covered with gilded bronze.  Judging by the size of the remaining pieces, they believe that the seated, enthroned figure would have been about 40 feet high. The statue was pillaged in antiquity and the remaining pieces have been recently restored.  The replica of the foot is placed as a marker outside of every roman site in Trier.


After we finished touring the Porta Nigra we walked into the Hauptmarkt in Trier.


 The fountain in the Hauptmarkt.


 Some of the buildings off of the Hauptmarkt.


 From the main square you can just see the Dom of Trier.


And so, that was our next stop! 


Cathedral square with Trier Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady is located on the site of one of the largest palace complexes of the Roman Empire, and forms the center of the Cathedral city.


The Cathedral is Germany’s oldest bishop’s church (begun in the 4th century). 


As a central plan structure, the Church of our Lady (13th century), one of the first churches in Germany built strictly in the Gothic style, is also the earliest and most significant example of the architectural type in Germany.  Protected by its own wall and gates int he Middle Ages, the Cathedral City still represents a “city quarter” with it’s own structural character. 


This cathedral is one of my favorite places to go in Trier.  It’s so beautiful inside. 


This is a view from the front of the church of the pipes from the organ.


Just look at the details on the bottom of the pipes!


The reliquary of this cathedral is said to house the Seamless robe of Jesus or the Holy Tunic.


It is said to have been worn by Jesus during or shortly before his crucifixion.


According to the Gospel of John, the soldiers who crucified Jesus did not divide his tunic after crucifying him, but cast lots to determine who would keep it because it was woven in one piece without seam.

This is the actual reliquary that is said to house that robe, found by Emperor Constantine’s mother on one of her journeys to the Holy Land. 


 After exploring the inside of the church we went out into the garden where there is a small chapel. 


 The stained glass here is beautiful and we were fortunate to catch a ray of sunlight through the glass.


 For the few moments we were outside the sky cleared! 


 I can’t wait for spring to really come… I miss those blue skies and sunshine!


 The architecture of this building is stunning!


After we finished with the church we walked to the Electoral Palace to take in the winter gardens and statuary.


 We walked through the gardens and headed for the Roman bath.


 As we looked down over the bath a storm started to roll in and the day got dark.


By the time we got down into the main forum the snow was falling! 


 It got cold and windy very quickly and we hurried to tour the grounds.


 It was erie to be in these tunnels when it was so gloomy and dark but it was amazing as always! 


Here is the only picture of Lynne from that day!  It’s hard to get pictures of her when she’s always the one behind the camera!  So in the next few days I just took pictures of here WITH her camera! 


That ends our first adventure here in the Land of Fairy Tales…  there are more to come another day!

Auf Wiedersehen!




11 thoughts on “Lynne’s Trip to Trier.

  1. what a stressful drive to the airport!  ugh.  driving in weather like that makes me sore physically and mentally!your pics are so beautiful.  do you scrapbook?  if not what do you do with all of them?

  2. What gorgeous pictures and wonderful stories!!
    So, I’m SURE that my story that I put up yesterday will not compare at all to what will happen with you guys when your love gets home. But.. I’ll try to be more conscious of those stories.
    I’m glad you had so much fun with your friend.. I can’t wait for more tales of her visit!

  3. My car does the same thing. Being from Ohio we have snow here A LOT!! and the first time I seen it I about had a heart attack. I told my husband I would rather not know some things and if I am sliding, please do not tell me I will find out soon enough:D
    The pictures are beautiful.

  4. Stunning pictures.  I especially loved the stain glass where you captured the ray of sunshine. You have such amazing adventures in the land of Fairytales.

  5. Beautiful photos!  The architecture is amazing.  Some of those buildings look like they are straight out of a children’s book.  I am also wondering, like someone above, if you scrapbook all of your adventures.  I’ll try to read the next portion of her trip sometime today hopefully!

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