Reenlistment Day!

Good day to you!

Yesterday was a very big deal for Ryan and I. 

Reenlistment day!

My husband stood up in a ceremony and pledged another six years to the Air Force.  By the time he’s up for reenlistment again it will be 2014 and he’ll have been in for 16 years!

Here he is getting ready to pledge. 


 Saying the words… (Isn’t he handsome?)


 Accepting congratulations.


 And then goofing off… he can’t keep a serious look on his face for very long, can he?


 This is a rather neat thing.  They presented him with a flag that had been in service on a plane flying a mission over Iraq.  It was presented as an honor for his reenlistment, and has a certificate explaining it’s service record.


 The official re enlistment shot!


 He had to send this picture on.  He wanted everyone to be jealous.  Apparently he’s made some friends there already since they bought him this cake!  Just look at that thing… All of the decorations are shaved chocolate including those shell like things on the front… He said they were solid white chocolate!  Yum…


 Congratulations Ryan.  I’m proud of you, of your service, and of your commitment in striving to uphold the core values that you have made your own!


I’ll be back with pictures and stories, probably on Monday. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Auf Wiedersehen,




16 thoughts on “Reenlistment Day!

  1. Wow 6 more years! Thats a commitment! So how are you doing!  On the ticker below 15 mths and 3 weeks until yall leave Germany behind…. Does that mean you will come back to the U.S.?

  2. That’s awesome, Courtney!  How proud you must be!  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures my own to share from Andrew’s commissioning ceremony in a few weeks!…Lord willing.  šŸ™‚ Have a great day!  Is it starting to look like Spring yet?

  3. First… congratulations!
    Second… thank you.  I truly appreciate the sacrifice both of you make to protect our rights and values as a country and as a people.  I am saddened that there are many people who have forgotten what it means to be ‘An American’…. but I do not forget, nor do I take it for granted.  The rights and priveleges awarded me are great.  I am free to choose my religion.  I am free to have an opinion.  I am free to voice that opinion.  I am free! 
    A big thanks to Ryan for protecting this way of life for us.  A big hug and thanks to you for supporting him and standing by his side as he does his job. 

  4. I just had to laugh at your previous post when you said you’d read too much Jane Austen!  Too funny.  Congrats to Ryan!  That cake looks really good….you think he could mail me a piece?
    Yes, our schnauzer Maggie is about 5 years old (I think-in people years)  We love her!  She’s sweet and quite a cuddler!

  5. congrats on the reenlistment! my husband reenlisted last summer and he’s in until 2014 also. anyway, i saw that you stopped by so i thought i’d come say hello ā¤ alysa

  6. Awesome!   So is Ryan going to do his full 20 years for all the benefits?  That would be great.  It’s not bad he’ll be still under 40 when he retires from them and then who knows what is next…

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