Mr. Darcy


Oh why not just tell the truth? 

I’m pining.

In the last two days I have had a veritable Jane Austen fest!

I have watched;

Colin Firth’s (for it really is his) Pride & Prejudice

The new Pride & Prejudice (which by and by is a fine substitution if you do not have the time to watch the 6 hour version)

Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Jane Austen’s Emma


Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility

Should I have had others I’m sure I would have watched them too…

For now I’m doomed to repeat, I think, until this is out of my system.  Yep, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I’ll be starting again from the beginning… Darn the need for sleep or I would just start now! šŸ™‚

*End Edit*


I have but two words for you this evening my dears,

Mr. Darcy




18 thoughts on “Mr. Darcy

  1. There is no other Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth! He’s so dreamy. And THE LOOK!! You know what I’m talking about. Pride and Predjudice is the only love story that makes me all googly. Every other one I’m like “this is so lame” but not P&P. I LOVE it.

  2. I love Pride and Prejudice.  I just read the book this year, and the one P&P I’ve seen in completion is the new one.  So you like the other one better??  Maybe I should rent that sometime.  It would have been perfect this past week since I’ve been sick and am bored of our selection at home.  Oh, well, maybe over Spring Break? 
    And I love Emma.  I haven’t seen the other ones though.  I just need a Jane Austen marathon day.

  3. I LOVE Jane Austen movies!  Have you seen Becoming Jane or the Jane Austen Book Club? Marvin got them for me for Vday and I haven’t had time to watch them yet so I was wondering if you’d seen them. I hope you enjoy your marathon!

  4. I’m quite sure that when you read this comment, I’ll be able to hear your gasp all the way here in Texas. I haven’t seen any of the movies you mentioned, but Colin Firth is verrrrry attractive, so I’m thinking I’ll need to rent…soon!

  5. @leannenannette – I won’t lie!  The new P&P is very good, however the 1995 A&E version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is superb!!!  It’s almost 6 hours long and is almost word for word to the book! (Well, as word for word as you can get in 6 hours!)  You should watch it if you can… though I will say again that the new one really is a great cliffs notes version!

  6. @JewelE19 – Oh man you asked the question I hoped that no one would ask.  I have not seen Jane Austen book club… you’ll have to let me know if it’s good.  As for Becoming Jane?  Yep I’ve seen it… My advice is don’t watch it unless you’re sure your hubby will be home soon so that you can get hugs and kisses.  If you know anything of Jane Austen’s life you’ll know that it’s sad and lonely and the movie isn’t much of a departure.  She has one great romance in her life and the movie truly does depict a great romance but man oh man… I finished it at 10 at night and almost sat down and cried that I didn’t have time to watch something happier before bed!  Not a good movie for a recently left mil wife! šŸ™‚

  7. @BeAuTiFuL_n_BrOkEn – EEEK GASP and a shudder of horror just for good measure.  Did you hear that?  Holy cow you simply must watch some of these movies!  I highly recomend them all of course but you HAVE to see P&P and then if you like romantic comedy Emma is a must and then I really enjoyed Persuation if you end up likeing the Jane Austen type movie!

  8. Thanks for the suggestion.  I will definitely add the old one to my list of movies to rent.  My mom and I like to sit down and watch movies together sometime, and since she also loved the new version, the old one sounds like a wonderful one to watch together next time!

  9. @fallensparrow – Aww, I can imagine how hard that must be. I wouldn’t advise doing that again unless you have time to watch a happy movie before bed. I’m going to have to buy the Colin Firth one because I don’t have it yet. I went on yesterday and looked up a bunch of Jane Austen movies that I don’t have yet so I have to thank you for breaking my bank. J/k.

  10. I love Colin Firth and English Movies.  I’m mad for Alan Rickman, Colonel Brandon. *swoon*  Hey whatever gets you through the next few months right?  *hugs* Stay strong babe.

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