Nothing much…

Good Morning,

Here I sit drinking my morning pot of tea, looking out the window at the damp and misty street… and I find that I have nothing to talk about.

I have a busy week ahead of me getting ready for Emily’s visit.  I need to get the house cleaned, the guest bed made up, the grocery shopping done, the fridge stocked, and the car all gasses up.   I leave to pick her up in Frankfurt on Friday morning and she’ll be here for 12 days.  I’m excited to have the company!

Other than that there really isn’t anything going on.

Ryan is where he’s going and he’s safe and sound.  I haven’t spoken to him for a week due to a cut cable in Egypt that’s been all over the news… You can read about it on or just do a search for it on Yahoo news… It’s affecting communications between Europe and Africa/Mideast… 

I’ll try to keep up with everyone but basically I won’t really be around much until after Emily goes home.  Unless of course something comes up that I simply have to write about!

Hope all of you are well,




6 thoughts on “Nothing much…

  1. I’m glad Emily is coming to visit….Everytime I come to your site I have to brush away a couple of tears, I think it’s the song, combined with that beautiful image of both of you..and your situation.  Being the wife of an Ex soldier who did two tours in iraq…it just hits home too hard.  (((warmest hugs))) Sweetheart, keep your head up, and I hope you enjoy your visit with Emily.

  2. Courtney I hope you enjoy your visit with Emily and that it helps the time to pass for you.
    I hope they get that problem fixed soon so you can speak to your hubby. I know its hard to not have contact with him.
    Just remember that we are praying for both of you!!! 

  3. I’m glad your friend is coming to visit.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be away from your husband like this.  David and I were apart for 5 months while we were trying to sell our house and move, but we saw each other on the weekends and he was only an hour away…but even then I was going crazy! You are a strong woman and I know it’s going to be tough, but it just reminds you that God is always there…even when your hubby’s not.  You aren’t alone!!! And that’s the best news.  I’m praying for you as you get through it one day (and sometimes one hour) at a time.

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