The Last Day…

 Guten Tag!

This will be the last entry about my mom and dad’s trip!  I never intended for it to take this long but with everything going on it took longer than I expected.  I have other things I want to say but I wanted to get this last entry out of the way before I delve into the things going on in my life now…  So without further ado…

After a few days of recovery dad felt good enough to venture out for a short trip.  We decided that the Manderscheid Castles were just the thing.  So we piled into the car and drove the 20 minutes to the castles.  About halfway there we stopped in the little log playground to take a breather and get a few pictures.


 Me and my mom! 


 Ryan and dad…  They look so handsome in their Bavarian hats! 


 Mom and Dad in The Land of Fairy Tales.


 I think of all the pictures Ryan and I have from here in Germany, this is one of my favorites!


 We stopped at the top of the hill overlooking the castles…  We decided to make this the extent of the trip.  Dad was feeling not so great and the winding roads weren’t helping… not to mention it was a bitterly cold day! 


 So we went home and spent another day or two just relaxing. 

Mom had to take this picture.  She was just fascinated by the fact that tractors drive up and down my street with hay bales like this!


Another day the guys went out to shop and mom and I stayed home to bake some Christmas cookies!


 On the very last day before Mom and Dad boarded a plane for home we decided to walk through my little town.

This is my street from the corn fields at the bottom of the road.


 Here we are standing in front of those cornfields getting ready to walk through the neighborhood.


 Mom and Dad in front of the cornfield.


 Way up there are Mom and I walking… Dad and Ryan hung back to take some pictures of the neighborhood in the sunset.


 Mom and I…


 Ryan and I in front of the little cuckoo clock house in our town.


 Walking down mainstreet… 


 The outlook over the town of Bitburg, and the B50 valley.


 Mom and dad in front of Bitburg.


 Can you believe that in the middle of winter we had something blooming?


 After we had walked around the whole town we came back up to the top of my street.  Isn’t my little cottage just great?


Here it is all lit up for Christmas, though you can’t really tell… 


 The sun setting on our last day…


 The next morning bright and early we drove them back to the airport. 

It was a wonderful trip.  We had quite a year with all the trips home and the visits from both Ryan’s parents and mine.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

So that finally closes 2007, only a month late!

Auf Wiedersehen!




8 thoughts on “The Last Day…

  1. Hello Courtney, I am glad Ryan got there safe and sound. We will keep you in our prayers. I am glad you had such a wonderful time with your parents. Have a good day!!:  )

  2. Your little house is so cute! 
    That last post… whoa!  I’m glad your dad was feeling better after a few days!  Good to know… no 3 second rule in Paris!  What in the world.  Consequently… my dad is the same way.  He does not go to the doctor or anything unless a limb is falling off.  If he stays home from work because he is sick… he actually probably should be hospitalized.  LOL  I think I have known him to stay home … maybe once.  LOL  So…I totally get what a big deal it was that your dad was so sick!  What in the world! 
    I’m guessing he won’t be eating a donner anytime soon. 
    Great pics by the way!

  3. Courtney,
    I have enjoyed this entire trip, it has been wonderful. I think its very fitting that it ends in your sweet town. It looks darling, and looks like a place I would be very comfortable in. I love the picture of you in the kitchen with cookies in the oven, how sweet!!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. I know it was wonderful to have these trips and visits with your parents. I’m sure its a memory they will hold and treasure in their hearts too.
    Just know that you and Ryan are in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you! ~Candy  

  4. Once again, the pictures are beautiful and fun!  You town and cottage are so cute!  I find it funny that the two guys went out shopping alone.  What a cute little playground, too.  I’m so glad your parents got to see where you’ve been living.  How nice that they got to stay for so long!
    I noticed it’s only 8 days until Emily visits!  Very exciting!

  5. You live in a gorgeous place.  Pressed cookies, man I have not made those since middle school. Looks like it was a wonderful visit with the ‘rents.

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