The Eiffel Tower…


After spending the morning walking the Champs Elysees we went on to the Eiffel Tower.


 The tower is 1,063 feet tall and was completed in 1889.  It is quite a sight to behold.


 “Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It’s Superman!!!” 

What?… Oh please tell me you remember that?  You know in the 1980 Superman II when the terrorists are holding the Eiffel Tower hostage?  …with a hydrogen bomb and Lois Lane climbs the tower to get the scoop?  …then Superman flies across the Atlantic ocean just in time to catch the plummeting elevator car…?  Come on you remember right?  Oh never mind….


 My mom was overtaken with the urge to become a photographer! 


 One quick shot of all of us together!


 There is a beautiful little park under the tower… 


 For as long as I’ve lived in Europe I still am amazed at the size of things here.  I come from the desert where most things are built low to the ground for cooling purposes!


 I simply love this picture of my mom… I can’t quite put my fingers on why but I do!


The builder of the tower, Gustav Eiffel, had a permit for the tower to stand for only 20 years, meaning it would have had to be dismantled in 1909, when its ownership would revert to the City of Paris. The City had planned to tear it down (part of the original contest rules for designing a tower was that it could be easily demolished) but as the tower proved valuable for communication purposes, it was allowed to remain after the expiration of the permit. The military used it to dispatch Parisian taxis to the front line during the First Battle of the Marne, and it therefore became a victory statue of that battle.  In 1909 a radio bunker was built underground near the south pillar of the tower so it could be used as a transmitter and the bunker is still there today!


 Classic!  “Ah Paris…”


Speaking of classic… after we were done walking around the tower we walked out onto the Pont d’Iéna over the Seine River and took the famous kissing pictures!


Ah young love!


And love still young…


 Wow what a kiss… couldn’t keep that foot down!  Now if only I’d been wearing a T length white dress, pea coat, and 4 inch heels… and it had been night… and misty… Okay well that’s just a movie after all and this is my own Fairy Tale! 


The city of love!

Au Revoir!




9 thoughts on “The Eiffel Tower…

  1. Beautiful pictures. Is there not an old saying about kissing your true love in Paris? Something like if you kiss your true love in Paris both of you will return to the city one day!
    Thanks for sharing such beauty with us!!! 

  2. I love the kissing pictures.  I, too, noticed the girls in the last picture watching you.  So funny.  I would love to visit Paris someday.  But I doubt that’ll ever happen…who knows? 
    Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us!

  3. Absolutely amazing!   I love the weeping willows by the water.  That’s one thing I miss living in the desert is grass and trees.  Yeah I know they have it to an extent, but not how I grew up ya know?

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