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I guess today would be a good day to take a break from the story of my parents’ trip… and trust me, there is much more to tell!  However, today finds me with a few big bits of news that I simply can not ignore for another day…

First thing’s first!  Welcome to the world Savanah Nichole!  She was born yesterday (January 13th) after 21 hours of labor at 8:30pm MT, which is about 4:30am for us.   She weighed in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long!  We haven’t seen a picture yet but hope to soon.  We’re excited to meet her… though it may be some time…

Which brings us to the second piece of news…

We learned on Friday that Ryan got tasked for a last minute deployment.  I can’t discuss details online… (Which makes telling our families rather difficult I must say!)  but what I can tell you is that he’ll be gone until the end of the summer, he’ll be somewhere hot, and he’s leaving before the month is out. 

We are scrambling to get everything done before his departure.  Our lease on this house needs to be reworked so that it covers the time he will be gone, the car needs maintenance, the bikes have to be winterized since he definitely won’t be here to ride them during the short season we have here, we need to order more heating oil, he needs to have his will and power of attorney drawn up…  and so many other things.

I had planned to go home to Phoenix for the month of April to spend time with my family, celebrate my Mom and Dad’s retirement and meet my little niece face to face, but those plans must be put on hold.  I can not leave here while Ryan is gone.  There are many reasons the main one being the dogs.  I can’t afford to kennel them and the lady that provided long term care in the past is no longer available.  So I’m here for the duration. 

I’ll share whatever other news I’m able when I’m able.  For now just say a prayer for us as we scramble to prepare to say goodbye once more.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another picture post!



17 thoughts on “News…

  1. Oh Courtney!!! The end of the summer!!!!  I’m so sorry.  I can’t imagine everything you must be feeling right now…. trying to get your life and house in order before he leaves … and dealing with the fact you will be apart for so long.
    You are in my prayers hon.

  2. Goodness Courtney, So much happening so fast. I am certain that this is a anxious time as he prepares for the deployment, I know that there is much to do before he leaves. Just know that we are lifting you up in our prayers.
    Congrats on the new addition to the family. Babies are always a sweet note in the music of life. 

  3. First of all, congrats on your niece :).  And second, I’m sorry you have received such sudden news on Ryan’s deployment.  You have so many people praying you and Ryan through those months, but that is just tough.  We’ll have lots of blogs from you for sure!!  

  4. First, Lucas and I got to be there last night for the blessed event. It was very exciting. So many of us, filling the waiting room, running down the hall towards the doors every time the bells rang. I did get to see the pictures your mom had of her, but not her in person, or Becky and Ty. I had to leave because I only had seven hours left before I had to get up and go to work! Yikes…
    Second, I talked to Cheryl last night also, and know where he’s going. I will only say that I love you both and we’re praying our hearts out. But your man is blessed, as you know. All will be well.
    We love you both and miss you like crazy…Me

  5. congrats on the arrival of your niece.sorry to hear about your hubby.  i am praying for the both of you.  i cant imagine the stress you are feeling.  hang in there.hugs!kelly

  6. I pray that Ryan will be safe wherever he is at. I pray that you will be comforted by LOTS  of family and Xanga friends while he is gone. Love you! (p.s. congrats on the new addition to your family)

  7. How exciting to be an aunt!  I hope you get pictures soon and that you can see her face-to-face as soon as Ryan gets back.  I’m so sorry that he has to leave and for such a long time.  I can’t imagine what that must be like for you being stuck there alone.  What do you do while he is gone?  How many times has he been deployed before?  My dad’s cousin is on his seventh deployment in six years right now.  His little kids don’t understand yet so their mom just tells them he’s at work.  Hope the time goes quickly for you once he leaves but slowly while he’s still with you.  Praying for you two!

  8. I will keep both of you in my prayers!!Hope everything turns out just like you guys want!!Good Luck & hate you can’t come home and see your neice right away but hopefully soon!!

  9. You and Ryan are definitelyin my prayers.  Goodbye has to be the most awful word known to man.  I’ll pray for safety in his mission and for his safe return. 
    Congrats on the new baby neice!!  I know that you’re anxious to meet her.

  10. Congrats about your niece, I love being an aunt! I’m so sorry about your husbands deployment…I don’t know how you do it…you have to be strong! Good luck and you will be in my prayers with my other Xanga friends!!

  11. Lots of big news!!!! Congrats for your sister!!! And how are you girl, holding up with the hubby going away for a little bit??? BIG CHANGES!!! You’ll bee in my prayers….seperation is always tough but with God, all things are possible. ***Many Hugs***

  12. I hope you will be OK while he’s away.  I’m always a nervous wreck with out my man.  Sorry you don’t get to go home for April.  

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