Paris… Moulin Rouge, Basilique de la Sacre-Coeur, and le Butte Montmartre!

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The last post left off with a short trip to Luxembourg and the Castle Vianden.  The day we went to the castle was a Sunday… and by Tuesday morning we were off again!

The morning dawned frigidly cold…  and we were there to witness it!  We arrived at the train station in Phillipsheim at 05:30am to catch our 05:45 train.   


Of course we had no idea that we would be locked out in the cold! 


Can you see the glee and anticipation on my mother’s face? 


That’s because we were about to fulfill one of her life long dreams…



 We arrived in the city at around 10am at Gare de L’est and walked to our hotel, La Vieille France…


 After we had checked in to our hotel we headed out for a day of sight seeing.  Our first stop was Le Moulin Rouge.


After taking a few pictures at Moulin Rouge we walked slowly to the Basilica and stopped along the streets to take a few pictures.


As the day cleared up and the sun peeked out we turned the corner to see the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur on the Butte Montmartre.


 The view from the top was amazing…


 It was a relatively clear day and you could see for miles.


We stopped on the steps to get a few pictures…


When the sun hits the building it turns such a bright white!

Ryan and I… 


 My mom and dad…


 Me taking a rest on the climb up…  This place is famous for it’s climb!


 The Butte Montmartre is famous for being a place of artistic inspiration…


 Many famous artists have begun here…


 Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Brissaud, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, and so many others… 


 It was also the last lingering home of La Boheme…


And when you stand at the top with the snow white basilique at your back and look out over the city of Paris… it’s not very hard to understand why…


We learned many things atop the Butte Montmartre… the beauty of the city of Love, the draw of a sunset, the awe of centuries of history, and how to be a sucker!  Yes, you read that right… how to be a sucker.  We will call this The Great Sucker Caper of 2007. 

As we climbed the stairs we found ourselves accosted by a flock of African men.  There were about 7 of them to the four of us and they started speaking as one, grabbed our hands and tied strings to our fingers…  It was amazing how quickly it happened, how fast we were completely trapped…  We all said no thank you or not interested and yet there we were all four of us standing with our fingers tied together waiting for the other shoe to drop.  As the men tied and weaved the strings they talked.  They talked about their lives and their families… and repeated over and over that saying made famous by a certain Disney cartoon…

“Acuna Matata!”

It was then that all of us were very sure that “No worries” was the last thing we should have.  By the time the weaving of bracelets and stories was done we were hurrying up the stairs about 30 Euro lighter than we started out with!  We took a picture to commemorate our suckerdom and to remind us that when in Paris you do not speak English… In fact if you’re smart you don’t speak at all!  30 Euro!!!  That’s about 45 dollars folks!!!  For these… 


 Ah well… we put that debacle behind us and continued with our day!  This building is the Saint Pierre de Montmartre and is the place that the first Jesuit priests took their vows. 


After walking through the Basilique we walked around the Montmartre and through the streets of the little town. 


 We came back out on the edge of the Butte at just before sunset…


And so we stopped to watch for a while and soak in the changing view…


 There is a small park right at the edge of the hill where you can sit and look out over the city.  As we stood at the rail looking out over the city we began to hear a soft humming.  We looked down to see this older couple sitting in the park.  As we leaned a little closer we realized that he was singing softly to her as they watched the sunset together…


We finally decided to head back down the hill to our hotel.  This is the view from the top of the stairs… 


We walked the streets for a few hours more… We found a little shop to eat dinner in and shopped in a few little sidewalk shops and eventually went back to the hotel…

We were so tired!   


All in all we figure we must have walked almost five miles in that first day alone!


I will leave this here for the day!

Auf Wiedersehen!



15 thoughts on “Paris… Moulin Rouge, Basilique de la Sacre-Coeur, and le Butte Montmartre!

  1. Absolutely Stunning!  That’s all I can think to say.  It’s beautiful!
    We are definitely going to have our hands full these next few months.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone either.  I think that’s why it still feels like such a dream.

  2. I so enjoy these trips with you!!! I too feel like I am seeing Paris for the first time!!! I am so glad you are having this time, just think of the memories you are making!!! 
    Thank you for sharing these with us. I find this all so exciting!!!  Blessings, ~Candy

  3. Your pictures are just beautiful.  What kind of camera do you use?  Just wondering.  My husband has worked for Canon for 28 years.  Our (Canon) cameras give us vibrant pictures like yours.  The whole bracelet story reminded me of the Bahamas and the braiding of your hair.  Not everyone looks good in braids!  Have a great day and thank for the wonderful stories.  Darlene

  4. I’m so jealous!  Paris is one of the places I would love to visit! 
    The photos are great!!!
    LOVE the bracelettes!  LOL  There have been many many times I wish I spoke Dutch so hubby and I could communicate while we’re traveling in a language other then English!  The great thing about Dutch is it isn’t a widely spoken language …. so less chance of offending someone accidentally. 

  5. I want to visit Germany so bad now!! Your pictures are always so beautiful and clear. It’s gorgeous there!
    I want a bracelet made by an African guy! I love those kinds of things, so although I might’ve been a little startled, I’d have enjoyed watching them make it!
    Love you girl!

  6. Never let strangers get that close to you! Sorry my Dad is an ex correctional officer and he was in the air force at one time too.  I’m always on my guard.  I would love to go to Paris.  I studied French for 3 years in High School and 3 courses at University.  I’m trying to brush up on it with my friend Stephanie in Canada.

  7. Amazing pictures.  You always have the best pictures!  And the  buildings are incredible, especially with that clear sky behind them.  Thanks for taking the time to post all of these pictures for us to “see the world”. 

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