A pretty day!

The snow only lasted a few hours and then turned to a hard and wet sleet… By dark we had a good thick layer of ice covering everything!  We woke to a glittering world of dangerous roads and hopelessly stuck cars… Ryan ended up walking to work this morning and buying a bucket of road salt on his way home for lunch so he could drive back to work for the rest of his day.

As the day has worn on the skies have cleared up and the ice has melted away…  A moment ago I looked out my office window and saw the sunset reflecting my yard and the houses across the street…


It’s been a pretty day here in The Land of Fairy Tales though cold!  And it’s been lovely to catch up on all the things that I haven’t had time for in these last four months.

I have stories and pictures to share with you but I think I’ll wait for Monday to do so.  Until then, this evening sounds like a good night to make soup for dinner and drink hot chocolate while watching a movie…

So enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back around on Monday!



14 thoughts on “A pretty day!

  1. When I see your pictures of Germany, the word that comes to mind is “Quaint.” lol  It’s so pretty and magical looking. It’s supposed to be 60 here this weekend. It was like 7 degrees yesterday. No wonder we are all sick! lol (I’m NOT complaining about the 60 though! lol)  Hope you are doing great. Tell Ryan to travel safely on the ice. Hugs.

  2. Ok…so where did you get road salt?????  I’ve yet to see them use any salt here in Munich.  Instead they use these little stones, which get stuck in your boots and then they get tracked into the apartment and in the middle of the night it hurts the foot when you sleepily walk to the bathroom!  I don’t even wear my boots in the main apartment area…but somehow they sneek in!

  3. Hello, good to have you back. All of our ice and snow is melting away as I write:  )Its supposed to warm up to almost 50 tomorrow. Only problem I see is the viruses love that kind of weather, and it gives me spring fever and spring will not be here for at least 3 months:  (

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