2007… A year in review.

Guten Tag!

I’m sitting here in my upstairs office sipping hot Early Grey tea and watching the first few snowflakes of 2008 fall.  I’ve been thinking back on this past year, on all the things that have happened… all the memories made.  2007 was a very full year for Ryan and I.  Full of good and bad… joy and heartache…  just full.  I can not honestly say that I can remember a time in my life when I was quite as busy as these past twelve months have found me. 

A quick recap!

January– We had our first visitor here in The Land of Fairy Tales, my best friend Emily.

February– I flew home to Phoenix to help my sister plan her wedding.

March- We enjoyed our first snow storm, the beginnings of spring, and getting ready for our trip home for the wedding.

April- Found us in Phoenix for three weeks and the wedding of my baby sister Becky to a wonderful man named Tyler.  They also got pregnant with their first baby, a little girl named Savanah, on their honeymoon.  Though they didn’t know it until later.

May- Ryan celebrated his 28th birthday We found out that we were expecting our first child and we began to look for a house off base.

June- We moved into a house off base, lost our baby, and celebrated our 7th anniversary all within a matter of days…

July- Was a month to rest and to recuperate… to try to enjoy the sunshine and settle in to our new home…

August- I was once again off to Phoenix to help my sister Charly plan her wedding to Ryan’s brother Zach!

September- I spent most of the month in Phoenix…

October-  Ryan’s mom and dad came for a two week visit and we had a wonderful time!!!  I also celebrated my 27th birthday.

November- We flew back to Phoenix, yet again, for Charly and Zach’s wedding, my parents came to Germany for a three week visit and we found out that Ryan’s little sister Josie, was engaged, that her fiancee, Justin was joining the AF and that they were getting married in December!

December- Most of the month was spent with my parents since they were there until the 20th (Pictures to come!)  On the 29th the last sister between Ryan and I, Josie, got married and we were not able to attend… (Ryan was out of leave due to the other two weddings and all the visits this year) and we passed our 7 year anniversary of when we started trying to conceive our first child.

As you can see this year was packed for us!  Of course these are just the highlights…

So this new year finds me anxious to see what’s in store for us this year, madly in love with my husband, excited for all three of my sisters and their new husband’s and watching the snow pile up in my front yard as we speak… it finds me content.

I have many stories and pictures to share with you of my parents visit and hopefully soon of Josie’s wedding but they will have to wait for another day… since this one is almost gone, I have a thousand things to do, and the snow is calling to me!


Auf Wiedersehen for now…




17 thoughts on “2007… A year in review.

  1. Wow you did have a full year didn’t you. Also that is a lot of wedding lol. I really enjoyed reading back on the year since I didn’t know you the whole year. Some of it was heart breaking to hear about. You are still always in my prayers. 

  2. YEAH!! So glad you’re back!  We missed you!  This past year has been quite something.  We too are looking forward to a happy and fun filled 2008.
    Hope you are rested from all your travels and guests and such. 
    We have some snow here in Munich… but it isn’t much really.  Not enough to play in certainly.    We went to the mountains and played in the snow there!  LOL
    Good to have you back with us.

  3. You have been unbelievably busy this year and I pray this next year is a blessing for you and Ryan. The snow is gorgeous and I’m a little jealous.
    I’m glad you’re back, I’ve missed you and your writing.

  4. Its been a busy year for you. I hope that your 2008 is filled with good health, happiness and enough happy memories to last a lifetime!!!
    Enjoy this time together and have fun with that snow!!!

  5. I’m so glad you are back!  I’ll be checking my mailbox!  Your site looks great…I showed Andrew and he really liked the header, sappy guy that he is.  Heehee!

  6. What a year indeed!  Here’s to 2008…so many things God has yet to reveal.  It’s kind of nice to start with a “blank slate” again, huh?  I’m glad to see you back here again.  And I love the picture of you guys at the top.  Adorable.

  7. Love the new layout…and what an ADORABLE picture of you at the top. You make such a cute couple!! This past year has defiantly been a blur of events….soooooo much has happened. Life is definatly some wild adventure…thankfully, you’ve been blessed with a great hubby to share those adventures with you. *Many Hugs* and again….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  8. HELLO!! I have missed you!  Your pic up there of you and Ryan is gorgeous!! Did you crochet your hat? It’s really cute. You have had a BUSY year haven’t you? I know you have had alot of heartache but I want you to know that I always keep you in my prayers. Love you!

  9. You have had a very busy year! 2007 was a difficult year for us financially and it sort of took over our lives.  I’m hoping finances will be less of a burden since David started a new job January 2nd and we can spend more time focusing on the other things God has blessed us with.  Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you…and I continue to pray God will bless you with a child. 

  10. Wow… sometimes I feel like I blink and it’s already next year. Time sure flies huh?? I’m glad to see that you and Ryan are doing well, and that the year has been been more full of joy than heartache. And next time we fly, we’ll just aim the airvent, that sounds pretty great to me!

  11. It’s so good to hear from you again!  Wow!  What a year you have had!  Full of weddings, weddings, weddings.    And how exciting to have so many people visit you in Germany!  I love your picture at the top, profile picture, and quote at the top of the page.  It’s a great look.

  12. You’ve had quite a year babe.  Wow and I can’t believe I remember most of it too.  I don’t know exactly when I started reading your blog, but it feels like I’ve known you for a good while.  I think May when you had just found out about the baby.  Hope 2008 brings you health, wealth, and happiness.  We are having winter storms hit us this weekend.  Maybe if we’re lucky we will get some snow.  Enjoy the snow! 

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