Spinning out…

Guten Tag!

I can scarcely believe that it’s been a week since I wrote a word!  It seems that every year passes more quickly than the last and the weeks and months just speed by…

Ryan and I board yet another plane to hop the pond again tomorrow morning…  Here’s how this whole thing will play out…

November 5th

5:30PM Ryan arrives home from work.
6:00PM We drop the dogs off at the dog sitters house
6:30PM We get home and start dinner and clean house! (So we don’t come home to a mess)
9:00PM (Or so) We fill the hours… take a nap, play xBox, watch a movie… (No going to bed since we have to be up too early to trust an alarm clock!)

November 6th

01:30AM We hit the showers and finish packing
02:45AM We get some breakfast
03:15AM A friend of Ryan’s from work arrives to drive us to the airport
04:30AM We arrive at the Luxembourg airport and start checking in…
06:35AM We board our plane for Milan, Italy
10:15AM We leave Milan for Philadelphia and arrive at 1:55PM
04:15PM We leave Philadelphia for Phoenix
07:40PM We arrive in Phoenix, AZ desperate for a decent meal and a hot shower!!!

Total air time?  16 hours and 15 minutes…  It’s going to be a crazy couple of days!

Almost every moment of our trip is planned out and we can’t wait to get home and get started!  What a fun couple of days this is going to be!  The only regret we have is that we couldn’t stay longer… but Ryan is getting dangerously close to being out of leave and we still have people wanting to visit in our time left here so he has to have some time to take off right? 

I can’t believe that I can actually say that my sister and Ryan’s brother are getting married… let alone THIS Saturday!!!

We’ll be back from this trip on November 16th and then only 13 days later my mom and dad will be here until December 20th!  The rest of this year is going to fly by…

I better get a move on… Much to do before this nightmare of a day is over!  I’ll be back with pictures and stories to tell!

Auf Wiedersehen!




19 thoughts on “Spinning out…

  1. What an exciting trip!! I hope the flight(s) goes really well for you both. I can’t imagine flying for 16 hours!! Crazy! I hope the wedding goes well and you have a great visit with your family. Take care. Love ya!

  2. Wow!  You are such a busy woman!  I am getting tired just reading about everything!  Have a wonderful trip!  I can’t wait to see pictures.  I still can’t get over the fact that your sister is marrying your brother-in-law!

  3. i just was looking through all the old blogs that I missed…wow…those pictures of castles and the notre dame cathedral and paris…so beautiful! I bet is was so amazing being there!

  4. You are an international traveler for sure.  It sounds exciting and exhausting!   I love the new layout on the page and the quotes.  Very beautiful layout.  Hope all plans go as expected with no rude people this time.

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