Our little old man…

Guten Tag!

Ah… it is so nice to have internet again! 

Well, since the post I had planned to write on my birthday got thrown unceremoniously out the proverbial window…  I’ll move on to the next tid bit I had intended to share with you.

My little Yoda man had surgery! 

Look at that groggy old man face and his bandage where they had an IV in his leg.


He is ten years old (which is old for a schnauzer and he’s turning 11 in January!)  For the last two years we have been told every time we take him to the vet for shots and such that he needs to have his teeth cleaned.  The first time this was ever mentioned to us was only a few short months before our move here to Germany.  It was not enough time to get into a civilian vet in the states so we were forced to wait until we had made the move.  

Almost as soon as we settled in we called to make an appointment only to find that they were not taking appointments but would put us on the list to be called when they opened that part of the practice back up…  Suffice it to say that we jumped through many hoops and did our fair share of waiting and here we are almost 18 months later and it’s finally done!


Okay so we got him all ready to go and followed the pre-op plan for food and water.  We were thinking that they would just put him under and clean his teeth and maybe he’ll be a bit sore but a few days will cure all…. NOT!

We get him home and he’s all groggy on major pain meds… He has two prescriptions and specific instructions as to what he can and can not eat for the next 10 days!  It turns out that once they got in there they found that he had some major tooth decay.  They told us that it was not from neglect simply age so that was a relief….  But what it comes down to is that they removed 19 of his teeth! 19!!!  And we now have a toothless old man.


It took him a few days of rest and relaxation before he started acting normal again.  And he kept looking at us with those big puppy eyes that just scream “Why oh why did you take all my teeth… I don’t bite… well, not anymore any how… le sigh…”


But a few days later he started acting like his cantankerous old self once again and the lack of teeth became apparent!

Look at those little black lips and gums! 


He still has all four canines in the front so he looks like a little vampire!


Really how cute is that?


Every once in a while you get the perfect picture.  You capture a moment that says exactly what you want to say in film.  This is one of those moments.  There is no way I could ever illustrate with words just how funny and grouchy my little old man looks now without his teeth… but I don’t have to since he made the perfect face for me!


The full ten days have passed and he’s back to normal now.  He can eat his solid food though it’s pretty funny to watch him do that!  He plays with his brother, perhaps a little more loudly than he used to (Our opinion is that he’s trying to make up for the lack of bite with a bit more bark!)  and our favorite benifit of this adventure?… He can lick you or breath in your face and you smell NOTHING!!!  No death breath anymore!  No having to wonder if he caught a mouse in the basement because man that can’t be normal!  His breath smells like dog food at his very worse!

And his dad is very happy…



Because of the very best part… the vet simply did not believe us when we told her he was 10.  She flatly refused until she opened his mouth and looked at his teeth.  Then she exclaimed “Oh… yep he’s 10 alright!”  She said that they did a full physical while he was under and now that his teeth have been taken care of (teeth this bad can cause infections that can shut down the liver, kidneys, heart and so on…) he is the healthiest 10 year old dog she has EVER seen.  She said she would be shocked if he doesn’t see his 15th birthday!!! 

We’ll take it!

So for all of you in Phoenix it looks like you’ll be seeing him again after all!

Okay I’m off to finish up the last of my crocheting and prepping for the trip home.

We leave in 8 days and my sister and Ryan’s brother tie the knot in only 12 days!!!!

Auf Wiedersehen!



11 thoughts on “Our little old man…

  1. My friend’s dog just recently had his teeth pulled and now he walks around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth cause his teeth don’t hold it in place anymore! lol Your poor little pooch looks miserable. Hope you have a great trip home. Take care…..I have to get ready for a Monday at work. BLAH. Love ya!

  2. I think your old man is darling. Its hard to imagine that he needed 19 teeth pulled, WOW!!! Did you have to change his food to softer food or put water on it to make it a bit more soft??? Glad he is doing so well, those where great pictures!!!
    I know you must be very excited about the trip home and the wedding. I’m excited for you.
    Have a good day! ~Candy  

  3. Awww i’m glad the surgery turned out ok.  Your poor little old toothless man.  But it’s sooo good to hear how healthy he’s doing that the vet thought he was younger! 
    Have a safe trip back home, and I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding.  🙂

  4. Still getting caught up on my reading. lol! Your poor little old man!!! When I had to take my baby to the vet for surgery….I felt like the meanest mother in the world. BUT it’s got to be done….even if we probably feel worse about it than the dog. ::;sigh::: Anyway…hope the old man is feeling much better by now. Happy Birthday to the ‘fella.

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