My Birthday and the Internet…

FATE:  “Hmmm  what should Courtney get for her birthday this year?  Oh I know…….  (points finger and ZAP)

COURTNEY: (Franticly clicking sign in on her IM over and over)  “Nothing is happening?  No NO NOOOO!” 

Yep that’s right folks!  Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  I had a lot of fine philosophical thoughts to share with you on turning 27.  I spent the day leading up to this fine event in maudlin self reflection and had a nice post written in my mind to share with all of you….  Didn’t quite work out though did it!?

Our Internet went down on Friday of last week and worked intermittently until it came back up on Tuesday.  It was on long enough for me to post the last pictures of our visit with Ryan’s parents and then ZAP it crashed completely.  It ended up being a bad line from our Internet provider which they finally fixed today (Friday) at 1pm. 


This of course killed all my plans of posting something deep and meaningful on THE day.  I must admit that not being able to talk to any of my friends or family or have any contact with the outside world put a bit of a damper on my day and I had a very quite birthday but nothing a Baskin Robins Ice Cream Cake from my husband couldn’t cure!


And so I’m back at the cusp of the weekend.  (In case you haven’t realized by now my rule is that I don’t get online on the weekends so that Ryan and I can spend it together)  And so look for me bright and early on Monday morning!!!


Oh and Amy?  I didn’t forget you birthday twin!!!  I too hope you had a wonderful day!


Auf Wiedersehen!




15 thoughts on “My Birthday and the Internet…

  1. So your birthday was the 25th?  That is also a favorite aunt of mine’s birthday.  Good people are born in October.  Happy belated 27th to you.  I will be 60 on Monday, October 29.  I tell my age because I don’t look it.  And anyway age is only a number.  I’m going to dinner tomorrow the day before my birthday to celebrate with friends and that will be fun.  Since this is a special decade birthday, I plan to really enjoy it!!!  I have even learned the Queenly wave for the occasion!  LOL

  2. Hope your birthday was a great one!! I am sorry i missed it. I haven’t been able to get around and post much lately. Hope you had a great day on your birthday. Hope all things are well with you and Ryan. Love you!

  3. I’m sorry I missed your b-day!  The Ice Cream cake sounds great!! I also don’t get online on the weekends unless I go and see my hubby at work and when he is busy, sometimes I will get on there and check up on everyone! But I don’t get on at home hardly ever! Have a good day!

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