On Exploring Castles…

Guten Tag!

Sorry for the longer than planned absence!  My internet went down on Friday around noon and today is the first day of real service!

And so I left you in Paris!

The few days after we returned were spent relaxing and enjoying each others company around the house since we were tired and our feet were killing us!

On one shopping trip we stopped at a pull off over Huttingen to take pictures!

Denny and Cheryl on the overlook…


 And of course Ryan and I. 


The day before Denny and Cheryl were to leave Germany we decided to go see one last castle!  The Mandersheid Castles to be precise.

Ryan and I have been there several times but this time we went inside!  It was a blast and something to see!

Here are Denny and Cheryl at the top of one of the lower towers.  Denny has just scraped his arm on the rock and is joking around about it!  I love this picture… it’s just so them!  (Not to mention you can see where Ryan gets it.)


And now for the real picture… 


I’m standing inside the stairwell in the tower.  Notice how narrow it is?  They built the staircases tight like this so that if the tower was overrun only one man at a time could come up. 

Don’t you just love the scarf I got in Paris?


 Be still my fluttering heart…


 This castle was destroyed during the French Revolutionary war…


In the main level of the castle we found a room that had several alcoves with benches and windows. 


 You could almost imagine tables here to make a dining room or perhaps it was once a chapel?  You never know here.


 This is the tallest tower.  It was quite a hike!


 At the top we had a stunning view of the second castle and the surrounding valley.


 That is the road coming into the castle and the little hamlet of the lower castle.


  It was a beautiful day for climbing in and out of ruins and exploring!


Awww aren’t they sweet?  What you don’t know is that she’s trying to shove him off the tower to pay him back for pushing her on the Luxembourg wall!  🙂


 After we finished climbing about the ruins we went down into the field below the castle where they hold the jousting fest.  The view of the castle from there was amazing!


 We even managed to get a picture of the four of us together!  A fitting way to end a lovely two weeks.


 All in all it was a wonderful trip!  We had a lot of fun and are already mourning the fact that they have gone home.  We only hope that they will be able to come again!

And that concludes out visit with Denny and Cheryl!  Just in time too!  We board a plane for Phoenix in just 14 days.  We will spend 8 frenzied days there and then off we’ll fly for home again.  Two weeks later my parents arrive here in Germany and we’ll be off to explore again!

So with that I will bid you Auf Wiedersehen!  I have much to do to prepare for our trip!




14 thoughts on “On Exploring Castles…

  1. Okay. That’s it! I’m packing my bags and coming to see you. Oh wait…I’m poor and I have a lot of kids.
    (why does the story about the old lady who lived in a shoe suddenly come to mind?)
    Gosh, it’s all SO beautiful and I’m completely jealous that I’m not in a place in my life where I can see it all. *Sigh* Oh well. It’s been around for hundreds of years…guess it can wait a few more, right?

  2. Beautiful pictures yet again. It looks like so much fun. My good friend’s husband is in the Army and they’ve just been stationed there (Germany.) He flew over last week, and her and their daughter should be coming soon. They just had a death in the family unexpectedly this weekend, though so it may put a hold on that. Maybe I’ll be able to visit and see these beautiful sites sometime though. I’m anxious.
    Have a great day!

  3. You have no idea just how gooooood you make coming to Germany sound!! LOL! I just can’t get over how beautiful it is there!!
    When we were stationed in Hawaii…we loved it…and although many, many of our friends hated it, we always got out and explored to make the best of being so far away from home.
    It’s nice to know someone else has that kind of make-it home and enjoy attitude!!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Oh, and ty for the prayers…we need them!! 😉

  4. I just can’t keep up with you!!! LOL I’m surprised you can keep up with yourself! Lots and lots of beautiful pics and I want to come see you too!! It’s just so beautiful! I hope your doing good!!

  5. Such a wonder thing to do, and you have pictures and memories to last a life time.
    I do like your scarf, and actually thought that with the first picture, glad you shared where it came from, that makes it even more special!!! Thanks for sharing this trip with us.
    Blessings, ~Candy 

  6. I’ve been out of the loop the last few days…looks like a stopped by for a visit just in time…BEAUTIFUL PICS!  I swear some of them look like they are straight out of a movie! So many adventures you’ve had going lately! Very exciting! Hope you have a safe trip to Phoenix! What day/time do you fly in??? My friend Angela (who lives here in Georgia) is a flight attendant and she flies to Phoenix a lot…in fact, she was just there last night.

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