A Housefull of Laubes…


Okay ladies I’m leaving this one up for one more day.  I have spent all day visiting everyone and responding to emails and messages that have been neglected in the last few weeks.  So I’m out of time and must get some other things done!!!  I’ll post a new picture post tomorrow!

Oh and to answer the questions about my camera I use the Kodak EasyShare Z740 5.0 megapixels.  I love it!




I’m out of time for the day!  The editing of all the pictures from this last two weeks has taken the better part of the last two days.  Plus there are other things demanding my attention which I will also talk about later.  In any case I don’t have time to visit everyone and at dinner so I’ll be around to visit tomorrow and catch up!



Guten Morgan!

The saying that time flies when you’re having fun is true!  I can scarcely believe that more than two weeks have passed since our last meeting… and I have so very much to share!

Ryan’s parents, Denny and Cheryl, arrived on the 2nd of October.  After being switched from flight to flight and airline to airline (due to some mechanical issues) they finally landed in Frankfurt at 1pm.  We gathered them and their belongings and set out on the 2 and a half hour car ride home.  It was so good to see them again and be able to share this place so different from home!

The first few days we spent showing them around base and shopping in our little slice of Germany.  We had a ton of fun (or at least Cheryl and I did… I think Denny might still kill me in my sleep for always saying “Oh this is the little shop I buy….(you fill in the blank) at…”  and so on!)

One of the things we did in that first few days was to go down by the river to take a walk in one of the prettier parts of our little town.  And finally the cameras came out! 


Ryan posing on top of the water fall…  It was so chilly out but the water was warm!  


 Ryan and I of course…


 The bridge at the bottom of the waterfall…


 The mist was so thick we even caught it on film!


 Ryan climbing a fallen tree… 


 The waterwheel out back of the Abach Muhell…


The fall foliage is stunning…


 The next day we went down to the Main square of Bitburg…


It was fun window shopping, eating ice cream, and showing them around our home town!


On Friday we hopped a train from Phillipsheim to Trier to take the walking tour of all the Roman ruins! 


There are many more pictures than I’m going to share but since Ryan and I have done this walk before, I’ve shown pictures of everything we saw that day.  I choose to not post duplicates since there are so many other things to share with you in the next few days.

We started out by the fountain outside the train station…


 Our first stop was the Porta Nigra!  Do you see us?


 How about now?


 It is a stunning building and it never fails to amaze me just how large it is and how much history it represents.  We bought the tickets that allowed us to tour all of the Roman ruins in Trier, and spent some time walking through the inside of the Porta Nigra before moving on…


 Our next stop was the Dam.  The gardens were amazing this time of year!


 Next we went to the Basilica and the Electoral Palace.  Here are Denny and Cheryl in the gardens…


 and in front of the Basilica (On the left) and the Electoral palace.


 It was nice to see the gardens in the fall.  The last time we were there the ponds were frozen over.


 We learned something new and interesting about the Basilica this trip.  Things here in Europe are often so large that they don’t look big at all.  To give you an idea of just how big this building is… we learned that you can literally fit the Porta Nigra inside of it and still have room to spare!


 Our next stop on the tour was the Roman bath…


 Here are Ryan and his dad on the over look.


 Me with the main structure behind me.


And then on to the Roman colosseum.  By this time we were so exhausted from walking (and being hot as the weather played a trick and got warm, which was lovely, except that we were all in sweaters or coats!) that we decided to sit on a bench at the top and enjoy the day and each other’s company for half an hour…. 

And I discovered the most amazing thing!!!  I can drink European soda!!!!  I haven’t had a soda since September of 2004 because I can’t have the carbonation with my surgery.  I took a sip of Ryan’s soda because there was no water in the vending machine (at least none that wasn’t carbonated) and would you believe it?  European carbonation is much more mild… in fact most American’s think it tastes flat… but that means I can have it!!!!  (I won’t be drinking much though since I won’t be able to drink regular soda after I leave Europe…  Ah well… back to the real business at hand!


 After the Colosseum we went back into the main square of Trier, found a lovely little corner bakery and bought some sandwiches for lunch.  We couldn’t find anywhere to sit so we went back into the main square to sit on the fountain.  We had a good time just talking and eating and people watching…  We even ended up trying Chestnuts roasted on an open fire (no lie) for the first time!  In the time we sat there we saw two people from the base!  Talk about a small world!

Once we were done with lunch we hiked back to the train station and headed home.  We had a great day!  During that day we made plans for a trip I honestly never thought we’d take but I’ll save those pictures and stories for another day!


On Saturday we piled into the car and took a trip across the borders to tour Luxembourg for the day!

Here is one of the views from the top of the Wenzal Walk Wall.


 The gardens across from the abby.


 Since we were so tired of walking we decided to not do the tour and instead walked along the wall to get some pictures!

Here are Denny and Cheryl posing over the valley.


 A huge and horrible wind picked up and we almost lost her… or was he trying to get rid of her?  Hmmmm


 Uh oh… She seems to think it was his idea!


 And then of course Ryan and I had to take our turn…


  And this time it was my idea! 


 After we finished in Luxembourg city we piled back into the car and headed for the far north of the whole country… (about 45 minutes in the car) and went to see The Castle Viendan!


 It really is such an awesome castle!


 And a beautiful little town…


 One of these days we’re going to get there BEFORE they close and actually go in!


 And maybe walk the little town…


 But it was worth the drive any how!



The next day we headed south to Ramstein to shop… We made an easy day of it since we were all tired from our very busy week…


 and we were about to embark on an amazing adventure!

And so that is where I’ll leave you for today! 

Auf Wiedersehen!



17 thoughts on “A Housefull of Laubes…

  1. oh wow, what beautiful pictures! I love seeing where you are living and all of the scenery! It makes you realize how little “history” we have here in the States…

  2. Your photos are SO gorgeous! It sounds like a great time with the in-laws. What kind of camera do you use? The pictures are so sharp.. I love it.
    Hope you are having a great night! Love ya!

  3. Great pictures ! If you ever come back to Luxembourg, Clervaux would be another (small) city worth visiting . Of course I could recommend you a ton of other things to do in “my” country .

  4. Good to see Denny and Cheryl having a good time. I desperately wish that we could afford to visit too. But that’s the breaks. Sorry it took me so long to comment. Being sick is the pitts. Being sick for your birthday just plain sucks! ;0( Oh well, what’s an Auntie to do. Love you both so much,,,Me

  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I also use a Kodak Easyshare Camera and I love it! I love all you pictures they are so beautiful! Sorry Its been a while…. thanks for checking in on me!
     Have a great day!

  6. I love love LOVE the pics!!! They are all so beautiful 🙂 You know, I didn’t enjoy Germany when we were stuck there overnight, but it looks like you & your in-laws had a great time!!! I’m glad you’re having fun with them 🙂

  7. Wow! I so hope I have the opportunity to see those places someday.  My friends and I were talking on our trip to Colorado how no matter how many pictures we take, we can never capture the true beauty of it all.  Your pictures are AMAZING…so I can’t even imagine how beautiful those places must be when you are actually there! I think the castle is so cool!!!

  8. Hahaha love the picture of Ryan ‘falling’ off the side.  Beautiful pictures, glad you had fun!  Isn’t your family next to be visiting?  Or home for the wedding first? 
    And to answer your comments… 🙂 Yes it is VERY frustrating because everythings up in the air.  When I get to move, when I get to train, when I get to be closer to the boyfriend.  And definately when I get to make more $$.  The $ will definately fix my money issues going on lately 🙂 it’s over a $2.50 raise an hour. My new store is now fighting w/my current store to get me out there faster, so now I sit and wait to hear.  The bad part is, in a week and 1/2 I start training 2 people to be in my department, and they both won’t like it, so now I just have to pray that they like it enough and stick with it long enough for me to leave. haha

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