A moment…

Good Morning,

I find myself at loose ends this blustery summer morning for a few short minutes.  I won’t have time to visit and hardly time to skim my subscription page but I wanted to say hello and let all of you know I’m here safe and sound.  I’m taking pictures and spinning stories in my mind for when I’m back and have time to share. 

I had a VERY long but decent flight across the ocean though there was most definitely something lacking in the one across the country… like maybe smoothness.  I have now flown halfway around the world a number of times and that short 4 hour flight was the roughest I’ve ever been on.  The kind where you sit there and ask forgiveness for your sins.  Touchdown was also a sticky moment but here I am…

During my layover in New York City I met with a woman I truly believe I have a lifelong friendship in… Melissa, or as many of you know here, One_in_Heaven.  It was a short but wonderful hour and a half and I have pictures and stories to tell when I have a moment to breath.  Melissa I’m truly honored to have met you and to have had the opportunity to know for sure that you and I have a special connection that will stand the test of time.

I have about an hour to shower and dress, balance my checkbook, and get out the door.  Today is my sister’s first day off since I arrived and today has been dubbed the wedding planning day of the century!  LOL  I am unfortunately sick as a dog (must be the climate change) and there is nothing like a full blown cold when it’s 110 degrees and muggy.  What a time to not be able to breath!

So, I had better be off.  I wish you all a wonderful day.  Don’t forget me!  I’ll be back to pester you before you know it.



11 thoughts on “A moment…

  1. I’m so glad you made it safe and sound!! I hate those kind of flights where you are afraid your life might end.. lol.. I’ve only ever been on one like that. And I would be fine with never repeating it!
    Take it easy, Courtney! Don’t run yourself into the ground being sick.. Enjoy your time with your family.
    Love ya!

  2. I am glad you made it safe and sound!  Thats great that the meeting with melissa went so well.  Its so awesome the connection you two have!  Enjoy your time with the family!!

  3. It’s great your trip is going well except for the travelling bit of it.  Hope you get over your cold soon.  I know when I was out in Vegas the Santa Anas kicked up and I got sick for 2 days because of the wind, dust, allergens, etc…  It is the worst to be sick in nice hot weather.

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