And so on the day when I have nothing to say I have two edits… 🙂  I can’t believe I’m actually going to tell you this but it’s only fair since I’ve just tattled on Ryan.

We were upstairs and I decided to get ready for bed.  I was changing into my pajamas and Ryan said something crass about my boobs.  I…  um how do I say this…  walked over and um… beat him about the head with the above mentioned portion of my anatomy…  (huge shame faced blush here) as a kind of a joking punishment. 

I know I know way too much information but I had to tell you that so that you would understand this…

Ryan looks at me with a perfectly straight face and says…

“Is that the breast you’ve got?”




This may not be the most appropriate thing but I did think of one thing that is slightly news worthy.  My husband has this thing he made up when we were newly married that he says when…. well… when he passes gas… LOL  He’ll only say it if you stupidly ask the question “Did you just fart?” after the windows have stopped rattling of course…  He said it again for the first time in a long time, yesterday…

Me:  “Oh yuck Ryan, did you just fart?”

Him: “Nope that’s just some butthole talking crap behind my back!”

Oh my gosh I thought I would die!!!!  And now that I’ve shared a completely inappropriate thing with you I’m sure you will consent to agree that life has not been full of excitement around here since that’s the only thing I have to share!



Guten Morgan,

And suddenly it’s been five days since I wrote anything, responded to an email, commented on a site!  How does this happen?

My days are spinning down faster and faster now as the beginning of the busiest five months of our lives quickly approaches…  Only 12 days now until I board a plane for home, and get to meet one of you!  (I can’t wait Melissa!!!)

And the sad thing is that as busy as I have been and as completely overwhelmed as I am… I can’t think of a single thing that is news worthy……..  Nope just sat here for over 10 minutes scrolling through the last five days trying to think of one funny story, one anecdote, one thing worth saying and absolutely nothing is coming to mind.

So I’m off to finish making food to freeze… separating clothes out to pack… making lists of things I need to do once I’m home… and a thousand other mundane details!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!



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  1. We’re both excited! Even Chuck! Haha!   He thinks it’s pretty cool Daddy-God is setting this up for us!
    AND—the blankets made us both get tears in our eyes. Oh my gosh Courtney….what a labor of love. Thank you!
    Love you!

  2. Way to go Ryan! Love that mans sense of humor. Can’t wait to see you sweetie. Hopefully we’ll have time for lunch while you’re here. Love you!

  3. sounds like you both have such a great sense of humor. what a lovely blessing. those were hilarious moments from your life. thank you for sharing Courtney.
    i always look forward to your updates regardless of the days that pass. sometimes its hard to find the time to write down what you would like aboue the days that have passed or even make everything come together. so dont’ worry. we’re all waiting to hear aboud what’s been happening on your end of the world.

  4. did you get married in red, or was that a picture from a wedding you were both a part of (your header). i’ve probably said this before but i LOVE red and i’d love to be married in it. just thought i’d comment on the picture

  5. Ah, your stories made me laugh…which was much needed on my side of the world. Thank you so much on the advice for my little “chica”. Each day I notice more and more of an improvement. Like today…which was the first day she played with her toys since the hubby’s been gone. As any parent would say….”I wish there was some way I can take away her pain.” Your encouragement really helped knowing I’m not going crazy and that this happens to other people. Thank you!  

  6. HAHAH! So, I said Ryan’s little fart crack to my dad and Jonathan tonight.. they thought it was hilarious. My dad let one loose, and I said, “Dad, did you just fart or is that just some butthole talking crap behind your back?” It was fantastic. They both said “Whoa, did you come up with that on your own??” And I said, “No way.. I’m not that quick..” And told them your story.
    Have a great day! Love ya!

  7. I forgot to comment yesterday but wanted to say you made me laugh so hard I almost fell of the chair.  Thank you for making me laugh when I had a rough day yesterday.  You are such a blessing in my life.  Just to make you feel better too… I could totally see Joe and I having similar conversations.  Keeps marriage interesting! 

  8. Funny stories!!  Cory is always saying some smart comment about my boobs and it’s only getting worse now that they are swelling.  Oh well….
    Thanks for any and all prayers sent my way!

  9. We always blame my son’s dog. . .or just complain about the vast majority of frogs around (they make a funny sound when they get stepped on, at least that’s what my kids think!) :)~K.K.

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