A moment…

Good Morning,

I find myself at loose ends this blustery summer morning for a few short minutes.  I won’t have time to visit and hardly time to skim my subscription page but I wanted to say hello and let all of you know I’m here safe and sound.  I’m taking pictures and spinning stories in my mind for when I’m back and have time to share. 

I had a VERY long but decent flight across the ocean though there was most definitely something lacking in the one across the country… like maybe smoothness.  I have now flown halfway around the world a number of times and that short 4 hour flight was the roughest I’ve ever been on.  The kind where you sit there and ask forgiveness for your sins.  Touchdown was also a sticky moment but here I am…

During my layover in New York City I met with a woman I truly believe I have a lifelong friendship in… Melissa, or as many of you know here, One_in_Heaven.  It was a short but wonderful hour and a half and I have pictures and stories to tell when I have a moment to breath.  Melissa I’m truly honored to have met you and to have had the opportunity to know for sure that you and I have a special connection that will stand the test of time.

I have about an hour to shower and dress, balance my checkbook, and get out the door.  Today is my sister’s first day off since I arrived and today has been dubbed the wedding planning day of the century!  LOL  I am unfortunately sick as a dog (must be the climate change) and there is nothing like a full blown cold when it’s 110 degrees and muggy.  What a time to not be able to breath!

So, I had better be off.  I wish you all a wonderful day.  Don’t forget me!  I’ll be back to pester you before you know it.


I’m off!  Wish me safe journeys!

Melissa, it’s now a matter of hours!!!

Catching up…

Guten Morgan,

This will most likely be my last post until I’m back in the states.

Only three days left until I fly home for three weeks. I feel as if I have nothing to talk about and nothing to write. In fact I feel as if all of my creativity has just dried up over the last few months! So today I’m just going to share the little bits and pieces of news that have come my way this week.


First (and most important) My sister, Becky, who is 18 weeks pregnant and is due the last week of January, found out this week that she is having a GIRL! I knew it since the moment she told me she was expecting. (Don’t believe me? Ask her! J So today I started scheming and planning the patterns of the blankets I’ll be making for my new little niece.


Second I don’t think I’ve actually posted this but when I fly home on Monday I have a four hour layover at JFK and I will have the opportunity and the privilege to meet one of my closest friends here in Xangaland, Melissa!!! I’m so excited to meet you Melissa, to speak with you face to face and to have a picture and a voice to put with the wonderful friend I have made here.

Third Today is my best friend, Emily’s, birthday! Happy Birthday Emmalouinkey!


Fourth We have a little bit more news on “Huge thing going on in our life #1” (The Deployment.) We have learned that Ryan will absolutely be deploying. A slot has already been filled with his name, though, at the moment, we don’t know destination, the amount of time he’ll be gone, or the day he will be leaving. Though I probably won’t be able to tell you exact details when I get them I’ll do my best to give you an update as soon as we have one.


Fifth Ryan graduated yesterday! He received his first Associates degree and then later this week he should be receiving his second. (He has to wait for his five level paperwork to go through and then his second associate’s degree is finished.) His five level is another piece of news in itself; it means he is no longer an Apprentice in his career field but a Journeyman. He should also shortly be receiving his Level 1 certification in his career field. All of this basically means he has advanced as much in his field in this last year as someone that has been in it for two years. So my husband is now a proud college graduate and will shortly be starting his Bachelors program.


And that my friends, is about all that’s going on here in The Land of Fairy Tales of late. I’ve got to wrap up some baby shower gifts (Since there are three showers here while I’m gone and I can’t expect poor Ryan to wrap them up and remember whose is whose for me!) Write up all the bills so that they are ready to be paid. Label all the food I’ve frozen for Ryan (So he’ll know what he’s eating) Finish laundry and then of course pack! Somewhere in all of that I have to visit everyone, respond to all of my emails, cook dinner, walk the dogs, and it’s already 1:15pm!!!

And so I’m off… Have a wonderful day. I will be back as often as I can while I’m back in the states. I may not have time to comment but know I’ll do my best to read and keep up. I’ll miss you all!

Auf Wiedersehen for now!


Lambert the sheepish lion!

I can not believe that I found this… after all of these years…

I have no idea how many of you will remember Lambert the sheepish lion but he’s always kind of been a favorite of mine… I remember vividly sitting there watching this cartoon over and over as a child.  Being sad for the momma sheep (even more so as I’ve grown older and can relate in ways I never thought I would to her) being mad that Lambert got picked on, and of course scared to death of that wolf!  What a treasure to see this again through grown up eyes! 



I just saw this on an old western and had to share!

Three men walked into bar, a Frenchman, a German, and an Irishman.  They all sat down at the bar and ordered a whiskey.  When the drinks came out, all three glasses had a fly in it.

The Frenchman took one look and shouted “Mon Deaux! I can not drink this!”

The German, sneering a little at the Frenchman, plucked the fly out of his drink and tossed it back.

The Irishman, completly ignoring the other two in his distress, grabbed the fly by the wings, turned it to face him, and shouted…

“SPIT IT OUT, Do you hear?  SPIT IT OUT!!!”



Guten Tag,

Only 7 days remain until I board a plane and wing my way to Phoenix, AZ for three weeks.  My days are swiftly flying past and as busy as I’ve been I feel as if I have nothing done!  It feels as if just yesterday I bought my tickets and thought to myself that 9 weeks seemed like forever, and yet, here I am with one short week left… Where has this summer gone?

I brought my suitcases up from storage today and am getting ready to start packing for my trip.  I have made lists of chores (like watering my plants) that Ryan will have to do while I’m gone and the dates he needs to do them so he doesn’t have to stress.  I have ‘laid up’ four weeks worth of frozen single dinners, so that all he has to do is check the list, decide what he wants the next day and take it out of the freezer. 

And still I have to balance the checkbook, clean a little, wash the sheets, finish up the rest of the laundry, do a little last minute shopping and a thousand other little things.

So I’m off to putter around and finish up my chores.  Hopefully I’ll be able to come back on Friday to say goodbye and to visit you all one last time.

Auf Wiedersehen!



And so on the day when I have nothing to say I have two edits… 🙂  I can’t believe I’m actually going to tell you this but it’s only fair since I’ve just tattled on Ryan.

We were upstairs and I decided to get ready for bed.  I was changing into my pajamas and Ryan said something crass about my boobs.  I…  um how do I say this…  walked over and um… beat him about the head with the above mentioned portion of my anatomy…  (huge shame faced blush here) as a kind of a joking punishment. 

I know I know way too much information but I had to tell you that so that you would understand this…

Ryan looks at me with a perfectly straight face and says…

“Is that the breast you’ve got?”




This may not be the most appropriate thing but I did think of one thing that is slightly news worthy.  My husband has this thing he made up when we were newly married that he says when…. well… when he passes gas… LOL  He’ll only say it if you stupidly ask the question “Did you just fart?” after the windows have stopped rattling of course…  He said it again for the first time in a long time, yesterday…

Me:  “Oh yuck Ryan, did you just fart?”

Him: “Nope that’s just some butthole talking crap behind my back!”

Oh my gosh I thought I would die!!!!  And now that I’ve shared a completely inappropriate thing with you I’m sure you will consent to agree that life has not been full of excitement around here since that’s the only thing I have to share!



Guten Morgan,

And suddenly it’s been five days since I wrote anything, responded to an email, commented on a site!  How does this happen?

My days are spinning down faster and faster now as the beginning of the busiest five months of our lives quickly approaches…  Only 12 days now until I board a plane for home, and get to meet one of you!  (I can’t wait Melissa!!!)

And the sad thing is that as busy as I have been and as completely overwhelmed as I am… I can’t think of a single thing that is news worthy……..  Nope just sat here for over 10 minutes scrolling through the last five days trying to think of one funny story, one anecdote, one thing worth saying and absolutely nothing is coming to mind.

So I’m off to finish making food to freeze… separating clothes out to pack… making lists of things I need to do once I’m home… and a thousand other mundane details!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!



Guten Morgan!

So today I can finally share “Huge thing going on in our lives #4”  and the sad thing is that it is not the most exciting, nor the most important… in fact in the grand scheme of things it’s the least important (though still awesome!) but it took the longest to complete and therefore it is the last!

Ryan and I have been working a deal over the last few weeks and after a little work and a little wheeling and dealing we have a new addition to our little family!




Meet Meryl…  Meryl Street!  (snicker)


She is a 2005 Ultra Classic Edition Electaglide Harley.  She only has 6,000 miles on her, about $7,000 in upgrades and well, let’s just say, we got a VERY good deal.  This is something that we thought wasn’t going to happen until we retired but when this opportunity came along and under these circumstances we just couldn’t pass it up!

So we’ve been tooling about the countryside… enjoying the brief patches of sunlight and the warm days of summer. 


For those of you who have asked us if we wear helmets…  the answer is a resounding yes…  Back home we always wear a helmet but they are half helmets or skid lids… DOT approved of course but a full face in that AZ sun will make you pass out.  Here the laws require a 3/4 or more and we have to wear these huge and heavy things and it is an adjustment! 


See I could almost be a bobble head doll!  But they are great for the intercom system! (sorry for the flash out!)


Ryan is having the time of his life of course and is loving being a Harley man!  🙂  Doesn’t he look great in his leathers?  (Absolutely necessary here with the temperatures and the bugs… because there is nothing like going down the autobahn for an hour, getting off the bike, looking down and realizing that your jeans are coated in bug guts!  ewwww)


One thing that is going to be an absolute blast is that my mom and dad have the same bike!  Dad’s is the 2003, 100 year special addition Fire Bike (since my dad is a fireman!)


And of course ours is Air Force blue!


For those of you who will ask, no we won’t be selling Bertha (the other bike) while we are here.  Honda’s don’t really sell here due to parts being hard to get.  It’s kind of like buying a specialty import car back in the states and knowing from the get go you’ll pay over $100 for everything!  So, since Bertha is paid off and in good condition we’re just going to store her in our garage and ship her home with us when we go.  At that time we are going to give Zach and Charly (who have expressed an interest in buying her from us) first chance and if they don’t choose to buy her we’ll then sell on the open market.  For now she is on storage insurance and waiting to go back home!

Well, that’s the end of all of our big news.  We still don’t have any new information on #1 and #2 but we are supposed to hear soon.  I’ll let you know as much as I can when I can.  So with that we’re off to enjoy the sunshine!


Goofy helmets!  🙂

Auf Wiedersehen!