The Dance

Guten Tag!

Remember how I said that there are four rather large things going on in my and Ryan’s life?  Well today I get to tell you about number three!

I have the most wonderful news… it’s something you hear about in movies, read about in books, that you hear from a friend who knew a girl who’s mailman’s son’s best friend knew someone….  But how often do you truly hear about this in real life?

My sister Charly is engaged to Ryan’s brother Zach! 

He proposed to her two days ago and the wedding is set for mid November!  We are going to be, in a few short months, sister’s married to brothers!  How cool and unusual is that? 

We are so happy for them and so excited! 

It’s funny to think that seven years ago last month these two walked down the aisle together at our wedding.  I won’t pretend that there weren’t many of us who didn’t twiddle our eyebrows and wonder what if… but it seemed it was not meant to be.  He moved off to Texas and she went off to college in Flagstaff and that was that. 


Two years ago they both moved back to the valley within a year of each other and those little wisps of what if stirred up once again…

There were many times over the last few years where they were thrown together in something, singing together in praise and worship, praying together in prayer groups, dinners with both families (since my and Ryan’s family frequently do things together)  and every once in a while they would laugh together or look at each other in a way that said there could be a spark there and we all held our breath in anticipation… but again and again circumstances changed, they didn’t see quite as much of each other and that little spark faded away again…

The Sound of Music comes to mind when I think about these last few years of their lives…  The song “Sixteen going on Seventeen” in particular.  In that scene Liesl and Rolf are dancing and at the end of the song they spin towards each other, grasp hands, and look into each others eyes for one breathless moment, only to spin apart again and again.  We as the audience watch in anticipation, knowing from the start that they will come together in a sweet embrace but not knowing when…  And we watch as the dance continues until at long last the pause as they look into each others eyes is much longer and finally they kiss!

I feel as if we have been members of that audience, watching as Zach and Charly have danced this dance together, holding our breath and hoping against hope that they would find happiness.  Watching as they spin closer and closer and watching as they have fallen deeper and deeper, waiting for that moment when they will make that promise to stick…

And today it’s official, these two have stuck!


Congratulations Zach and Charly.  May this path you have chosen to walk together bring you happiness.  May God bless your marriage and use your love for each other to do great things in this world.  May you learn to see every stone in your path as something to conquer together.  And may your days together be filled with joy and laughter.

And may you have die Musterehe (a perfect marriage!)

Auf Wiedersehen!

Ryan and Courtney


25 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. What a great story!!!  Isn’t it wonderful how God weaves and works things out?  Sometimes we just aren’t ready… and need to dance.  I wish them all the best! 
    RYC:  Thank you so much for your continued prayers.  They mean so much to me.  When I’m having a bad or low day… it does help to know there are people out there lifting me up in prayer.  You know… there is this song … I’m not sure who it is by … but it talks about ‘If we are the body… then why aren’t his hands reaching… why aren’t his feet moving….’  I love it.  It is such a statement of how we as the body of Christ are supposed to intereact with one another.  Then I come into contact with people like you.  So willing to reach out.  So willing to offer your time, your prayers, your encouragement. 
    Thank you for being an active member of the Body.

  2. It’s all about the comic timing. You should be getting a sliver of happiness in the mail soon. Okay, maybe not “happiness”. But some paper anyway. Next time it can be “happiness”. Okay…I really don’t need to attempt humor when it’s 7:16 A.M. and I still haven’t gone to bed for yesterday…so I’m just gonna stop typing now.

  3. Congrats to the sister and bil!  That is such an awesome story.  I love the Sound of Music.  It is probably one of my most favorite movies so I know the scene that you speak of very well.

  4. hey hon. thank you for your words today. it’s really good to have friends that know what i’m going through.  i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and praying for you.  love ya girl!

  5. Oh, what wonderful news! Congratulations to your sister and brother-in-law.  Robert and I have the same thing on both sides of our extended familes where we have two sisters marry two brothers.  The kids get to be double cousins.   How neat. 

  6. WOW! That’s so cool! I bet it will make deciding where to go for family Christmas a lot easier…you could just have your holidays together! That’s so fun…and how you told the story of them was just so sweet. It’s so great when people find happiness! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that “good news!”

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