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Guten Tag!

It has been a beautiful few days here in The Land of Fairy Tales!  The sun has been shining and the breeze blowing…  The temperatures have been hovering between the mid 70’s and the mid 80’s and the sky has been the most unbelievable blue!  (For all of you in Phoenix, hold down that jealous rage and keep in mind that we haven’t had a temperature above 55 since last September!)

We have been walking the dogs and going on bicycle rides (did I tell you that we bought bicycles?  Real nice ones!  I haven’t had a bike since I was 12!  Talk about good exercise!) across our little patch of country side and of course Bertha (the motorcycle) has been getting plenty of time out and about!  (I was getting ready to get on the bike in case you can’t tell!)


It’s good for the soul to be out and about in God’s creation… especially when it feels as if you live in a painting!

Speaking of good for the soul…

For those of you that have asked and for those of you that haven’t and are just wondering… Ryan and I are doing okay.  This last few days of being out in the sunshine and spending time with each other have helped us heal a little.  I know I haven’t talked much about losing the baby, but there hasn’t been all that much for me to say. 

I have been spending a lot of time in prayer, reading my Bible, just looking for answers.  And have found once again that the answers to all of these questions that Ryan and I have asked for so many years are still…




“I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you…”

…and I have found a bit of peace and contentment in the faithfulness of my Father, God.  I wouldn’t say I’m exactly bubbling over with bouncy joy or anything but I’m on a road to healing, and ,as in everything since the day we said “I do”, Ryan is walking right beside me.

We have felt your thoughts and prayers across the miles and appreciate your continued prayers that one day our dreams of becoming parents would be realized.  That God would remember us.


Today is another beautiful day and I feel like being up and doing…  I’ve been baking like crazy the last week too…  Spinach tortes, Crocans, Zucchini bread…  Somehow it has just seemed like the thing to do!  But for today this house needs to be cleaned and dinner needs to be planned and prepared…  (I can’t decide between cornbeef hash, taco salad, and pot roast… how’s that for a spread?)  So I’m off to breath the fresh warm air and keep my hands busy.


  (That means goodbye and is said kind of like juice only with the first sound of choo choo at the beginning instead of the J!)


Post Script: Ryan and I were catching up on one of our favorite shows, Jericho, last night.  There was a line in it I just HAD to share!

SON: What Dad, do you want to come?


FATHER: You’ve already seen what it’s like out there I just need to see it for myself… besides I’m unemployed not obsolete.


SON: Did you ask mom?


FATHER: Son I’m 59 years old I was mayor of this town since the Carter administration, I’m a retired U.S. Army ranger and a combat veteran.


(Big pause and a nice deep breath.)


Of course I asked your mother!

19 thoughts on “Random ramblings…

  1. You’re such a hot biker chick!   
    Glad you’ve been enjoying the great weather.  It’s been miserably hot here in Florida!!! 
    You are always in my prayers my friend.  God has great plans in store for you.  I can’t wait to watch them unfold!  ((Hugs))

  2. That sounds like so much fun, Bike riding with your husband through the pretty country. I think taco salad too!! I am glad you are healing! I am also glad that you are still faithful! I like to hear how your days are there in The Land of Fairy Tales. I just can imagine how nice it would be. But I would miss everyone! Hope you have a good day!

  3. You’re so adorable! 
    So glad you guys are getting out and enjoying the countryside… .and healing.  You have been in my prayers.
    Enjoy your new bike!!!
    RYC:  Thank you thank you thank you.  Your prayers are SO appreciated.  Keep them coming!!!!

  4. we have had that same exact weather here in Ohio…Jim and I have been having our windows open and feeling the breeze come through out house!  Yesterday I walked through these beautiful botanical gardens here in my town and it makes me feel like I am no where near the city and its beautiful walking through God’s creation.  I hope you enjoy your bikes!  I cannot imagine how beautiful it is there!!!

  5. sometimes our church and other churches have mission trips in germany with our missionary that is over there and if they do one before you leave, I want to go and if I do, I will stop by and see you!!!

  6. Hey Courtney…
    Visting from Kweens of Queens.. Just wanted to come by and say thanks for visiting and reading the last challenge on my page…lovely pictures… That looks like Nice Biking attire.. but where’s the bike? I bet it looks really cool!! Have a great day and a great week if I don’t get to say hi before the next challenge=)
    Hugs and Love from your fellow Queen~ Leslie

  7. oh courtney. i just wnated to tell you that i talked to my brother and his girlfriend and i think they are just going to be backpacking around the area, and weren’t really sure on the specifics. so thank you for taking the time to think about it…but youdon’t need to worry about them visiting.
    good to hear updates from you.

  8. Heh, I made Taco Salad just the other night for the first time in quite a while, and it was good! So there you go…we actually just started watching Jerico when they started the reruns a few weeks ago. Good show.
    RYC: Courtney, I am at a loss. And I’m scared. You cannot know how much your prayers and support are helping me right now. I just want it to be over. And I want answers!

  9. Love that pink doorag!    The temps here are hitting the mid 90’s and the weather tonight  has been dreadful.  Severe thunderstorms and even a tornado in the neighboring county.
    I really appreciate all the prayers.  I haven’t spoken to the sheriff yet but I think he’s coming by in the morning.  He knows that I want to talk to him.

  10. hahaha I knew someone was going to say thats alot of money on a bird… thats exactly how i feel.  But they’re his “kids”, and we talked about it… if it spread thank god he’s not sticking the bird on ‘little birdie chemo’ as i’ve been calling it :). 
    Love the picture! Ooo now I have a craving to go jump on a bicycle.  Sorry I havent commented lately.  ~hugs~

  11. I randomly ran across your site a few weeks ago and have visited a few times since and I just have to tell you…that your faith and your choice to praise the Lord in the darkness of uncertainty has been a huge encouragement to me. There are few things in life that are as difficult as the journey you are travelling…and I praise the Lord for people such as yourself that demonstrate God’s amazing grace in such real ways. Thank you!

  12. Well it is great to see you out and about enjoying some great weather. It just keeps raining and raining in Houston and with the already hefty humidity it’s known for more of it is not great. The Sun does come out everyday so you can feel like your breathing steam. *lol* I’m glad both of you are healing. I was wondering, but I’m never one to pry too much into someone’s life. What they want to share is their business. God bless both of you.I loved that line from Jericho. Women rule!

  13. Hey Courtney…I’ve been without internet for a week so I’m just now catching up. I am so glad to hear that you are healing and doing ok. I’ve really been thinking about you a lot lately. Sending you hugs and prayers today!

  14. I just did that maze that you had in your previous post.  I screamed “Holy Crap!!!” so loud that it scared Parker and he started crying.  LOL.  That was great.
    Sorry you had problems w/ my site.  A lot of people had problems loading my site until I changed my layout.  It’s fixed now! 🙂

  15. My SIL lost two babies.  She named them, made pages for them in the family book including their ultrasound pics and allows herself to grieve for them each year on the days she lost them.  She has three beautiful, healthy children.  Have you been up in the Schwartzwald?  I would so love to tour some of those castles.  Enjoy the days in the sun.
    RYC:  I’m glad you enjoyed my chair humor.

  16. Glad to hear you are doing ok. And I’m always happy to hear couples pulling together during hardships when I know so many who push each other away. You look great by the way. I’ve also meant to ask you…how do you get such amazing pictures…all those pics of your house and the dogs outside…how do you get the color like that???? SO AWESOME!

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