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Today I have a writing challenge from the Kween of Queens website…  It has been far too long since I have participated…

~The Challenge~

Have you ever given any thought as to what your front door might be thinking if, indeed, it was able to think? What observations or thoughts might “run through it’s head”?

Here’s the challenge. . .choose any inanimate object. . . such as your front door, your floor, your closet, your toothbrush! Anything you want, and no, it doesn’t have to be connected with your house. . .any object you want! Give it a personality or thought process. . .then tell us what’s going on in it’s head!

This gives you tons of use for your imaginations! Make it funny, serious, whatever you want! No holds barred! This challenge is called:



Hello my name is Bernard, though no one ever calls me that. My existence is a noble one but, as you will see, there are many times in my life of which I would really rather not speak. I have graced this world for over 80 years and hope to be allowed many contented years to come.

I am an Encyclopedia book shelf.

My life began in the Midwest when a woman purchased my well built and handsome self to hold her prized encyclopedia collection. Her name was Agnes, and she loved to learn and used the books almost daily and I was well oiled and cared for…

I spent many many years by her side… I watched her family grow and then move on.  I went through times when Agnes could not be with me because her life was so full and then as the years passed she spent more and more time with me… And we became almost inseparable.

And then a sad day arrived. Agnes fell ill and was taken to live with her adult son in Phoenix, AZ. I was taken along with her precious encyclopedias and spent the next few months at her bedside… Spending long hours of quite companionship with my dear friend.

The inevitable arrived and Agnes passed from this world. It is hard to be alive so much longer than those you love…

My life’s work (Agnes’s prized encyclopedias) were packed up and shipped off to a second hand store where they would be sold for charity and I with them.

I had high hopes that my life would continue in dignity and that I would again find a companion… and perhaps allow my heart to love again.  But it was not to be. 

A young family purchased me to hold their TV for they could not afford a TV stand. I was saddened by my lower status but still proud to be useful to someone who had need. Years of heavy use and abuse turned my beautiful varnish to a roadmap of chips and scratches… Years of small children coloring on my shelves left me discolored and stained… And the family fell on some fortune… They found themselves with a little bit of extra and I was replaced by a shining entertainment center.  I felt battered and old and thrown aside.

I was sent once again to a second hand store. My dignity was gone, my shelves sagged from years of neglect and my joints ached and creaked… I sat, a small dusty shelf, fallen from the grace of my youth, to this… and I waited.

Months passed and no one gave me a second look… Until one day a beautiful woman knelt down in front of me and put a hand on my top shelf. She smelled of books and polish and I knew that she was my chance to shine once more!

“Perfect” she breathed and before I knew it I was on my way to another new home!

I spent the car ride to her, and now my, home day dreaming about the books of learning that would once again grace my shelves.  About the polish that would soak into my dry and cracked surface… Ah a joy filled me at the prospect! 

“Courtney?” she called as she entered her home lugging me along… “I’ve found you a new nightstand!”

My heart just sank. Yet another home where my true use would be set aside, I had a bad moment but decided to try to make the best of this.  At least I could be useful. Just then a small girl of about 8 or 9 walked into the room and made a face.

“But mom it’s all scratched up and ugly!”

If I’d had a head to droop I would have…  Not even a small child could see beauty in me any longer…  Who was I fooling?  I would spend my days alone.

“Ah but it’s old and antique and a long time ago it was used for something very different.”

She went on to explain to her daughter what I had been and I swelled with pride. These people may never know the story I have told you here but they knew that once upon a time I had been special… That would be enough.

Since that day I have had my shelves stuffed full of Nancy Drew books and then babysitters club… I have had my atlas slot used to hide a diary and candy and all sorts of little bits and pieces. My dignity has been challenged over and over… But I have found in her a strange sort of companion.  I have found a home.  

Almost 20 years later… After many moves and many new scratches here I sit.


My new home is a cottage in Germany in an upper hallway. I can see for miles and nap in the afternoon sun. Sometimes Courtney comes up and sits beside me to look out the window or read one of the dignified books that now grace my shelves… and I am never alone and never useless…

She promises me that once we two settle down she’ll strip me down and make me like new again… and maybe one day I’ll find a new place in her daughter’s room.

She thinks that this is a promise that should make me proud to be a lasting part of her family, but only I know what being a little girls catch all entails… I am tempted to shudder a bit at the thought… but alas… I am proud in a way and a part of me can’t wait…

But now I’ll rest here and enjoy my life… A life that did not turn out quite as I had imagined or in a way that those who put me together had intended… but I am content… For I have been used and I have been useful.

What more could a bookshelf named Bernard ask?

21 thoughts on “Imaginary Thoughts

  1. Awesome! Makes me want to come “meet” Bernard.
    btw, I’m wearing my Germany shirt today so have been practicing my “Ich spreche keine Deutsch.”

  2. You made me fall in love with a bookshelf!! You gave him his own personality and everything. Like a sweet puppy dog. You have such a fun imagination. Make sure to share any other stories you write or challenges you take.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What a perfect post!  I think I’m in love with a bookshelf named Bernard.  I really enjoyed reading this!


  4. Great story! I am really impressed by your writing! I would like to take the challenge, but I don’t think I could do anything I own the justice you have done to your bookshelf.

  5. This reminded me of a bookshelf my parents had that held an old encyclopedia set. I don’t recall anything like an atlas slot…but it sounds like a cool place for a little girl to hide things!

  6. This story brought tears to my eyes. Yep, I’m a sap like that. I have some very cherished things from years ago that I would never part with too. What a great story.

  7. I love the story!  How weird is that – I bought an encyclopedia book case at the second hand store and we use it in our kitchen to hold our Bibles and devotional that we like to read around the table.  : )

  8. Aww.. I am a book lover.. and I never really thought of our wonderful bookcases. All my books are in a box right now ( we moved) and I left my 3 year old bookcase at my previous house. I may just go get a used one.. and treat her good 🙂

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