Der Jahrestag

Guten Tag!

 Yesterday was our one year anniversary here in The Land of Fairy Tales.  What a year it has been…  A year rich in history, everyday adventures, and quiet days alone…  A year of long ago stories hidden behind every tree and magic in forgotten places…  We will treasure the experiences that this last year has brought us…


This weekend the weather broke and we were treated to two Fairy tale perfect days…  Warm and sunny with a sky of the deepest blue shot with snow white puffy clouds…  We spent all day Saturday working in our new yard…

Turning the earth and planting flowers…


Cutting the grass, sweeping the sidewalks…


 It was a lovely day…


When Sunday again dawned perfect and blue we ventured outside to take a few family pictures and enjoy our freshly done yard.


After a few moments of goofing off we let the boys out to enjoy the day with us!


They were truly enjoying the sunshine!


We do unfortunately have ants in our front yard grass.  After a few moments languishing in the beautiful sunlight Gandalf suddenly jumped up!

“What’s that?!” “They’re bitting me!”


And it wasn’t long until he’d run off to another spot in the yard to bite them right back!


He won… of course!


Our first family picture in our new home…


This is a view unlike any you can find in Phoenix, AZ and can you believe that it’s the view from my front porch?


 Possibly our Christmas card this year?


 A few pictures of our boys enjoying the day!

I had to shave Yoda… sigh…  He got fleas from the new yard and so off his hair went… No worries I’ll be grooming it back into a normal Schnauzer cut before you know it.


Look at the blue of that sky!


Yoda’s just had his 10th birthday…  and though an old man he is he still acts like a puppy!


This one will be six next month. 


  I think it’s safe to say that he too is still a puppy at heart!


  My boys… the best brothers ever!


We anxiously await what the next two years will bring us here in The Land of Fairy Tales and I can’t wait to share it all with you.


With that I bid you Auf Wiedersehen!




19 thoughts on “Der Jahrestag

  1. I the pictures!! The view from your porch is beautiful and I still can’t get over how pretty your house is. I actually like the picture of the 4 of you on the porch for a Christmas card. What breed is Gandalf?? He’s SO big!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the gorgeous phots you take!  Hope you guys enjoy the next couple years there.  My MIL has a 10 year old schnauzer named Baron, he’s all black and has the same haircut as Yoda.

  3. The house looks great hun, but then you do have a way with making every space you live in your own. And is it just me, or is Gandolf just out of control big?!? Good grief, he looks bigger then he did when you all left! Great pics of the boys though. RYEmail, can’t wait!!!!Keep me informed!!! Love you, Me

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