A moment to breath…

Guten Morgan!

I apologize for the length of time between contact but in the need to just rest and recuperate and the overwhelming need to have this house finished, so that I may do so… Contact with the outside world suffered.

We are doing well… A little worse for wear but trucking along.

First, I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday.  We did nothing special, which was kind of sad.   Back home Ryan and I always hold a BBQ or something for the holiday…  This year we looked for something to do and just couldn’t find any organized thing going on.  No food, no fireworks…  Nothing special at all.  By then it was just too late to organize something and so we simply spent a quiet evening at home with each other for company.  We missed having friends and family close but in reality, anything we could have done would pale in comparison to past years…  So it was nice to just be together.


As of July 1st we have some new neighbors!  There is a field stretching around our house on the side and far into the back and apparently this time of year it’s used for grazing!  The boys have been going nuts to see these “Big Doggies” every time we walk outside! 

There is one that doesn’t like me at all!  Every time I walk outside or it can see me through a window it bellows at me!   Just picture this huge cow mooing so very long and loud that grass just shoots out of it’s mouth.  Very creepy cow, and when it can’t see me it just stands at the fence and stares at the house… Shudder!  I think they will probably use that one for deviled beef!  LOL  (See there it is… The one with the all black face eating off of the apple tree!)


 And have I mentioned how very cold it is here?  For the last three weeks we’ve been hitting record highs of….  Are you ready?  Mid to high 50’s…. IN JUNE!  (and to a lesser extent JULY)  I’m dying!  It’s been windy and raining and I haven’t seen the sun in weeks!  I was talking to my mom the other day and she said “You’re lucky the high here today is 111”  I almost burst in to tears… It’s very true… “The grass is always greener”  I don’t think I REALLY want to be in 111 degree heat but right now I would love to just be warm… Just for one day…  I haven’t been warm since last August… And I am a desert rat you know!


And on to other things…


It has taken me much longer to finish the house than it usually does.  However, after many delays and a lot of hard work the house is finally finished and picture worthy!  (Of course we did a lot of work in the basement too and even set up a rather cozy office/craft room/dog room there but in the end we didn’t quite finish it up due to the huge amount of cleaning necessary, you would not believe the spider webs down there.  It looks as if the previous tenants NEVER cleaned it!)

~So shall we begin?~

Welcome to my home

ScharfbilligerStrasse #2
Moetsch, Germany! 


 When you first walk in the front door, to your immediate right are the stairs, so let us begin there…  The walls are yellow and the stairs are orange with maroon carpets… So I hung a large orange, red, and gold painting!


 When you turn the corner to head to the top of the stairs you are met by a beautiful glass door.


And behind that door is my little reading nook… It’s a very pleasant place to sit in the early morning light and do my devotions…


As you continue down this hall… On your right is the only full size bathroom in the house.  As you will see it’s a little crowded now that we have all of our storage in…  But German bathrooms come with absolutely no storage and yes that even means no medicine cabinet… So we have had to cram storage wherever it would fit!


 Another partially glass door…  I love them because they don’t block out the light… You can close all the doors (to control the heating) and still see sunlight throughout the house!


 The corner shower…


 The tub area…


 The view of the bathroom from the door…  I really like how it turned out… It’s very peaceful and comfortable… One of these days I’m going to take a good long soak in that tub and look up at the stars…


 Back out in the hallway, and dead ahead, is the guest room and then slightly to the left is our room… Lets explore our room first.

Here is the view from the door… It’s a smallish room but functional… I really do need to get cracking and make myself a bedspread though!!! 


 From behind the TV so that you can see the size of the room… Gandalf’s bed is down between the shrunk and the wall by the window…


 The other wall… and yes the chair is where Yoda sleeps!


 On to the guest room…  Where all of you that visit will be staying. 

Here is the bed…


 The opposite wall…


 And the view from the door…


 Okay let us head back downstairs onto the main level…  This is the door at the bottom of the stairs leading into the rest of the house… 


 Once you pass through that door, on your right is our small downstairs bath…


 I am very pleased with how this room turned out… I had thought it would be hard to decorate because of it’s size but it just ended up looking cozy!

Oh and to explain the oversized plant…  Well it’s the only window that doesn’t have curtains, shades, or roladins…(German shades that resemble security shades.  They are on almost every window here but if we were to install them in the states it would cost almost 3,000 $ a window because of the way they have to be installed!)  I’m not allowed to drill into tile and since the whole bath is tiled… well… I improvised!  It does a very good job of blocking the view!


 Once you enter the hallway again, you will see this door leading into the kitchen area….


 This is our dining area…  Again a bit crowded… (The opposite wall is almost bare, but you must put things where the plugs are!)


 And the other side…  See our wonderful new refrigerator?


 Then just to the right of that would be my kitchen…


I love how it turned out.  It’s bright and cheerful and makes me want to bake something!


 And I must say it is extremely comfortable to cook in!


 Would you believe me if I told you that these pictures were taken at 9:30…. PM?  Well believe it!  Cause every word is true!  It’s beginning to get light at about 4am now and it doesn’t get fully dark until after 11pm!


 And then of course you have the TV room….  I thought at first that I wouldn’t like the rooms split like this… But I’m really enjoying it.  They are close enough that we can sit in separate rooms and do different things and still feel as if we are spending time together.


 I’m also very glad to have the ugly curtains down… I know that the orange I chose is not everyone’s favorite color but when in Rome….  (If I haven’t mentioned it before… Orange is like the national color here!  Not really but seriously everything is orange!!  If I wanted to depart from that theme the cost becomes astronomical!  And since my primary decorating colors are fall colors I can make it work.)


 And then there is my sitting room… 


 I love this room and I know that I will enjoy mornings sitting here in the sun visiting with all of you… 


 And so there you have it… My new home…  We are already enjoying our time here.  There are of course a thousand little things left to do and a basement to finish but it’s nice to know that at the end of the day there is a place to sit and relax…  I also must say that I’m satisfied to some extent that the wallpaper is no longer the first and only thing you see when you walk into any of these rooms but I don’t love it that’s for sure! 

I just had to repost these pictures of the outside… Just look at those beautiful blue skies!  Hoping I see some again soon!


  And with that I had better go.  I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone!  I promise to do better with keeping up!


Auf Wiedersehen,

From the Land of Fairy Tales!




23 thoughts on “A moment to breath…

  1. I love all the big windowsills you have for plants…I would love to have that in my house!  I can’t have many plants because there just isn’t many places to put them that gives them enough light.  But your house looks beautiful! šŸ™‚

  2. So beautiful. Oh, I love German houses, they are so “American” (huge bathrooms, sometimes 2, and often kitchens with US-sized refrigerators), but also so charming. Next step window boxes, no? I just love walking the streets of German towns where window boxes with flowers spill from every house.

  3. I am totally and completely in love with your house!! It is so gorgeous it’s not even funny. What’s the cost of living like in Germany?
    You’ve done such a beautiful job! Thank you for your prayers. I’m praying for you daily Love & Hugs!!

  4. How fun!! I am so glad it is finally like home to you! I hate the unpacking process whenever I move. I always just want everything in place and all of my things there, so that it feels like my place faster!!
    I hope the weather warms up for you! Fifty degrees?! What  a shock to the system!

    Enjoy your weekend! :0)

  5. Courtney!!! Your house is gorgeous!! I love it so much šŸ™‚ If we could afford a trip, I would come over to Germany to visit šŸ™‚ Thanks for your prayers, we really need them right now. Blessings,Becki

  6. Your new home looks gorgeous!! You do such a great job decorating and although the colors may not be your favorites, it really does look great the way you have put it all together! Hope you are doing fine. I have had you on my mind. I hope that you will have sunshine soon in your cloudy days. Love ya!

  7. Your home is simply GORGEOUS!!! It makes me want to curl up and just rest. Did you make the bedspread in your guest room?? If you did.. woman, you are talented. I want to copy you! It is beautiful!
    Thanks for the tour through your home.. and I’m glad that you have been able to keep yourself occupied and rest at the same time. We are praying for you. *hug*

  8. YES! that’s the horn i’m talking about! thanks for more of the info with the verse! I love it! If I’m there when it ends at 10pm i’ll record the horns on my cam and put it up on youtube. course i’m sure i wont be the only one recording that lol.
    the house looks BEAUTIFUL~!

  9. I cannot believe how absolutely peaceful your home is. I so want to come visit and sit in that room! Who would ever think that orange is a nice color for curtains?! It looks great!

  10. Hi Courtney, this is Monica Siddle. My husband and I are missionaries in Bosnia from America. We’ve been here for 9 months and it is so funny to me to see the similarities in your house and my apt. here in Bihac. Your toilet looks just like mine and the thing about the orange color, it’s here, too! Why, I don’t know. I am in the process of redecorating and trying to make things match. But you get what you can get. I borrowed a sewing machine from my German friend and I am making curtains this weekend. šŸ™‚ I love your place, you have done a great job of making it very nice and cozy. Take care.

  11. Oh Courtney…you are an AMAZIN decorator! Your home looks absolutely beautiful and so inviting and cozy. I love it! I wish I could figure out ways to do that to my house. My mom always could but I guess that gene skipped me. Ha ha!
    How are you doing? I am still praying for you and Ryan. *hug*

  12. So sorry to hear about the MC..Praying for you and wishing you the best of luck this go around..A lot of times I still worry about that and I am 23 weeks..This is the 1st time I Have been baby shopping..

  13. Welcome Back!  I hope you are rested up.  Your house looks great.  I love all the colors and the arched doorway.  I would love to have a room of my own.  A craft room where I can put my drawing table and stuff.  Maybe one day.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed anyway.

  14. Your home is absolutely beautiful! Cows are funny creatures. I have my stories from when I lived in Kansas when I was younger.

  15. Your house looks amazing! You did a wonderfull job decorating. I noticed the big screen TV…was that purchased at the hubbys request??? My hubby has a thing for big screen TV’s and electronics. lol! As for the plant cover-up….PERFECT! Creative and yet resourcefull. (little pat on the back!) Regarding your lovely sunlight issue…I live in florida and its been staying light till about 9:30pm so yep….summer is here although you don’t have the heat with it. I can definatly relate about always being cold…if it drops below 70 here I’m freezing….I’ll be traveling up north to Jersey next week…and I’m gonna freeze my little butt off! Its so cold there compared to my 90-100 degree weather that I’ve climatized quite nicely to. lol! One last thing….congrats on your new neighbors! I once…a long, long time ago (giggle)….lived in a town where there were more cows than people…and yes it was definatly a country town. Now-a-days….its turning into a a small city, and growing huge! Oh, well…some things change. :::pout:::: Anyway…hope your doing okay. You’ve been in my prayers. **hugs**

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