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Guten Tag!

So today I find myself once again alone…  Ryan got called in to do moulage again for the rest of this week… Which means he’s sleeping until 1pm and leaving at 4pm…  Then he stumbles in the door at about 5:30am just to repeat the process over!  So instead of mopping I’m spending time catching up on paperwork and on emails and now I’m getting around to checking in on everyone here!

We are doing great (yep baby included!) 

And…. Holy cow!  I just looked up at the clock!  It’s 10pm still bright as daylight out and I haven’t had dinner or got into my jammies or nuthin!  No fair!!!  (Guess this week is going to go fast!)  So I’m going to go get some dinner, walk the dogs one last time and settle down to watch a show and crochet and then I’m off to bed!  I’ll be back to visit and post a real update tomorrow while Ryan is sleeping!!!

Auf Weidersehen!

Guten Tag!

Keeping busy this weekend…  I just wanted to send out a quick invite.  I’m having one last Pampered Chef party if any of you are interested in it…  You can go HERE to check out some of the products and if you want to order just leave me a comment or send me a message with your email and I’ll send you an invite! 

It’s rather funny… this is the invite I sent out only 10 days ago….

So it’s that time again… I’m going to have one more show so I can buy a few last things. I know that once we have kids there’s no way that this is going to be something that we can do and I do so love to cook! (Hoping and acting on faith here!)

So if you are interested at all I encourage you to check it out! I do recommend the barbecue set for Dad for
Father’s Day! It’s an awesome set complete with a huge double spatula just the right size for turning large steaks or fish and if you spend 60$ or more in this order (before taxes and shipping) you get the BBQ baster for free!

I also really recommend the stones for baking and I LOVE the can opener!!! Sorry I really do love Pampered Chef! 🙂

Well in any case you have a few days to order and can do it right here online and if you know someone who might be interested please feel free to send this email on! I would love to meet my goal!!!

Thanks Ladies!
Have fun shopping!

And now that I’m actually pregnant I can feel the money crunch!  I need all orders in by June 10th and I would love to meet my goal so if your interested please let me know as soon as you can!  It’s super easy with the internet ordering too!  You order and pay all at once and the items come straight to  your door!

Thanks ladies!

I’ll have more interesting things for you all beginning of next week… 

P.S.  Don’t forget that if you have a family member, coworker, or friend that’s interested all I need is an email address!!!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Guten tag!

I have no time today… I’ve been busy all morning with appointments and such and now this evening we have a going away party for one of the men in Ryan’s squadron… (He’s on his way to Kosovo for an extended TDY)

So no time to visit but I just wanted to post a quick update…

I had my Beta HCG this morning and they said I’m pregnant of course and the levels look VERY good for how far along I am….   I of course forgot to ask for the actual numbers… My fertility Dr.  emailed me back today and offered to do an ultrasound this coming week just to make sure everything is going well and my lining is good, ect…  I of course jumped on that.  So I’ll keep everyone updated!

Thank you so much for all of you responses to our news… We are simply overwhelmed!

Auf Wiedersehen!