Fühl dich wie zu Hause! (Make yourself at home.)

Guten Tag!

Well this really will be my last online access in quite some time…  We went back in to talk to the company that will be installing our internet and they asked us to come back by on Friday the 23rd to see if they have any news for us yet…  I don’t have much hope that this will go quickly!  Unfortunately my internet is also my only phone back to the states and my TV, so this 10 days that Ryan will be gone in Ramstein are going to be very lonely and very long!  And on Tuesday I won’t be able to update you about the Ultrasound or call my mom to let her know!  I’ll figure something out but it may end up being a very short very basic update…

But for the moment I have a little time to chat with you!  We are here at the apartment in the process of cleaning (Well Ryan is doing most of it because I have to be careful of the chemicals hence me being on line while we are here cleaning) and should be done within the hour and then we are done!  Our final out is tomorrow at 11am and then we will be living sole in our new home! 

So the new house…  I have some pictures… Obviously we aren’t completely moved in but some of the furniture is at least where it should be so I’ll share what I hve for now, since I have no idea when I’ll be able to come back!

Shall we begin!?  🙂


Wilcommen to my home!


 Let’s start by going upstairs! 

This is the small landing at the top of the stairs.  To the right is the door into the room that will be the nursery and to the left is the glass door at the top of the stairs! 

(As you will see, in German houses almost every room has a door so that you can close off parts of the house for heating purposes in the winter!)


 Through that room on the right you will find a nursery… 

This would be a very good time to explain that in Germany it is rare to see someone paint their home.  They wallpaper!  So please excuse just about every wall in this home!  It is all wallpapered in some of the most frightening colors and I can not do one thing about it!  I couldn’t even paint if she said I could as almost all wall paper here is textured!  Rest assured that I will find ways to take all focus off of the walls!  LOL  Oh yeah same goes for all the curtains… though that I can do something about and soon!!!!


 And the other side with some awesome built in closet/cabinets!  And yes that is a stained glass kid flying a stained glass kite!


Just a bit down the hall is the only full bath in the house and oh boy is it full!!!  This glass shower is directly on your left as you enter the bathroom…  It is much more roomy than this picture makes it look!


 That set of towel bars on the right of the pic?  Well this is what’s beyond that!  It’s huge and deep and awesome!!!


 Then along the whole opposite wall is this… sink, yep you guessed it, bidet, and of course a toilet! 

(Let me take this opportunity to point out that there is no storage in this monstrous bathroom… no medicine cabinet, no shelves, no cabinets at all!  In Germany you build your own!  So after much shopping we ended up spending about 100 euro on cabinets for the bathroom!  Which I might add is very reasonable since if we were to buy the expensive stuff it’s 100 euro for only one!  So we’ll have those in soon so that this bathroom will actually function for us!) 


 This is our bedroom…  On the far right there is a window and on the left is our TV.  It’s actually quite big though this pic doesn’t really show that…  But that is a king size bed! 

(That I don’t have a king bedspread for!  LOL  I think I’m going to make one!) 


 And this is the guest bedroom!  Where any of you that visit will be staying!  It’s a queen in case you were wondering!  This is the only wallpaper in the whole house that doesn’t offend me!  LOL


 And the guest room from the door!  Pretty light…. 

(Another side bar…  There are also no closets in German houses so you get Shrunks… or wardrobes…  Unfortunately the ones we are issued are plain and ugly… not like those huge wooden masterpieces you see in movies… We could buy those but hey these are free!)


Okay and now for the main floor!  This is the little guest bath…  The sink is only 9 inches across at it’s widest point!  They sure know how to utilize space!!!


 This is the dining room…  My absolute worst enemy as far as wallpaper, curtains, and lamps go…  Ah well I’ll make it work.  

One thing I will not make work is that refrigerator!  You want a hint as to how small that thing is?  See the chandelier?  Well Ryan is only 5’10” and his head comes to the top of that lamp… yeah that’s one small fridge… and the shelves are so small that a coke can won’t fit standing up on any of them… let alone a gallon of milk!  So we went out and bought a new fridge… with a baby on the way and company coming this just won’t work! 

And the freezer is a joke!  I knew it would be smaller off base so I stopped buying frozen foods two paychecks ago and today when I moved over my food I ended up throwing about three pounds away because it simply wouldn’t fit!  And our base freezer is only half the size of our one back home!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaa 

But as I said we bought a new one and though it is money we had not intended to spend it will make life so much more enjoyable for me since I LOVE to cook!


 Here are the door and window…  This door leads out to a small metal landing with about five steps leading down… at the bottom there is an arched wooden gate that leads right to the garage!  Talk about a short walk to bring in the groceries!!!


 Okay and on to one of my favorite rooms in the house.  When I first saw this I was like “EEEEKKKK  too small!”  But on further inspection it has more functional counter space than my huge kitchen and as many cabinets!  And, not that I would ever do this in my home, the blue cabinets are just fine!  My kitchen decorations since I got married are primary colors!  Cobalt blue, fire engine red, and a golden yellow…

(Yes I know that this means that the dining room should be fine but I just can’t bring myself to like it….) 


 Here is the oven and stove!  Glass top baby, YEAH!!!!  I missed my glass top so much! 

(Another side bar… German ovens are tiny!!!  In case you can’t tell I have been told by others living off base to never buy more than a 10 pound turkey for Thanksgiving!  Not a big deal since it’s just Ryan and I though!)


 And the sink… and the funniest thing in the whole house!  See that cute little tiny blue cabinet on the bottom?  That’s the dishwasher!  Have you ever seen one so small!  Thank goodness most of my stuff is handwash anyway!


 And just to the left of the kitchen is the entrance to the two living rooms…  This first one is The TV room.  a.k.a. Ryan’s Room! 🙂  On the right is one of the bookshelves that flanks our Big Screen. 


 Okay and here is a view from the other room so you can kind of see how the room is set up. 


 And then my favorite room in the house… My sitting room…  It will have all of my books and my yarn and all the neat little things we’ve picked up here in Germany… 

 I can’t wait to have new curtains hung and all the books out… I can’t wait to just lay there on my Island in the morning sun and read a few pages before Ryan gets up in the mornings…. 


 That’s about all for the house…

There is a whole other floor but it’s a basement and is being used for the piles and piles of boxes at the moment.  When we get it all arranged I’ll take pictures of that too… 

It contains another half bathroom, a huge storage room that we will use for storage and a bit of extra pantry space, and one large heated room that will double as an office/game room for Ryan and the place the dogs will stay when we aren’t at home in the winter (since it’s heated… the rest of the year they will just have free run of the basement since it’s all tile and they couldn’t do any damage! 

Like in the rest of the house where almost all the floors are these beautiful 2 inch honey pine planks… Where my 100 pound dog could rip them up just by stretching… Shudder horrible thought that…) 

Then there is also a HUGE laundry room complete with itty bitty washer and dryer, shelving, and clothes lines!

Okay so I bet you would like to see the actual outside of this amazingly cute little German cottage huh?

Well I’ll show you half… this is our driveway that leads back to the yard and garage! 


 Here’s a picture just for my Dad!  Here is the garage and car port… and there is a small covered patio area just to the right of where this picture cuts off…  That small gate that leads straight to the kitchen I told you about?  Well that comes in right on that patio… so about 20 steps to the garage!


 And this is our yard… it is mostly fenced and what isn’t fenced has hedges… We are going to get some rabbit wire just to run along and reinforce it so that the boys don’t go a wandering!


 See that little green gate at the back of the yard?  Well that leads to our second yard. 

It’s ours and we are allowed to use it but the landlord’s father has his vegetable garden back there so he will be out there occasionally….  It’s a beautiful area and I’m glad it’s fenced off because I would hate for my dogs (who don’t dig but you just never know what will make them start) to tear up his garden…  

He is currently growing squash, pumpkins, some herbs, and green beans… There is also a fig tree, a slow berry tree, and an apple tree back here! 

We have been told by several people who have lived in a similar situation to expect a basket full of fresh veggies on our stoop one of these days!  What a lovely thought! 


 Here is another view of the garden…


 So without further ado here is my new home…. 


 Another view that shows the yard I will soon be working in… There are several planting areas that I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in!!!


I think that we are going to be very very happy here!  We love it already!  The neighborhood is quite and peaceful.  We have already met almost all of our neighbors and all of them are wonderful! 

I can’t wait to spend the next two years living here…  raising our child here…  Learning to cook German recipes, learning how to chat with my neighbors as we all work in our yards on sunny days…

Well with that I should go…  There is still much to be done here in The Land of Fairy Tales today….  and for many days to come.

I will miss talking to you but know that when I am finally able to come back I’ll have many pictures and stories to tell! 

For now Auf Wiedersehen my friends!



16 thoughts on “Fühl dich wie zu Hause! (Make yourself at home.)

  1. It’s beautiful! You are so blessed to have a dishwasher! I am jealous!I’ve heard other people putting a ferning plant in the bidet. Sounds like a good idea to me!Wear gloves in the garden. Ok? (that cat disease)

  2. WOW!!! Beautiful place!! The yard reminds me of the Secret Garden or something….I love it. Are you out in the country? It looks like there is not alot of traffic nearby.  I know how beautiful you can decorate a home so I think all focus will be taken off of that wallpaper soon! lol  It’s a beautiful home.

  3. I Love it! It’s so picturesque!
    Chuck had to explain the bidet thing to me….you might have to explain that one to your other readers! New concept for some of us!
    Can’t wait to hear about the U/S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s going to be hard to have you off of here for so long.
    Love you!

  4. i love your house…i love the little stone wall and walk way leading to it…its so germanish..(is that a word..lol) I Love it! I wish I could visit my family over there and see you too but no can do! I am praying for you Courtney!

  5. Love the pictures of your new home!!!And what a yard! Gorgeous!! Where I live the yards are soooo tiny. ::::pout:::: Oh well….the joys of Germany, you lucky girl! We are gonna miss you…make sure to write us all the details after you get settled and about your ultrasound results. Your gonna have a beautiful, healthy baby! We’re here praying for ya! **hugs**

  6. Beautiful Courtney!! It is so much like a qaint little cottage. I love the hedges…and the beautiful green grass. I cannot wait to see what all you do to the place.-Gia:)

  7. Your house is soooo cute.  I agree about the wall paper but something can be done about that.  Hopefully it won’t take too awful long for your computer to get back up and running.  Take care in the meantime.

  8. Gosh, i am green with envy! LOL!
    Your new home is amazing! And you make things seem so …fariytale like….you should be a writer!
    Good luck with the move….be careful…and keep us posted when you can!

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