The Big Move is Upon Us!!!

*After reading Melissa’s comment I’m in a bit of a situation!  I never even thought about the phone!  It had better not take weeks!  The internet is my only phone to call back to the states with!!!  I can’t wait weeks to talk to my mom after my ultrasound!  I’ll tell you what!  If I don’t have internet by then…  I’ll have Ryan write an email and send it to my parents to just let them know what’s up before he leaves and then I’ll have my mom sign in and post it here…  I think that’s the best I can do until I have a hookup!  Pray ladies!!!  :)*


Guten Tag!

I just wanted to write a quick update!!!  Moving day has been moved up until tomorrow and we don’t get the keys until 4pm tonight!  We will spend this evening moving as much of the small stuff into the house as we can.  Then we get the moving van tomorrow morning at 10:15am and we have 8 guys coming to help us move!  We are providing pizza and drinks for lunch and should have everything moved over by early afternoon!  We are so excited! 

So the rest of our week looks like this…



Signing and keys, then we start moving the little stuff!


Moving day has been moved to Friday due to van rental!


Moving and cleaning.


Finish up and clean apartment.


Final out inspection


Our first ultrasound!!!!


Drive Ryan down to Ramstein (about 2 hours away) for the Silver Flag exercises where he’ll be for 10 days while I slowly unpack and decorate the new house!


I am just amazed at how quickly everything has been happening lately!

I also just wanted to let you know that this may be my last email for a while.  As I said we move tomorrow and have already put in the request for our new service to be installed…. However, the only company here in Germany that provides these services is currently on strike…  So it could be a few days or it could be a few weeks!  We are hoping for the former of course but I’m not going to count on it.

As soon as our internet gets hooked up I’ll have pictures galore and hopefully our first Ultrasound picture too!

So with that I had better go finish up our packing and get ready to go get the keys!

Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S.  We have 8 guys to help because no one wants me touching a thing!  So no worries, I’ll just be overseeing the whole day!

17 thoughts on “The Big Move is Upon Us!!!

  1. I’m excited for you! It’s always fun to go to a new place to live and decorate!! lol  You take it easy and let those guys do the work! You can do the fun stuff after it’s all in there. Hugs.

  2. Hey, I just got here and saw this. Have you been disconnected yet? Maybe I better try calling real quick before you are. Lets see, it’s 1PM here, which means it’s what, 10PM there. I know you’re still up. But what if you’re not…crap! I’m going to try anyway. Love you!
    And I got a machine. Crap again! But that tells me you’re not disconnected yet, and not in bed, so you’re probably still at the new house. If you get time, give me a call when you come in, or tomorrow before you begin.
    Love you bunches. And Courtney, PUT THAT BOX DOWN, YOU EVIL LITTLE ELF!  I mean it now…! LOL Love you too Ryan, have a good trip.

  3. Okay are you carrying things you shouldn’t be? Sounds like your aunt knows you well. lol Seriously let the guys do the work. You get the fun part. Decorating. Be careful and I hope it doesn’t take long to get hooked up. Can’t wait for pictures.

  4. Moving sooner! Thats sooooooo exciting…everything is falling perfectly into place. God is amazing. New home. New baby. Life is good. *hugs* Have a great day girl!

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