Just a little addiction I swear!

Guten Tag!

When I went back to the states for my sister’s wedding a rather unfortunate thing happened!  I formed a very bad habit… 



Don’t laugh, I know it’s awful but now I can’t stop craving it!  I can remember secretly thinking that my sisters were insane for even drinking the stuff!  What a waste of money and calories!  And then they forced one on me and then I let them buy me another and then I drank one almost everyday since I knew that I was on vacation and you always do things on vacation that you don’t do at home…  I just figured that the cravings would fade…  When we flew home I actually went online to check and see if the New Jersey airport (where our layover was) had a Starbucks and it did!!! 

We landed almost 45 minutes late and they actually had to hold the plane as we literally ran the whole length of the airport to make the trip on time…  I knew that I had a serious problem when all I could think of as I ran pell nell through the airport was that I wouldn’t get my last cup of Starbucks coffee… Heck I didn’t even give thought to my burning lungs or my bladder that was about to burst or my shoulders that hurt so bad I was almost in tears… I could only stick out my bottom lip and feel cheated!

I would kill for a venti White Chocolate Mocha iced coffee right now!  Do you know what they don’t have here in the area of Germany that I live? 


For over a month now I have struggled with my need for this lovely little treat and then lo and behold I found a Starbucks!  It’s only two hours away!  And you know what? 

I want it bad enough that I would drive that far for one… 

Ah but alas it was not meant to be…  For the very week I find out that a Starbucks can be had is the week that I find out all my dreams have been answered and coffee is off the menu…  Ah the irony. 

So to keep my mind off this desperate craving that I can do nothing about (because let’s face it… I’m not going to waste 30 dollars worth of gas to buy a 5 dollar cup of coffee that isn’t good for me anyway.) I am turning back to crochet…  I just counted and I have seven, count them, SEVEN baby blankets that have to be made before I can even start on blankets for me… and scarves, and hats, and every other good thing!  So I’m crocheting my fingers off to get done in time!  Here’s hoping that it makes the time go quickly!

Well I’m coming around to visit everyone I haven’t even had a chance to read for the last few days and I’m missing you guys.

Auf Wiedersehen!


15 thoughts on “Just a little addiction I swear!

  1. Oh, MY! I would die!
    When i was preggers… i had to convert to decaf espresso…but i still had to have it!
    I have worked on and off in a coffee shop for about  3yrs for some close friends. I love it! One day, i will own my own cafe! I swear, i will! LOL!
    Surely, were you are…there are some wonderful lit’ cafes?
    Even a non-fat, decaf, white chocolate mocha could be an option!
    My next big purchase will be an espresso machine…and not the cheap walmart kind, i want a real one!
    Okay, sorry..i love coffee! 😉

  2. I looooove starbucks!  Haven’t been there in forever and theres one right by my work too.  The boyfriend makes a joke about how i’ll go and pay $4 for a cup of coffee but he just doesn’t understand!  I know how you felt having to run past it when you looked forward to it the most… *sigh* i think im off for some starbucks now…

  3. Hi I found your site through Chicarubia.  Congrats on the pregnancy!!  I am beginning to crochet too.  I have made a couple of blankets but it takes me forever lol

  4. That’s so funny…make sure your hubby has a cup of venti White Chocolate Mocha iced coffee ready for you right after you have your baby :). 
    And, ryc: just want you to know again that I could not be happier for you!!  You do not add to my pain…I am overjoyed that you get to move on from this burden of infertility that I would wish on no one!  I was just hoping I would get to move on as well…but I’m feeling more patient again today :).

  5. the cravings will go away right now its the caffinee they got you hooked they wanna keep you. i gave up caffiene in 2005 haven’t had a drop since, it was tough but now i’m afraid to drink it

  6. That is so funny! Maybe you can still do their hot chocolate… it is so amazing! Is that off limits too? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  7. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh SO hard!!! I’m feeling your pain!! I LOOOOOOVE Starbucks to the max & now that I’m pregnant I’m cutting out ALL COFFEE!!! It’s going to be insane, but a child is worth it 🙂 So, if you ever need to vent about needing some ‘Bucks, just come on over to my site & vent away because I feel you sister!! 🙂

  8. You crack me up! I can send you a bunch of the Starbucks coffee drinks from the supermarket after the wee one comes. I was going to tell you, I did some research and there is an English speaking La Leche League in Bitburg. You know how fanatical I am about breastfeeding and I want you to have all the support you could ever need in the first few weeks. And since I can’t be there to help you, I’m going to do my best to hook you up with the best support possible. And Germany is really breastfeeding friendly (like most of Europe) so that’s good. But I just wanted to let you know! (And you can start going to LLL when you’re pregnant, in fact, it’s encouraged!) Oh, and you can take at least one baby blanket off your list, because I’m going to be sending one to you, as soon as I know what colors to make it in! (So, send an e-mail or comment and let me know what your nursery colors are). -Michelle

  9. You will probably kill me now but DH and I had our first trip to starbucks on vacation last week and I threw mine OUT it was NASTY TO ME! $4 in the can. I really didnt know what to order… I don’t even know what I ordered… carmel something…GROSS! Looking back did you have any pregnancy symptoms before you knew?

  10. starbucks thanks you. as a barista at Starbucks i’m glad to hear that you were able to enjoy our lovely beverages while in the US. hope that your time home was grand. and i’m so exicted for you guys as this babe continues to grow within you!
    love you Courtney.

  11. Oh honey I feel your pain!  My habit is Venti Caramel Frappichino w/ 3 toffee nut syrup shots. . . .talk about calories!  But I love em, and at $4.55 a pop, very spendy too!  I’m trying to get over this addiction!  I just can’t afford the calories nor the money!  Glad I could give you the giggles with my “men” post!~K.K.

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