I’m Pregnant!

Guten Tag!

Some of you already know but for those of you that don’t…  After 6 years and 5 months of hoping and praying for a baby…


We are so happy and so excited!

My due date is February 8th of 2008!

It’s been a long road, fraught with moments of pain, panic, anger, and sorrow but in the end God is ever faithful!

I woke up early this morning and tested again and it came up with the word ‘Pregnant’ in under 30 seconds… (I know because I stood there and counted!)  It’s true, it’s really happening!


I am still waiting on my Dr to call or write me but he does jump from clinic to clinic so one way or the other I’m getting in to do all the work up today or tomorrow!  For those of you who don’t know…  The clinic (and if I haven’t said it before that means not only the fertility docs but the OBGYN’s as well) will close it’s doors for the last time on July 1st.  From there on out I will be seeing a German doctor for all my needs.  We live very close to one of the top rated hospitals in the United States Air Force in Europe network though so I’m not worried.  The benefits of this closure is that my Dr. is willing to do everything to get me ready and since they are closing doors they get to just use up the resources!  So the last time we talked he said that means all the bloodwork, early ultrasound you name it this next four weeks will hold it!  I’ll keep everyone updated!


A couple of you asked me how I told my husband…  Well I wish I had a really cute story for you… but I don’t.

Ryan has been my pillar throughout the last 7 years. 

He cleaned the house when I was so sick from blinding migraines (form the pseudo tumor) that I couldn’t move let alone work or clean house… 

When a neurologist put me on a medication for a year that isn’t supposed to be taken for more than two weeks, and it burned holes in my brain so that there are things I can’t remember and sometimes I can’t find words… He never made me feel like I was stupid… 

He held my hand as we learned that we were miscarrying both of our babies…  And cried right along with me.  (He’ll probably be mad I told you that.)

He learned everything about TTC and many of his colleagues came to him for advice when they were having troubles… 

He made sure I took my meds when I was diagnosed with PCOS and put up with all the horrible things it did to my body. 

When the Dr put me on Clomid or Provera and I became a bear to live with… He smiled at me and rubbed my hair and took it on the chin. 

When I gained over 150 pounds in under two years he went out and hocked jewelry so I could afford new (mostly only new to me, thank the Lord for second hand stores.) clothes and he always told me I was pretty.  He never made me feel like less of a person, or too much of one… 

And when I had to have gastric bypass surgery he flew home from Qatar early (thank you Red Cross) just so he could hold my hand and help me walk… and change my bandages and empty my drainage bag…  (Gross I know)  And even now two years later and 150 pounds lighter he swears I am no more beautiful to him than I was two years ago. 

God has blessed me with an amazing man, one who made this last 7 years of heartache and pain worth living… he gives me a reason to laugh.

And so I could not take a test without him here and I could not make him wait.  He stood beside me and held my hand and breathlessly asked…  “Oh God, Courtney, is that another line?”

My cup runneth over today… in so many ways!




25 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant!

  1. I said it before and i’m sooo saying it again (can’t stop saying it haha)… Congrats momma!  I’m so very exicted for you both.  And you definately need to share every second of this with all of us!

  2. I’m SO happy for you and your husband!  I think that was the perfect way to tell him, for the man that has been there at your side through it all, to have him there with you when you tested.  God is SO good! 

  3. OKay lady I am not an emotional person and I don’t cry easy but this post just made me cry. Dang it woman and I’m out of Kleenex. and Scotts toilet paper hurts the nose. LOL I am so happy for both of you. Congrats mama and daddy. I wish I could give you a big hug in person.

  4.     This just brought me to tears! You both deserve this…..to be happy together and have a healthy lit’ one on the way!
    Eecckkk! I’m so excited for ya’ll!!!
    Big (((Hugs))) and Congrats again!!! 😉

  5. I am so happy, Courtney! I am breathless. God is so wonderful. He often waits until our heart can take no more. I don’t know why…but then He steps in and fills us with such joy that every bit of the pain that came before is worth it. You’re not going to “be a mom”…you’ve been a mom all along…just waiting for your baby.

  6. Oh! More picture secrets: Roger recently became a “Mac person”. He really despised the idea of switching to an Apple because he thinks that only hippies use them. However, he bought a MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, and it has the easiest and most professional photo editing software. I love it! Picasa does pretty much the same thing, but the Apple seems to make a clean, crisp photo print. Plus, the movies come out much more professional looking. I am enjoying it so much that I want to get rid of all the other computers and only use Macs from now on.
    Just thought I would let you know. If you ever get a chance, try out a Mac. 🙂

  7. oh Courtney, I am just in tears reading this…I’m so very happy for you! I know you are probably a little scared and I’ll be praying for you!

    YOUR GONNA BE A MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Ive been telling D since I saw your chat that you “did it” you had to be PREGNANT!!

  9. Crying again———–I tested with Chuck there too——-and would take that any day over some cool story to tell!   It was just as cool, if not cooler—because like you, Chuck walks with me through everything else, so why not a HPT test.
    Love you!

  10. i’m sooo excited for you and Ryan hon! what an awesome surprise for the two of you. what an amazing blessing as well. sounds like you have been through so much together. what an amazing blessing to have such a wonderful man and a new babe on the way. Be Blessed today in your job Courtney.

  11. wait a minute…i just saw your picture up top. did you get married in red or was that at the wedding you were in. i sooo want to get married in red. in that very color you are wearing. how awesome! just commented cuase i’m soooo excited about that dress.

  12. Wow! Congratulations! God is so good. I just wanted to pray a blessing over this pregnancy, that our Father would put His hand of protection over your body and this little life that is growing inside you. That you would have a wonderful pregnancy, labor, and delivery and that this child would be a testimony to the awesome power of God. Amen. Congratulations, again!

  13. Congatulations again my beautiful niece. I talked to your mom yesterday and she said you may be coming home again after the baby is born? For a little while maybe? I am so excited I just can’t wait to hold them, yeah, I ‘m hoping for twins too, in my arms. Love you!!!!!!!

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