Die Sommerszeit (Summertime)

 Guten Tag!

It is a lovely sunny summer day here in The Land of Fairy Tales!  It’s bright and sunny and 73 degrees!  I have all of my doors and windows thrown open to the cool breezes and the dogs are basking in the sun on the patio…  It’s been this way all weekend and we took full advantage of it!

We took a hike down the creek like we did in the fall and it was so beautiful… The water was low but the trees were so very green!  Quite different from the last time we went when it was cold and rainy…


It was so warm I didn’t even need a  jacket!  (Which is a big deal for a Phoenix girl in Europe!)


 I didn’t even know there was green like this!  It is so beautiful here in the summer months… You can almost forget the mosquitos and ticks… Almost…


 This is one of the places I stood last fall in my red cloak…  You almost can’t even tell it’s the same place!


 These are the little bridges and staircases that lead down to the small outdoor chapel we found in the fall…


 Can you tell I’m just blown away by all this green?


 Up on the cliff overlooking the river bottom…


 Possing for the camera… or falling down the path… Why do you think I have such a grip on my husband?


And then we were off!  We hoped on the bike and just rode around the countryside… through farm country and little villages, over the river and through the woods… Oops sorry!  I had the idea to wear the camera around my neck and take pictures from the bike… I’m always telling my family that the most beautiful things in Germany you only see from a car!  And since the roads are so narrow (in most cases they are tank roads from the war) there is nowhere to pull off and take pictures of the magnificent vistas!  Though these pictures don’t really do it justice at least you can see a little more of what we see every day!

See the patchwork crops?  There’s alfalfa, wheat, and Conola in this picture alone!  (Sadly we didn’t get any great pictures of the Conola fields… It’s a short growing crop and by the time we got out and about after the rain most of the blooms are gone…


This is from a side road to the B-50, which is our daily drive…  You can see Bitburg off in the distance to the left… The farms off in the distance directly ahead and part of the B-50 in the foreground. 


Our lovely Bertha sitting on a hill overlooking Gondorf.


Another vista on the road to Bitburg…


Ryan with Bertha… overlooking Huttingen I believe…


Grasses blowing in the gentle summer breezes…


Me and the other woman…


The fields are simply bursting with all varieties of wild flowers…


Ryan and Bertha again… 


Poppies and wheat and roads that lead nowhere….


One of the fabulous places that’s now on our list of where to have a picnic!


You know, the deal is, when we get back to the states I’m getting my motorcycle license and then Bertha will be my bike and Ryan gets a new one…  Do we suit each other? 

Of course as I pointed out to Ryan when we were looking back through these pictures… It would look much more realistic if I had put up the kickstand and stood up!  To which he replied,

“Well yeah but I don’t want you to drop it until it’s yours!” 

Which makes me wonder why he wants me to learn to ride if he thinks I can’t hold little old Bertha up… Oh no wait I know the answer to that!  He’s a guy and he just wants a bigger, better, and more expensive toy.  I’ll show him!  (Insert a sarcastic smirk here)  One of these days…


Riding down into the little hamlet of Gondorf…


The wheat fields overlooking Bitburg…


Gondorf and the road into Huttingen…


Another farming community…


Waiting to be on the road again… to explore all the unexplored nooks and crannies of south western Europe in the summer!


Winding country roads…


This is the vista overlooking our favorite place to be (and the town of which we hope to be residents in the near future) Philippsheim!


Isn’t it a beautiful little place?


This is one of the oldest buildings there…


This is the road out of Philippsheim on the way to Speicher…


A town home in Speicher…


Speicher’s main street…


A back road to another small hamlet…


Huttingen Kyle


It has such narrow streets…


And some of the most beautiful country…


And in our looping around we found a small wild field of Canola flowers…  So just imagine acres and acres of these in full bloom covering the countryside and you have a glimpse at what the last few weeks have been like… I just wish I could share the amazing scent with you!


This is the Huttingen train station or Bahnhoff…


So there you have it… Our weekend of exploring just a small bit of the Eifel… We have high hopes that there will be many more days such as these to come!


Until we meet again,

Auf Weidersehen!





23 thoughts on “Die Sommerszeit (Summertime)

  1. Breathtaking, Courtney. What a wonderful weekend it looks like you had! I would be entranced if I were there…absolutely taken with everything. Just looking at the pictures I can almost imagine men and women like Peter and Pearl during the war–all the stories they would have to tell. It is simply amazing…
    And I love that color of green. That’s the way everything is here in Indiana. It is one of my favorite times of year–when everything begins to come alive. I love being out in the middle of it getting my fingers in the dirt and watching the birds boldly come near to capture the worms in the upturned earth.

  2. Oh the dresses! I love them too! Actually, at Conner Prairie, you can train to be an “actor” or “actress” and dress up to live in the prairie. When Lucy gets a little older, I want us both to work there together. I imagine Lucy would love it as I do. I am so excited…it is an awesome place. Roger bought me a membership so that Lucy and I can go all summer long anytime that we want. If you ever come to Indiana, I will take you there. Oh…and my Cragfont! I can almost imagine we lived back then in our big hoop dresses. I imagine it at Cragfont where we can have tea in the parlor with the boys outside romping around chasing the wild turkeys. Of course, I have a hunch we’d abandon the tea and chase the turkeys as well. LOL! Don’t you just love history?! There is just something about it that energizes me…captivates me. Sometimes, I wish that I could just have a glimpse of how things were back then. I wish I could know how each generation lived, loved, and suffered just to make it…
    I’ve written too much.

  3. I forgot to tell you about the editing software. It is Picasa2. You google it and download it for free. It is so simple and works wonderfully. But also, Roger bought me a great camera for Christmas–which also helps.
    Hope you enjoy Picasa!

  4. Great pics! I miss the green so much! Such a vibrant color. I’ll always remember Germany from the train… such beautiful countrysides and villages!

  5. Love the pics. You definatly are a good photographer! Those pics made me miss Germany….like you said it really is a gorgeous country. I’d go back again someday I liked it that much. What an adventure to live there!!! Happy for you both!

  6. MiLady,
    Wow, such gorgeous scenery!  Aren’t you gald you get to see all of this!  How different it is than Arz!  Beautiful pics (even if you have to click on them to see the full pic!)
    RYC on KK’s site. . .You and me both!  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to just shut the door right in his face!  Unfortunately, this is the way it has always been. . . if I didn’t let him in, I’d probably never see him. . .he lives in Arz and only comes down here to fly his model planes!~Kween

  7. Absolutely Wonderful Pictures Courtney!!!!! They are wonderful. All the greenness reminds me of home. All we have here is sand :(I love the last picture of you both!.Heather

  8. What beautiful pictures!  Looks like you guys had a lovely weekend.  I can imagine how all that lush green is quite something when you’re from Az! 
    ryc: Thank you so much for your comments.  I appreciate you and my other xanga friends immensely.  It is true… no one really understands what it is like to live so far from everything you know.  I have to say, it is nice that there is someone out there who understands.  My husband is a tremendous support… but it is nice to have someone else as well.
    Thank you for your prayers.  I know we will get through this time… it is just difficult.  We’ve come through difficult times before and God has given us strength… so I know He will this time as well.   I also worry about my hubby… me not here to take care of him; make sure he eats well, gets enough sleep etc… He tends to work long hours when I’m not here.  Thank you for all your understanding!

  9. These are awesome pics!!! I took German in highschool & college and have never been there. I almost feel like I’ve been there by just looking at all of these! 🙂 it’s gorgeous!! IRYC: I am so sorry for your losses!! I didn’t know you had losses as well. Thank you for your comment, I know that someday we will hold our babies in our arms. BTW, how many DPO are you?? I think I just O’d a few days ago (still waiting to confirm) but I just have a good feeling about this cycle. Let’s hope this is it for both of us! 🙂

  10. I can’t read your protected site and that’s ok but I have a feeling that I got your BIG news from another site. I am praying for you guys and hope that everything goes beautifully. Love ya!

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