Summer Garden, The Great Lake, and Moulage…

Guten Tag!

It’s another lovely day here in The Land of Fairy Tales… breezy and sunny and just a wee bit chilly….

Over the last few days I have, once again, put in my little flower box garden and readied my patio for spring and summer use… I’m actually quite pleased with how it’s turned out!

All of these flowers are a local craft here in Germany…  Everyone used them in their gardens and their home…  Though they are not exactly the taste I have come to develop over the years… I find them cheery and quite charming…


My windowsill box filled with conifers…


My balcony boxes filled with petunias, creeping geraniums, (which I never knew existed!) Dahlias, snapdragons, shell vines, and so many more…


And of course some little pinwheels shaped like flowers!


And my very own bee!  🙂  Hovering over my vine… 


Soon we’ll be off on high, grand, adventures once more.  We have just recently taken our motorcycle out of storage, castle season is upon us, and life could not be more pleasant!  How strange it is to be an Arizona kid that simply adores the summer!

Just to keep you updated… OUR LEAK IS FIXED!!!  It seems, after much discussion, and after a very close shave with a German and his favorite sledge hammer… they decided to check our pipes instead of ripping out the walls…  And the consensus was that we had a slow leak behind our kitchen sink that had been there for, perhaps, years.   They fixed it in a short hour, avoided ripping out walls and floors and in the bargain I got a brand new faucet!  (Which of course was my least favorite thing about our kitchen since it was over 30 years old and very low which made washing pots and pans a pain!)  So that, as they say, is that!

And in still other news…  Ryan is participating in the exercise this week.   He has been tasked to play moulage on the night shift.  Which means from 5pm to 5am my husband will be made up as a dead guy…  How… interesting.   They are going to put makeup on him and everything and he’ll lay out in a field… playing dead… for a 12 hour shift… for the whole week. 

And I don’t even get to see pictures…

Oh but no worries he won’t be bored!  He may get pulled to play a terrorist so they can beat him up or even a victim of chemical warfare… in which case they will strip him down to his underwear and teach these guys how to hose him off…  LOVELY…  So here’s to hoping that he comes out of this week unscathed!  And preferably not with pneumonia!

And with that I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!

Auf Wiedersehen!



6 thoughts on “Summer Garden, The Great Lake, and Moulage…

  1. i know nothing about flowers!  nothing!  but yours are beautiful.good luck to ryan.  thats really a very long shift.  yikes!

  2. Beautiful flowers! (You got a little green thumb there-I usually kill my flowers but I can bring them back to life so I guess I got a small green thumb myself. lol!) Living over there is Germany-have you learned the language pretty good or just “phrases”? Just curious. Also what does “Auf Wiedersehen” mean in German….”Good ?” Just curious. Have a great day girl!

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