A European Day Dream…

Guten Tag my friends!

There are some things about living here in Germany that are just so entirely European…  Things you see in movies and you think, if only for a fleeting moment, how amazing it would be to have those things as a part of your daily life…

Here in Germany they do not have bags at the grocery store… Whether you purchase a loaf of bread or a cartful of produce you are responsible for the mode in which it is transported from the store to your home…  And so you do not leave your home without a long handled basket or a tote… 

My method of choice is a large green and blue striped wicker tote that I purchased in a small boutique in Wittlich…  Though this can seem inconvenient it’s not as hard as it sounds…  We don’t have super groceries here… There really are such things as the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker despite what Walmart would have you believe!

Today I went to the market to buy a few things for dinner.  As I strolled through the grass and past the old weeping willow on my way from the auxiliary parking lot, with my hair blowing about me in the warm spring breeze it hit me.  I was her!  I was that woman in the movies that moves to Europe to find adventure… the one they always show doing mundane daily things to prove that she has found her niche in this world…

Here I was walking along through the European countryside with a large tote of groceries.  What a picture I must make with a loaf of fresh german bread, the tops of some fresh carrots and a bottle of olive oil sticking out of it!  How exquisitely surreal!

It sometimes amazes me how life can surprise you in it’s simplicity!

So… as this charming and thorough sophisticated European woman (wink*wink nudge*nudge) briskly and elegantly walked up the stairs to my abode… I noticed something rather odd…  The wall of the stairwell directly below my apartment was a bit damp… and at the bottom of the wall was a large and strangely shaped bubble in the wall… Thinking of course that I had simply overlooked it, since I don’t spend and inordinate amount of time in the stairwell, I reached out the toe of my dainty sandal and poked the bubble.

It exploded all over my foot!

I ran up to my apartment and phoned Ryan, explained it to him and asked him to call the Housing office… he did and they said…

“Well as long as it’s not running water it’s not an emergency, we’ll send out a plumber as soon as we can.”

Satisfied with that answer I went about putting away my lovely fresh foods and preparing to make dinner.  When suddenly the doorbell rang!  I went to get it and lo and behold there stood my downstairs neighbor! 


Said he, with a little embarrassed shuffle…

“Did you happen to notice if you have a puddle on your living room floor?”

“What?!”  I cried  “No of course not… why?”

“Well…”  he continued  “Our ceiling is wet and just a moment ago it started dripping onto my living room floor.”

“Oh my goodness” said I “I just noticed this in the stairwell…”  (and I proceeded to show him) “I’ve already called housing once and they said they would come out but I’ll call housing back right away and let them know that the situation has changed!”

He smiled and thanked me and said that he would call too and hopefully make them see that this was a big deal and then he went back into his home to control the damage….  We are still awaiting an answer from Housing.

Do you think this constitutes an emergency now?

Ah and so it would seem that no matter how fanciful my thoughts might be, in the end life is simply life, to be lived no matter where you call home…  But it sure was a nice afternoon!

Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S.I have switched over to the Xanga themes and I must say I do enjoy some of the features!  However I’m not entirely sure it’s working… Do you see it?



7 thoughts on “A European Day Dream…

  1. Your theme looks fine to me!
    I liked hearing about a “typical” shopping experience in Germany!  That was cool! Do you know German? It seems it would be awefully hard to shop without knowing it.
    And then the water thing—well, America, Germany—some things are always the same eh?

  2. At least the exquisite simplicity lasted for a while :).  How beautiful. 
    And…you’re now added from this site to my protected posts as well, so we’re good to go :).

  3. HEY! sorry i haven’t commented or ANYTHING in like forever! whenever i get on xanga i’m just like “ah i dont wanna read” lol. anyway i read this! i sooo want to live over there! i think i say that everytime i comment! anyway, good luck with the leak at your complex!

  4. I see your theme, and I must say, it’s kind of nice!  I’m still debating as to whether or not I want to attempt one. . . .
    I loved your afternoon!  And you shared it so wonderfully!
    We watched The Brother’s Grimm earlier today and I kept thinking about you being there in Germany. . .it is the land of fairy tales!~K.K.

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