Weddings end…

Well it’s been a whole week since the wedding and my baby sister and her new husband are enjoying sun and sand in Hawaii… 

Things have been so busy this last week visiting with family and friends and feeling as if no time has passed at all…  I confess time is simply slipping away from Ryan and me, and the time when we will again board a plane and wing our way to Germany fast approaches… 

Until then we are soaking up all the moments and all the laughter…  I’ll be back soon with pictures and stories and memories for we have made many new ones! 

And with that, I’ll leave you with this…




The perfect picture to illustrate our personalities!

Auf Wiedersehen!



6 thoughts on “Weddings end…

  1. oh gosh, I’m not too bright…at first I thought that was a pic of your sister and her new hubby…my first thought was “Hey, they look JUST LIKE Courtney and HER hubby!!” Lol!

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