How Great is He?


Today I find myself simply in awe of my God… 

I was reading one of my devotional books and I came across this line…

“God’s people could not invoke His name without remembering what it was like to walk through the parted waters of the Red Sea, to gather manna in the wilderness, to receive the commandments on Sinai.”

And I realize that so many days I walk through life thinking of God and saying my prayers, reading books and studying my Bible but not remembering the miracles that He has performed in my life. 

So today I make it my goal to not be able to invoke His name without remembering all He has done for me, all that He is to me…

I make it my goal to not be so focused on the prayers that go unanswered, but to instead focus on the prayers that are.

I make it my goal to remember Him as I so often ask Him to remember me…

Join me?



7 thoughts on “How Great is He?

  1. Absolutely!! Beautiful post! I am always finding myself during the day, thanking God for the smallest things. Without him we have nothing. Without him I am nothing. We owe him all the praise and glory! I pray throughout the day…whether it be to bless someone, or watch over them or just thanking him for something. Isn’t it wonderful that no matter where we are, he is there for us to talk to!?

  2. I was just thinking about that very thing the other day. I have a loved one that is battling with God not answering prayer, and I kept thinking about all the victory she has seen and I realized that God doesn’t want us to dwell on the 1 unanswered prayer, but on the many miracles, both big and small that He has already brought to pass. Good thoughts, Courtney.

  3. Yes, I will join you. Thank you for that inspiration. You’re right-all too often I just go about my day without dwelling on the God of the universe. Every time I look at Parker I should thank God over and over again for this little gift that we waited so long for. Okay, thinking about that and listening to this song is making we want to cry…I have to go! 🙂

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