Ein Schön Tag!

Guten Tag!

It is another beautiful day here in The Land of Fairy Tales.  Ryan and I took the boys out to play in the meadow again and we got some pictures for you!

Please excuse the weird focus of my camera… I don’t know what happened but I still like the way the pictures turned out… It just looks like I was focused on the grass instead of the flowers!  LOL


 This is just so typical of my boys… Yoda running full tilt and Gandalf looping along with a grin on his face!


 There are little blooms on every thing!


 Somebody is a shameless beggar when it comes to the pettings!


 A shot of the meadow.


 Ryan with the boys… Yoda has just discovered a group of kids playing in the park!


 These little white flowers dot the meadow grass.


 Here is Gandalf posing pretty with his bushes.  When the birds came back earlier this month he discovered that they like to flit around in these bushes.  Every walk he stands at them for about five minutes hoping for one to let him catch it.  It’s actually really fun to stand behind him and throw rocks and pine cones into them and watch him jump and bound around.


 Such beautiful scenery…


Yoda galavanting through the grass…


More flowers and my meadow with Bitburg in the background…


Me and my boys…


Our weeping willow tree with the flowering bushes in the building yard.


Ryan in front of our weeping willow.


The moss growing on a very old tree in our building yard…


Me in front of the willow…


I love that beautiful spring green color…


It’s a beautiful time to be alive and to be blessed with the opportunity to live and explore in the Eifel…

So from us to you…

Ein Schön Tag!  (A beautiful day!)


Auf Wiedersehen!




8 thoughts on “Ein Schön Tag!

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