Guten Tag From the Land of Fairy Tales!

I think spring has finally sprung…. the little meadow behind our building that only days ago was covered in snow is now green with grass dotted by little white daises and the willow trees are spring green with new leaves.  Maybe I’ll get some pictures when I walk the dogs later!  The high today was a beautiful 56 degrees… I find it funny how quickly one’s body adapts to weather changes… 59 degrees is the middle of winter back home in Phoenix, AZ while here it’s the warmth of a spring day!  We’re simply going to melt when we go home for the wedding!  They have been having record breaking heat and have already topped out at 99 degrees in the middle of March!!!

Speaking of the wedding, we leave in 11 short days!  I have already begun to make lists and start pulling out things we need.  I’m really excited to go home and see everyone again!  And I’m so excited for Ryan to get to see everyone for the first time since we moved here.

I have had so much energy the last few days!  I’ve been cleaning and cooking and rearranging… spring cleaning I guess.  I suppose the light has something to do with it.  Just a month and a half ago when Emily was visiting it wasn’t getting light until nearly 9am and it was full dark by 5pm… the whole day was cloudy and the light was just grey.  Now a short time later it’s getting light at about 6:30am and it’s not fully dark until almost 8pm!  It just amazes me how quickly that change happened!  The skies are blue and it’s a blue like I have never seen almost a deep periwinkle!  So beautiful and the light is golden and warm… simply exquisite after the long dark of winter. 

I think for the first time in my life, I can’t wait for the summer!!!

Well I better get back to dinner (I’m making a layered baked ziti lasagna with garlic bread and fresh green beans!)

Auf Wiedersehen!



7 thoughts on “~Spring~Spring~Spring~

  1. Hi…thanks. I feel like all I report is bad stuff. I guess if bad stuff would stop happening ever five minutes, I’d stop writing it! Heh…I’m trying to keep my chin up and not be bitter. I don’t “hate” Seven Brides…it actually was one of the best shows of my life. I just…I don’t know. We actually added in “Spring Spring Spring”…it isn’t in the show. The stage show is kinda messed up, my opinion. Milly is an alto instead of a soprano. We fixed that, too!Thanks for the prayers and support.

  2. i sure wish you lived closer to me because i would pay you to teach me how to cook.  lol  for a minute i thought you were explaining a MI winter.  darkness, cloudy and grey sounds so familiar!  i am excited for you all to get home.  we have had record heat here also but nowhere near 99! 

  3. Sounds fun! I love Spring! Our weeping willow tree is sprouting new branches, as well, and it’s just so beautiful. I hope you take pictures, I love seeing all your pictures of Germany. YAY for you and Ryan getting to go home soon for the wedding. How long will you be back in AZ? I hope you don’t melt! When your tour in Germany is over you won’t know what to do with yourself in all that heat again! Hope your meal turns out great…it sounds yummy!
    And in response to your last post….YAY!!! So excited for them and for you! ya!

  4. I think our bodies must adjust easily to a new climate.  When we first moved to FL, I was the same way (in reverse) about being “freezing from 60 degrees” when I had just come from NJ where we had COLD weather in the winter.  Haha!  Such fun times!  You’ll have a blast at the wedding! Hope you don’t melt.  We’d misss you around here if you melted! 
    P.S.  Send me some of that lasagna… sounds yummy! 

  5. I’m the same way when the weather is nice and sunny I have tons of evergy but when it’s cloudy I feel like sleeping. Dinner sounds good. I have to learn to cook different. Got the results back and yes I do have diabities. Time to get serious on the weight loss and taking better care of myself. Hugs, have a great night.

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