A German Snow Glove…

Guten Tag!

Today was another beautiful snowy day!  We woke up to a small dusting and by noon it was going in earnest!  So we got a few more pictures and then walked the dogs in it and played!

This is what it looked like when we woke up this morning.


 And then at noon it really started to fly! 


 Look at those big, fat, fluffy flakes!!


 So we went for a walk… me of course in my cloak!


 It’s funny how one’s body can so easily adjust to 30 degrees… I wasn’t cold at all! 


 Ryan sticking out like a sore thumb!  The one climate he can’t hide in! 


 Have I said before how much I love my cloak?  The way it swirls in the wind and puddles gracefully in the snow… sigh… sorry… girly thoughts!


 So pretty and clean… I hope our Christmas is like this next year! 


 Standing at the spot where I feel and got grass stains only a few days ago!  See how close to the road it is?


 About halfway through the walk we discovered that the boys would jump to catch snow… it was so cute that we just had to share!

 As cute as this picture is not… being that poor Yoda is frozen and wet I just had to show you the little snowballs that form in the hair on his feet!  His whole body is covered in them when we’re outside!


Well that’s it for me today!   I’m off to clean and craft and snuggle up!

Ryan just called to ask me something about our bank account and right before we hung up he said, “Honey I have a question.  If you were an anorexic european would you be from hungry?”

What a goofball!

Auf Wiedersehen!



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