Mangiare at Dino’s!

Guten Morgan!

Last night our friends, Dirk and Nichole, took us to Dino’s at last.  Almost since we first arrived here in The Land of Fairy Tales they have been attempting to take us there and one thing or another has always stopped us…  Once the restaurant burned down, the second time it wasn’t open and we later found out it was because Dino’s wife had left him and taken half his staff, and the third time he had to leave the country for a family emergency. 

But at last we got ready… 


We put on our smiles…


And to Dino’s we went!

Dino is an Italian immigrant who has opened a real Italian pizzeria in the heart of Trier.


He tosses his dough by hand, makes his own sauce, and bakes it in a brick oven in full view right in the center of the restaurant and it is like nothing you have ever experienced!


This is the lovely Nichole!  If any of you come to visit we’ll be sure to take you to her restaurant so you can try her fabulous German cuisine!


 Me getting ready to eat my Pizza Funghi (mozzarella and fresh mushrooms)


 This is Dirk.  He and Nichole are engaged and have been together for over 15 years…  They are in their late 30’s and own the hotel that we stayed at when we first arrived here.  The Landhaus Biehl. 


 Ryan getting really excited to eat his Pizza Italia (mozzarella cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil.)


 Here is a short video of Dino tossing the dough for an appetizer pizza!

 An Italian appetizer…


 Another video of Dino making pizza…

These are two of the people that came with us.  A Captain and a Major, both pilots with the Air Force…  They wanted to show off the size of their large pizzas…  These are already over half gone!!!


 Dino putting the finishing touches on our pizzas.

The final spread!  The dish in front of Dirk is the Tris de Pasta… a dish with three marvelous types of pasta… for only 12.50 euro!  All the other dishes cost between 7 euro and 9.50 euro.  Wonderful prices for the portions.


 Dirk and Nichole.


 The heart of Dino’s established (again) in 2006.


 Us as full as can be!  But that was not to be the end… just moments later we were served real italian Tiramisu… there are no words.

All in all we had a lovely time at Dino’s and can’t wait to share the experience!  So come on over and mangiare!


Auf Wiedersehen!





10 thoughts on “Mangiare at Dino’s!

  1. Well…of course *I* had to come and see pictures of the pizza. You mention food to a pregnant woman and she’s all over it. It looks amazing and I swear I’m salivating over all of it!
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your time in Germany…but, I’m super glad you’re back and posting regularly. I missed “seeing” you! :O)

  2. Wow…that looks like lots of fun!
    I always felt weird about having “foreign” food in a foreign country…you know?  But I guess you are used to it by now.  Was it better than Dominos?

  3. That looks amazing!!  I wish I could come visit you guys and go to that restaurant.
    Ps. Are you taking your dogs with you when you come back to the states for the wedding or will someone watch them for you?

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