Guten Morgan!

Nothing much to report… nothing new going on…

We only have 17 days until we go home for my little sisters wedding so we’re just starting to get ready for that… making lists… deciding what we need to buy when we get there and what we need to take when we go…

Today I’m not feeling the greatest so I may just sit and cross stitch or read a book…

Auf Wiedersehen!



7 thoughts on “

  1. Wow I noticed it was a short time but 17 days seems like its tomorrow.  I know not for you with the packing and traveling.  Hmm cross stitching… I may just have to send you a blanket I wanted done but my grandma couldn’t do because she did the other grandkids before mine and then her eyesite got bad.  I know a little (very little) and have been trying to pawn it off on my sister haha.  Thanks for the comment… things are slightly better for now I think.  We’ll see when 7pm rolls around and I don’t get to be with  him for awhile… and by the time he’s home I should be in bed for the night (work at 6:30 so I have to leave his place by 5am). 

  2. Hey there. Hope you get to feeling better today. Cross Stitching sounds like a great idea if you are not feeling great. I like to scrapbook or plastic canvas but I sure don’t get much time to do it. That 17 days will FLY by before you head home for the states. Have a good day. Hugs.

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