Out like a lion?

Guten Tag!

Just as spring seems to have sprung and the birds are once again singing in the trees we have been hit by a surprise winter storm!!  But you know what they say… “In like a lion out like a lamb and In like a lamb out like a lion!”

This morning as the alarm clock was ringing Ryan and I sat up and looked out the window and saw this amazing sight!


We moved here expecting a white Christmas, feet of snow, ice, scraping our windshields and were told that the winters here can be harsh!  Only to be here for the warmest recorded winter in their history!  So this ends up being our first real snow (we received two dustings over the five long months of winter but nothing that really stuck!)


Not that this is a big deal or a lot of snow in any way but keep in mind we’re from Phoenix, AZ!


It’s already starting to melt…


And the skies are beginning to clear…


But it sure is pretty!


… I just looked out the window and it’s snowing yet again!  Big, fat, pretty, fluffy flakes!!!

What a day to snuggle in and read a book.

Auf Wiedersehen!




12 thoughts on “Out like a lion?

  1. So pretty! I just got caught up on a few of your past posts, and the one about the laptop intrigued me! My laptop did the EXACT same thing! A good techie friend had this brand-new little device that you plug directly into the hard-drive (after taking it out of the laptop), and then it hooks up like a USB drive so you can transfer your stuff to another computer! I’ve no idea what it’s called, and not a lot of people seem to know about it (the night we fixed mine, the good tech at my office had never heard of it, and had lost a laptop hard-drive just the week before!). After you get the data off, you can then do a hard restart (or something), and it’s like your computer is new again! Oh yes, you might want to know this. I don’t think mine had a blue screen of death, it just went into that start-up loop one time when I turned it on, but we did figure out that my problem had been caused by a virus!! Scary! Just leave me a comment if you want me to get more info on that little gadget!Sorry for the novel on your comments! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Ummm…yeah…you need to come to Indiana for real snow. Last month on Valentines, we had a blizzard. It was wonderful. People couldn’t go to work.

  3. Hello there!! Guess what? I just put your site on and went and did a bunch of other things and that gave it enough time to pull up your pictures and for me to go back and read a bunch of your posts!! lol  The castles are beautiful!! I think it would be like a fairy tale being there with the awesome stone structures!! It looks like you and Emily had a really great time visiting together…..makes me miss some of my friends!  It has thunderstormed all night here….but you can KEEP the snow. I am SO ready for spring and summer. We did have temps up in the 70’s this past week. This week we may have a high of 60’s but mostly storms are in the forecast. BLAH.  Oh yeah, I LOVE your cuckoo clock. I have always wanted one. My mom has one and I told her that I have dibs on that if anything ever happens to her! lol (yeah…we are morbid like that) lol   Well, it was really great getting to FINALLY catch up with you. Hope you are doing great. Looks like you will be back in the states soon, I bet you and Ryan are both looking forward to that! Love ya!

  4. Yay for finally getting your first snow fall in Germany!!!  Wisconsin had a really mild winter this year too… All of Oct-Dec was somewhat warm… Snow didnt hit til mid January and through now.  So I would say come to WI to see a nice (nasty) winter day… but yea that wouldnt happen im sure. 

  5. OHH you are soo lucky. I, like you, am from a place where is NEVER snows, and if it does its not like reallllll snow its like…icey slush…so Im soooo jealous of you. Ive always wanted a white christmas, or a white ANYTHING.  I dont think it snows in GA either. Boo. Kinda makes me wish Id gone to Alaska when D was stationed there.
    I know Hannah is getting HUGE. It makes me sad, she was my baby, and now she is this little person who talks back with such attitude. 😦 She is two and thinks shes 20.

  6. i love snow so much but when it melts it sure is messy.  lol!  i am glad you are getting hte chance to enjoy it.  how do the dogs like it? 

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