My war with fate…

And so it would seem that fate has intervened and decided that I am not to be able to keep up with all of you as I had promised. 

Fate and I are going to have some issues soon… she keeps turning me into a liar and I don’t like it much.

My precious and beloved laptop bit the dust yesterday… and I do mean BIT IT.  I was sitting there playing around on an avatar site, trying to build a character to look as much like me as I could, (I don’t know why, just bored I guess, I never use them!)  and suddenly my computer shot up a blue screen that said the operating system had encountered fatal errors and was booting down to save my setting…  Apparently it saved them good and tidy because now the darn thing won’t restart at all…  When I turn it on it just gets stuck in a start up loop.  It won’t recover from the recovery disc or boot from the Windows XP restor disc either.  Every time I try to boot from either of those it gives me another blue screen error.  I simply am at a loss as to what to do.

To top all of that off… Both the other computers are having some kind of major issue with the German internet right now.  They will both log on and sign into the Yahoo IM, which is good since that is our only phone, and the one in the family room will still log onto the Slingbox so that we have TV but neither will allow you to actually go onto the internet… except for an occasional allowance from the one in the office which is how I’m talking to you right now.

So all that to say, that unless we figure something out I may not be around for a while…  For all of you whom I owe emails I apologize most sincerely.  I had been hoping to spend today getting caught up and it looks like that may not happen for quite some time.   I truly am sorry for I miss you all most desperately… 

Ah melancholy days…

Until fate allows us to meet once more…

Most sincerely yours,



5 thoughts on “My war with fate…

  1. Hi there. I tried to pull up your posts with the pictures but this crazy dial-up has been ignorant!! I’m sorry you are having computer problems. I missed you while you was gone. You need to get on to Susan for abandoning us too! lol   Hope you won’t be gone real long. Hugs.

  2. Oh I’m so sorry! My old laptop did that too…I had to get a new one.I know that losing your main communication to the world is sooo frustrating. I hope it all is resolved soon.

  3. YIKES! I hope you are able to get it fixed soon! Is there not a place on base that fixes electronics?! I’ve learned not to say specific days/times I will be on the internet because it always dies when I say that! Sorry you learned that the hard way, as well! Good luck!

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