Blue glass baubles…

Years ago when I was a little girl my aunt gave me a pair of earrings for Christmas that she had made herself. They were a pretty and simple pair made up of a single small blue glass bead surrounded by tiny silver pieces. I can remember being amazed that someone could make their own jewelry… I was just in awe…

I used to dress in shades of blue just so that I could wear the earrings out… but more often than not I would just sit and look at them and watch the light play through them… Daydreaming through blue glass…

And then I grew up. The earrings are gone now. Lost in some move no doubt but I can perfectly picture them in my mind…

A few years ago I started making my own jewelry and those little baubles danced back into my head… and the magic went out of them. It was a sad moment.

I was recently given the opportunity to give a hand made bauble to another little girl… and it surprised me to see the look of awe in her face… my mind flashed back to that feeling and I knew in that moment that I had been given a new opportunity to rediscover the magic that those little beads once held.

I think that this is why God puts children in our lives…

Your child coming to you and asking, “Mom why do birds fly?” And you realize you know the answer but you have forgotten the magic of the question. You know the science behind why a bird flies but do you know why a bird flies? Your child pets a bunny for the first time and whispers, “Mom it is so soft.” And for one moment you forget about germs and fur coats and think right along with her, it is so soft.

When you have children do the simple things once again have magic? White puffy clouds, ice cream, a spiders web, a mushroom that wasn’t there the day before, rainbows, rain when the sun is shining, the sandpaper tongue of a kitten, the slobbery tongue of a dog, a giraffes long neck, an elephants trunk, or a simple pair of blue glass earrings.

What a burden what a joy. You become responsible for making sure that child discovers everything about herself and her world, what an amazing chance to rediscover yourself, your world.

We have children because they make us young again… even as we help them grow…





8 thoughts on “Blue glass baubles…

  1. *sigh* So perfectly worded again.  🙂  I wish there was a kid that im more in their life as they grow up.  My nephew’s 9 now, and when he was very little i was too young and immature to want to be around all the time now, and now that I want to be around all the time im too far away and he’s too “grown up” to ‘need’ me.  So for the next baby born around me, im going to be ALL over them!

  2. I love that. So true. That’s one reason I’m so excited about having Parker now. Things are so much more fun, and you’re right-magical…when you have a child.How great that you’re getting to visit your mom and sisters for a while! I’m so happy for you!

  3. I had a little jewelry box when I was young that had a ballerina that spun around and around.  I would wind it up and watch her dance forever, it seemed.  Eventually, the music box broke, and I had to discard it, but I kept the little ballerina in the ‘grown up’ jewelry box that my mother gave me to replace it.  I still have her and will, on occasion, hold her in my hand and try to remember what it was like to be so fascinated by ‘magic’.   
    Children do change a person’s perspective.  But you were right when you said ‘what a burden, what a joy’.  When they’re little, they don’t know fear or worry, so you do it for them… My girls are old enough now to wish they were younger and could play again, ‘make believe’…. I think that’s what we lose when we’re older… The innocence to believe that the world holds endless possibilities, limited only by our imagination. 

  4. Yes, yes yes….it is EXACTLY like that. Only all the more sweeter when made to wait.
     “Things easily attained are easily forgotten. But the desires of the heart, when at long last granted, are sweeter than all the gold in the world.”
    The sweet things can be almost as painful for you as the bittersweet things. But someday you will get the chance to have your heart literally ache with love. Because it does you know…
    I love and miss you so much child of my heart. Can’t wait to see you when you come home, although I understand that most of your time will be spent with Becky. Which is as it should be. She does need you,  you know.
    Come home to us soon.

  5. RYC: I gave them to you? Now why don’t I remember that, hum? Good thing you were made the keeper of that memory. I never knew kiddo. Now I’m feeling all special and such…

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