Enchanted Fog…

Guten Morgan Xangaland!


A whole quiet week has passed here in The Land of Fairy Tales since last we spoke…  A week of ice frosted shrubs, grey shrouded skies, and dense swirling fog… I think that the fog, as strange as it sounds, is one of my favorite things about this enchanted forest… despite the creepy movies that have been made about it…

A few short nights ago Ryan and I stood outside at dusk and watched this deep fog roll up from the ravine a few kilometers from our door…  We watched it engulf the forest, roll over the farms, and then enclose the horse paddock across the street from view…  As we stood shoulder to shoulder in our buildings yard it rolled over us and pried at our coats with icy little fingers…  The temperature dropped sharply and little puffs of our breath added to the mists… 

There is just something magical about stepping out into the silence of a deep fog… Something enchanting about standing in a field nestled deep into my cloak while Ryan and I walk the dogs, watching them run in and out of the mists like grey shadows… the only sound the jingle of their tags as they chase the ghosts that swirl around them…

And the things that most find creepy I find fascinating…  The feeling of being isolated, of being all alone in a world gone grey and misty…  The feeling that time has no hold on me as I look at the old building being torn down across the street… only the bare outlines visible… and feel as if I’m looking at something 60 years in the past…

And even now as dawn breaks once more over the land the fog does not burn off…  It seems that yet another quite and shrouded day awaits me here in The Land of Fairy Tales… 


Auf Wiedersehen!




8 thoughts on “Enchanted Fog…

  1. You write it so beautifully, Courtney…such vivid and haunting expressions. I like it. You have a lot of talent. You could easily write Peter and Pearl’s story. Speaking of, I’m a little stuck on chapter two. However, I am going to just push through and try to write some today. I have a wretched…ummmm…illness, and perhaps writing while sissy sleeps will help kep my mind off of it. Wish me luck!!!

  2. The pictures are beautiful.  You seriously do live in the land of fairy tales.  I’m sure walking in the fog is a weird but nice experience, (the fog here just sucks).  But for some reason being completely surriounding like that does seem a little freaky.  Especially with the crow story a few entries back :p

  3. You don’t have to apalogize for anything to me hun! I know how you are enjoying being in Germany and you really haven’t been there that long yet either, so you two are still getting everything situated. I know you can’t always read or comment and I have been just as bad with you simply because I am here all day taking care of Joshua who cries if I am not holding him when he is awake or feeding him every 2 hours. Life can be busy and I know the reason we keep our journals is to allow ourselves to let things go. And that’s what we are doing. I don’t have much of a support system on here as I used to when Matt wasn’t deployed, but I know you care about me and when you can, you are there for me when I need you. I hope you two are doing well and I will talk to you soon. Joshua just woke up! arggg.

  4. It was so good to hear from you.
    Ive thought about you often over the past few months that Ive been MIA on Xanga. Im glad you are doing well.
    Ive missed our chats. 😦
    Take Care Courtney.  

  5. you make the fog sound wonderful.  i admit it scares me some.  especially having to drive in it through the mountains.  yuck!i hope everything is going well.kelly

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