Morning Mists…

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

They are razing the building across the street… the one that they used to do practice fires in for the fire department at the end of the summer…


Right now they are stripping off the outer coating of the building, stripping off the roof, and taking out all of the window frames, cabinets, toilets and such… (Germany has very strict recycling laws so they have to take it apart piece by piece.)


I’ll make sure to get pictures and maybe even video when they start taking it down!

On a completely different note… There really isn’t anything all that interesting going on in The Land of Fairy Tales of late…


Winter has settled like a blanket over the land, the fields have all been tucked in for the winter and there aren’t any more birds except for your ever present ravens…

Speaking of ravens…

I was coming into the gate the other day and as I handed the gate guard my ID I politely asked him how he was doing… He nervously shifted from one foot to the other, cleared his throat, and said,

“Good, but really freaked out…”

“Why?” I asked, starting to feel a little bit of a prickle myself…

He pointed to the field across the road with his flashlight and quietly whispered…


I glanced across the road to see a perfectly straight line of ravens… just staring at the guard shack… Startled I looked back and him and asked in quiet tones…

“Have they been there all night?”

“Yes since dusk.” He whispered.

To be honest, I felt a little like I was in the middle of a scary movie… And I couldn’t’t blame the poor man for becoming paranoid! So I smiled politely at him, wished him a nice night and high tailed it home… Creepy!!!

So back to the thought I was on… Winter has settled like a blanket over the land, the fields have all been tucked in for the winter and there aren’t any more birds except for your ever present ravens…


All the leaves are gone now and the mists swirl and dance through the bare branches… It’s quiet and beautiful… Like nothing I have ever experienced.

Summer, Autumn, and Winter… I can’t wait to see spring!!!

What an amazing first six months in Germany!


Auf Wiedersehen!


~L  ~ 

Song of the day?  Morning Prayer by Peter Tchaikovsky



11 thoughts on “Morning Mists…

  1. That does sound creepy. I’m not a big fan of winter. Mainly because I like to be outside and I like to have flowers all over. It just looks to blah during winter.

  2. Wow, the raven story is crazy! It reminds me of something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie or something. Is it really cold there also? What are your average temperatures?

  3. Thanks hon! But the code was missing from your comment.   I just got “type this” and it said, “type the title you want”. I think there was supposed to be code that you had placed on the comment—it just didn’t show up. :-/ oops.

  4. You could comment 20 times a day and I wouldn’t mind. Some people on here I feel really connected to and you are one of them!
    As soon as I get a chance to play, I’ll try everything out! It helps so much! I make references to my life story every now and then, and then people want to know it and I don’t want to retype it all! So nice to have a link to send them to now

  5. The raven story is werid..Kinda Freaky!!LOL Glad things are going good over there for you guys..You have taken this move so well in my opionion!! I think so much better than I could have taken it!!

  6. LOL aww I know what you mean about everyone saying this weather is abnormal, everyone I’ve talked to is like “it snowed on Thanksgiving last year!” Well, jeez. Haha. I wish it would at least snow a little bit! Maybe in Feburary we’ll get lucky. 🙂 Wow, that Raven story is creepy, LOL, I feel sorry for the guy at the gate!!! Alrighty, well here’s hoping it stops raining already and turns into snow !!!! 😀

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