My Knight in Shining Armor

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

Over the last few weeks I have slowly been working my way to a concussion! 

The cabinets in my apartment are, shall we say, convenient for hitting ones cranium. 

I’m not talking about just the kitchen either…  I’m talking the kitchen, the bathroom, and the over the bed cabinets in the office (which currently do not have a bed under them and are therefore lethal…)  These cabinets are brutal.  I have no idea why anyone would put them at such a height. 

Why only yesterday I stumbled into the kitchen only moments from my bed to put down my phone and water next to my laptop so that I could check my email after completing my morning ablutions.  As I leaned in to set them down I whacked my scull full force against a corner of the cabinets.  (Laugh if you must but I actually have a visible bruise on my forehead.)  Lets just say that I woke up today with the same headache I went to bed with…. ouch.

Two days ago I was doing laundry and accidentally left the cabinet that the tide goes in open towards the door… When I straightened up and turned to walk out the door I ran full face into the cabinet door… and as there is a convenient ledge in the tile wall, keeping it from opening up any farther, I bounced…. sigh… I know you’re laughing now..

Just wait…

Last night just before bed I was sitting, once again, in the kitchen on the laptop doing a last minute email check…  Ryan started putting dishes away out of the dishwasher behind me to kill the time…  I finished and stood up to help him finish up and…


I stood up straight into an open cabinet door!  I went down and Ryan instantly starting laughing so hard he could barely breath… but he had enough breath to legibly say, and I quote!

“Oh did I forget to tell you I left the cabinet door open?  I’m sorry.”

I know that this is exactly what he said because as soon as I could see straight I sat right back down and typed it out… to the soundtrack of my husband in hysterics.

After an excusable 28 minutes of laughing (yeah I timed him) he mastered his emotions and asked me if I was okay.  I said…

“Nothing an aspirin can’t handle” (gallantly belittling the astounding pain so as not to give him more to laugh about…)

And he responded by dissolving into a fit of the giggles that reached so high a pitch that the dogs started barking at him… 

Have you ever seen a distinguished Staff Sergeant run for the toilet so he doesn’t pee his pants?

Yeah me neither, my husband isn’t distinguished…


I’m off to nurse a headache and avoid cabinets!

Song of the day?  Dean Martin’s, Ain’t That A Kick In The Head… since there were no songs entitled… The Cabinets Are Out to Get Me or some such thing….

Auf Wiedersehen!


~L   ~


6 thoughts on “My Knight in Shining Armor

  1. I’m thinking you just need to sit in the front room for the rest of the time you’re there.  Or any other room where theres no cabinets… like front room and hallway?  Good luck with the mean cabinets!

  2. you poor thing…sorry your noggin has been hit so much!! silly girl! I liked how you wrote that you knew your house was the one and that you and her got along just great or however you put that…that was cute!!! I hope I feel the same way about my future home!!!

  3. i will say i did not laugh because WOW so not funny!
    I will say i’m a little like your husband though, a guy i work with fell out of his desk chair and i laughed so i hard i thought i would die!

  4. So sorry about your head..I didn’t laugh until you wrote that about laughing and then I did smile..Sorry..I know it had to hurt & hopefully the bruise will go away very soon!

  5. owwwww!  Boy do I know what you’re talking about honey!  I know I’ve hit my poor head more times than I’d care to admit!  Thank goodness it did no permenate damage (?)  Well, let’s just say I actually can remember what I had for breakfast this morning! ;).  At you’re not like my son who must have fallen out of every tree and rafter in the neighborhood. . .say, maybe that’s what’s wrong with him! Hee Hee. . .j/k~K.K.

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