Guten Morgan Xangaland!

Today finds Ryan and me back to our normal schedules. This last two weeks, while lazy, were not unproductive. We ended up cleaning and reorganizing all of the closets and cupboards. They were still in the thrown together state that ensues when one moves in without all of their things! We did all of the laundry and dishes, we washed the dogs, took out the planter boxes, and a thousand other little things to get the house in order and in the end the house is ready for Emily to get here!

I can’t believe that my best friend will be here in only three weeks! (In case I haven’t mentioned it she will arrive on January 24th and be here until February 5th.) We are so excited!!!
I have so much to do today to catch up. As much as I got done over these last few weeks the everyday things have piled up… And so I’m off to get all caught up. I’ll try to get something a bit more substantial out in the next few days!

Auf Wiedersehen



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  1. I’ve been in cleaning mode too! It feels like i’m getting nowhere though! Ahhhh…oh well.I’m so excited for you that your friend is visiting you soon! I know how lonely it can be in another country without your close friends and family! It’ll be a nice refresher to have her there!

  2. What a neat way to share your studies of the Word with you sister–and from long distance, no less! I love that idea–thanks for sharing it with me!  Hope you are doing well, friend.  Are you learning to speak German so that you can communicate or do lots of people speak English where you are?

  3. How exciting that your friend is visiting! I have never lived in another country, but I can imagine that it gets pretty lonely sometimes. My husband would love it if I would agree to move to France so he could finish out his studies there, but I just can’t seem to do it. The excitement of it sounds fun for about a week and then I know I would have a horrible time missing my family! Have fun finishing up housecleaning!

  4. Oh how exciting for you!  You must be over the moon about it!  So glad to read that you had a nice New Years. . .and really, how exciting to be able to retell the story of how you and hubby spent Christmas and New Years in another country!  Years from now you’ll enjoy retelling it!  Hugs honey!~K.K.

  5. See, I know how much you love to cook and the KitchenAid really is worth the money. So now Ryan is probably going to kill me because I’ve talked you into buying something that’s $200!! One thing, the sucker is big and heavy. Like 22 lbs heavy. Definately something that lives on the countertop, not in the cupboard!! Oh, and if you get one, either get one that comes with a bowl shield thing or buy the shield separately, without it the flour tends to fly on the faster settings. But the shield is like another $10-$15 dollars, no big deal after you’ve already spent $200!! 😉
    I’ve been cleaning so much too. The place was a mess after my parents left, and I’ve just now gotten it pretty much back to the way I like it. I still need to pick up/vacuum the office and sweep/mop the kitchen, but other than that everything else is done. I love having a clean house again! I don’t know about you, but I get all antsy in messy spaces, I can not relax if things are a mess. Some people are all amazed that I keep a clean house with a toddler, and I’m just kind of like, I can’t relax and enjoy my time unless things are fairly organized! That and I make my 18 month old pick up her toys. Every night before bed, I sit in her room with her and together we put away all the toys that made it out during the day. And she does it! With a lot of help, even an 18 month old can keep her space neat. Anyway, I’m rambling! Enjoy the mixer if you get it! -Michelle
    P.S. I’m still working on my e-mail response to you. It will probably come after we get home from Mexico, but I haven’t forgotten! -M

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