Crash! Boom! Bang!

An old episode of Batman or the performance my computer gave today?

Yep that would be the computer…

I was online checking emails and I noticed that my computer was being really slow… the thought flitted into my mind that I should back up my music and photos before something happened but since we were scheduled to go to the Christmas market today I opted to reboot for now and back up tomorrow.

Big mistake…

I sat here unaware of the tragedy about to befall me until suddenly I realized that this start up was taking too long… I watched it scroll through it’s PC babbel and then I knew… My computer was stuck in a start up loop… never actually reaching my desktop…

We had to reformat the whole thing… sigh… All the pictures since I’ve been here in Germany… GULP… gone…

Thank goodness I put most of them on my website… you can bet that as soon as I can I’ll be over there sucking them back into my PC and making a back up disc…

So it will probably be a few days until I’m back up and running… Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Crash! Boom! Bang!

  1. Wow thats a major bummer.  goodluck!  I probably should think of backing up my stuff on disc even though theres no sign of my comp acting up like that… but ya never know.  ~hugs~

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry!!! That actually happened to me last year and I lost all my photos as well including all our wedding pictures I had! Blah! Luckily I did keep most pictures uploaded to a website, but not everything so I’m still pretty bummed over that, haha. My computer seems to like to crash every November (I got it in Nov 03 and it crashed both in Nov 04 and 05, LOL) so this year I saved all my pictures to a CD in October, but my computer hasn’t crashed [yet]. Great, now I jinxed it! LOL! Well, I hope you get up and running soon! 🙂

  3. OH NO!!! That’s horrible! I upload most of my pics to (or you could also use They have unlimited photo storage as long as you make one purchase a year. Your one purchase could be a $0.12 photo print! Can’t wait until you’re back!
    It does seem to be a habit of ours that when you don’t post, I do and vice versa!

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