New Traditions…

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

The Christmas Season is in full swing here in The Land Of Fairy Tales.  The fairy tale of the season?  Saint Nicholas!  This place is just steeped in folk tales, legends and tradition.  We feel like two little kids skipping through the countryside with our eyes as big as saucers trying to take it all in…  We are having a splendid time learning old traditions and making some new ones for the two of us and our someday family.

This weekend we woke up early and on a whim went down to Ramstein to go Christmas shopping…  We have always shopped for each other alone or with another family member but this year we have only each other and so we did something new! 

We arrived at about 8:30 am and sat in the food court together and had breakfast.   We just talked and took our time and enjoyed each other company… and then we shopped. 

We split at the door, took two separate carts and proceeded to hide from each other like little kids…  We stealthily crept around the store finding little treasures to give each other and all the while keeping an eye out for “someone” peeking! 

You should have seen us dodging behind old ladies and breaking into a run to hit the end of an aisle before that ‘someone’ could see what we had… It was so much fun! 

And when all was said and done and we had used our cell phones to set up the “drop off” at the car, and covered all our purchases with sheets I brought along… we strolled arm and arm back to the food court and had lunch together and laughed over the silliness of the morning.

I think this is something that may have to become a tradition for us!  We had such a good time… 

This weekend we are going to try to go to the Christmas market in Trier.  It’s supposed to be the biggest and most amazing one here in Germany!  Here’s to hoping we can squeeze it in!

And so I wish you Frohliche Weihnachten! 

And new traditions…




5 thoughts on “New Traditions…

  1. Aww, that sounds like so much fun! =) Matt and I do somethin’ like that…only most of the time it’s for my birthday. I usually hafta go chill in the baby section while Matt does his shopping. Then he’ll find me when i’m done and hide the bag behind him…haha. I always try to peek but it never works!

  2. I have heard the Germany is AWESOME at Christmas time. Two of my three step brothers live in Germany actually. But they aren’t there because it’s the land of fairy tales. They’re there for more, um, shall we say, “politcal reasons”. (i.e. they hate America…) But I have heard them talk about Christmas time over there and it has always sounded neat.
    Hugs to you! Lots of love!

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