Everybody Dance!

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

I apologize for being so long between updates.  I hope that this finds all of you well.  

I wanted to show you pictures of something “Ryan” bought me this week!  🙂  I went into one of our little shops where they sell things from the economy and from other places around the region… they were having a huge sale and I got some pieces that I’ve had my eye on for next to nothing!  Oh how I wish some of you ladies could have been here with me… I have a feeling between all of us we would have wiped out the store.

This first piece is an Egyptian glass egg inlaid with gold leaf… it’s hand blown glass in the same technique that has been used since the times of ancient Egypt…  The ancient Egyptians were the first to work with glass so that goes back quite a stretch.  This piece was originally 85 euro… which is about $100.00…. I got it for 10 euro which is about $13.75 or so.  What a deal!!!


This second piece is part of a five piece set.  It is actually blue with a bit of a tint though the pictures insist on making it look purple…  It is a traditional Egyptian glass decanter and comes with 4 goblets, and is also inlaid with gold leaf.  It was originally 100 euro which is about $135 and I got it for 14,50 euro which is about $19.75, can you believe the savings?  I’m just beside myself!!! Here is one of the four glasses.


And the decanter which was worth the price alone… as far as I’m concerned the four glasses were a bonus!


And just for fun, here is a picture of them all placed in my curio cabinet and decked out for Christmas.


Over this last weekend Ryan and I had errands to run for work but in between all of them we found time to do a little shopping on the economy…  We had thought that this year we would forgo decorating for Christmas… that we would just save our money for next year and buy a few things… but as the festivities draw nearer and the Christmas lights began to go up around the base we could not resist.  So without further ado…

Here is our living room all decked out except that we don’t have a tree topper yet!


I want to break it down a little so you can see the different types of things you find for Christmas here in Germany.  Christmas is a very big deal here and every little village becomes a Christmas village right out of a book…  We even got to stop in at our very first Christmas market though we forgot the camera in the car!  But there will be others… any who…

This first… um… thing… for lack of a proper name is a local craft… it’s a stiff kind of material rather like twine stretched over a wire frame and they have them for every holiday and for every season… I have some on my balcony…  You really can’t go anywhere without seeing them, and they really do grow on you…  Any way… I got a set in green…


and a set in orange… (Orange is a VERY popular color here in Germany and fall colors are pretty much all they decorate in so for any of you who know my tastes… I’m in heaven… it’s just finding things I can use and can afford!)  Then of course there is my hand made live wreath… I so love the smell of pine…


Which brings us to the arrangements I made from some spare bits of pine boughs… One to top the television… and in the middle is a yule candle propped up on our very own tiny yule log…


And hanging ones for the sides of my bookcases…


So where do these tailings and our little yule log come from you may ask?  Our very first real Christmas tree!  Which, as I said, will look much better with a topper!


Then we have the Holz-Pyramide!  I guess in English they just call them a Christmas pyramid.  These are really some of the neatest things I have ever seen… You can’t really tell but inside the tiers of the pyramid are platforms that spin around driven by the fan on top… In the very center is a stationary nativity and then on the platforms that spin are the three Wise men on the bottom, the sheppards and their flocks on the middle tier, and the angels on the top… on the base are six candle holders that take a special candle and the heat of the flame is what drives the fan and makes all the little figures move!  It is so awesome!


 Here it is all lit up and moving…


I also found these beautiful Star of David crystal votive holders…  They are so pretty all lit up… 


 The boys posing pretty just for you!


Okay and as if this isn’t long enough already I have a few videos to share with you…  This first one is my little old man Yoda performing his brand new “Butt Dance”  as Ryan calls it.  He has taken to dancing and hopping around to bump his nether region against things to itch himself… It really is so funny and yes he started doing this “before’ the sweater!   


And then he started doing it on Ryan’s hand and it was just too funny to pass up!  Then we realized that Gandalf was displaying one of his new things… his drinking problem…  He has started drinking for long stretches of time when he gets overly emotional… lol stressed or upset or super excited…  


And then I have three videos from our fourth of July dinner shortly before Ryan and I left Phoenix of Ryan being silly with the family and I thought that you might want to see them… especially if you enjoy his particular sense of humor!

So here is a good healthy dose of: The Air Clap, The Patrick Swayze, and The Happy Troll Dance.



And then of course we all had to egg him on to do more of his air instruments!  So I give you The Air Everything!   


Then later that night, he and my sister Charly decided to make some beautiful music!


And with that I bid you farewell!  Oh wait no I don’t… I almost forgot to tell you all that Ryan just took his first of two EOC tests to make five level in his new job and passed it with a 93%!!!  Way to go Ryan.  He will also be testing again for Tech Sgt in January or February, so keep him in your prayers! 
Auf Wiedersehen!
Ryan and Courtney


10 thoughts on “Everybody Dance!

  1. Hey! I love your decorations! Your house looks so cozy and inviting. Getting ready for the Christmas season is one of my favorite things…that…and fall time. Now, I don’t know when my gift will arrive. It has taken quite some time to locate the perfect one…and I’m still not sure I will find it. But I asked a crazy lady here that owns one of my favorite shops and she’s keeping her eyes peeled for me. She’s not really crazy…just the kind of woman I want to be when I get older–owning my very own antique and craft store. She has all these vintage clothes from all points of history and dresses up mannequines to the T…with hats and gloves. She has all of her mannequines named with first and middle names and talks to them while you’re shopping. Now, I wouldn’t go that far, but I would love to have a shop like hers. I would sit and drink tea during the slow hours with Bach playing on the hi-fi, a cat snuggled up on my desk, and I would be busy writing the next enstallment of Peter and Pearl’s life. 🙂 Okay, I got off track day dreaming. Anyway, I hope what I am looking for will fit somewhere with your collections. You have to keep it, even if it is hideious, because it is another piece of a promise. And you know what sticklers we are for promises!!!!
    Well, I have to say, I loved the videos. Ryan would get along famously with Roger. They are both incredibly goofy. Though, there are times that I have to gently place my hand on Roger’s knee in order to silently tell him that he if getting TOOO goofy for my liking! 🙂 Ryan seems like a wonderful man and if he’s anything like Roger, then you probably laugh a whole lot and hardly ever have a dull moment.
    After we took that picture of our Christmassy living room, Roger decided that we had to go to the Christmas tree farm with my parents to cut down our very first live Christmas tree in six years of marriage. Now, the fake one is all lit up on the front porch (which is basically a sun porch) and we have a beautiful, fat, soft pine standing in its place. The smell is wonderful! And I also made my first Christmas wreath last night!! My mom, aunt, and grandma have been dehydrating apples and orange slices, collecting pine cones, stringing popcorn and cranberries and decking out our houses in a very cozy old-fashion way. I love it. I just wish my fireplace made REAL fire that I could throw pinecones and cloves in so that I could listen to them crackle and fill the whole house with a warm smell.
    I think I’ve written enough, huh? As you can tell, Roger forgot to take my computer in to be worked on. So…I just had to get all my typing out of my fingertips!! LOL
    Keep warm! And laugh lots!! You’re in my prayers…always.

  2. Dave’s mom has one of the Christmas pyramids, and we love it. Last year when we were at their house for Christmas, she lit it during Christmas dinner, and Nora stopped eating and just watched it spin for the rest of the meal!! She was fascinated!! It was so funny. Your house is beautiful! -Michelle

  3. About the house situation, well on Friday they said it could take up to 30 days but hopefully we get it sooner. Beau has 2 weeks leave after the wedding that we’ll spend together. As long as we get it before thats up I wont have to hurt someone lol jk
    Anywayss I love what Ryan got you and your house decorations!

  4. I love the egg best. You have a very funny hubby. I was laughing so hard and myt family was looking at me like I was crazy so of course I had to show them. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. I love your Christmas decorations, your house looks so cozy! Your house looks like how I always imagine I want mine to look decorated but somehow I always end up with it looking semi-cozy, but not exactly what I picture in my head. 🙂 I love Christmas time, it’s such a wonderful season and next weekend my hubby and I are going to the Christmas Market in Trier and I’m so excited! Yay for Christmas in Germany! 🙂

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