Little Red Riding Hood…

Guten Tag Xangaland!

It has been quite a while since my last post… I have been so very sick this past week and though it’s letting up I’m still not feeling quite myself… I have a feeling that extended use of cold medicine will do that to you!

Despite my cold we dressed up warm and made the trip down to Ramstein this weekend to shop and just to get out of the house!  We had a wonderful day and Ryan bought me my first German Christmas gift!!!  

And what a gift it is… ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with renaissance dress and I have always wanted to be able to dress like that…  Of course that’s not practical but there is one piece of clothing that as far as I’m concerned can always be worn…  The Cloak! 


So you may think I’m strange and it may be a little too old fashioned but I love it…  On the way home we saw a little walking path that we hadn’t noticed before and decided to give it a try. 


It was sprinkling rain so I put on my cloak for the very first time and Ryan grabbed the camera.  He said that I looked a little too much like little red riding hood…


(come on you know that you would have to try out running in it too!) or something out of the village (creepy huh?)


to pass up taking pictures of me in the woods so here you go.


(Of course Ryan caught me twirling!)

This path was beautiful… It followed along a little creek that was swollen from the rain of the past few weeks…


After walking for about half an hour we came to a series of little bridges that crossed over the falls…  Ryan stood on the upper while I went down to check it out… 


As Ryan turned the corner down the stairs this is what he saw…


We had discovered an out door chapel in the middle of the woods by the little river… and the candles were lit…


So off we went to explore other places… places not quite so quiet and dark and, well, quite frankly… spooky… We came out on top of a hill overlooking a small town and the colors were breathtaking…


 The pictures, as always, don’t do it justice… 


 It’s funny how this whole area is like a patchwork quilt… there are stands of pine and stands of oak…


and even though all the leaves have changed and most of them have already fallen… the grass is still emerald green!


Such beautiful country…


And so I’m off to spend the rest of my day cooking and cleaning and getting ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday.  We are having one of Ryan’s coworkers and her family here for the day…. I’m making Turkey and stuffing… spinach torte… sweet potato pie… pumpkin pie… pecan cheese cake… eggnog bread… gravy…. yum!!!!! 

So to all of you….

Happy Thanksgiving from the land of Fairy Tales! 




16 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood…

  1. Beautiful pictures!!  I loved them.  My first cousin and his family is in Germany with the army so it’s interesting to me to see what German countryside looks like!!  Have a happy Thanksgiving.    

  2. Lovely pictures! Looks like you enjoyed your trip down here to Ramstein! 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t comment you sooner, I was still getting over my cold during the weekend and I must say I think the couch was sick of me after that weekend but at least I am better now! I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well either, ugh it’s just that time of year!! Oh yeah and I had meant to comment you because I think I read on another post that you couldn’t find any soft tissues at your BX and I was gonna tell you to check at the commissary! I don’t know about you guys but our commissary sells way more cleaning supplies/tissues/toilet paper,etc then the BX does. I bought like 5 boxes of tissues last week and I went there for Nyquil and stuff too. 🙂 Well I’m sure you will be back to Ramstein one of these days and eventually my hubby and I will check out Spang so I’ll be sure to comment you about it then! 🙂 Got any plans to check out the Christmas markets coming up? I’m soo excited, I want to go to the one in Trier because I just loved that place! I can’t believe the holidays are already here, this year just flew by! Well you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow & I’ll talk to you later! 🙂

  3. I hope you and Ryan have a Happy Thanksgiving!!  I love the pictures!!  And that cloak is beautiful 🙂  Love the one of you running… and seriously love the one of you on the lower bridge and by the outdoor chapel.

  4. Also wanted to let you know that I prayed for you and Ryan to have lots of babies in church today. Maybe it’ll help? Never hurts to be that persistant widow, does it?

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